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  1. As a season ticket holder I decided work Saturday and glad I did from what I’ve read ,plus freezing cold.I couldn’t get enthusiastic for Livi, I’ve also missed a few other games this season for same reason or because I decided do something else. Not sure if I will go midweek game with County. Is it apathy ? I’m not sure but previous seasons always looked forward to games now I’m no bothered .
  2. I’m in Scotland and season tickets holder and I can’t get on either! Shambles as usual
  3. I just clicked on the link that said season tickets holders who can’t watch match go here and took me to the site that I used for ppv last season. Massive queues outside stadium I see on bbc website maybe it’s no started!
  4. No in Glasgow at work. Season tickets holder.
  5. Can’t make game today, trying watch on st Mirren tv as directed by website and just blank screen! I’ve logged in as well any help please??
  6. Sent several emails recently regarding the strips as the kids desperate for them and Campbell replied saying he had no idea on release date. Usual St Mirren no out for the summer holidays. Very poor
  7. Three in a few hours jeez I need lie down lol
  8. Excellent signing played well against us lots of potential improve
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