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  1. Now it’s seven minutes of stress! [emoji31]
  2. Watching this pish would make you visually impaired!
  3. Utter pish. On to Saturday and no doubt a DRAW!
  4. Going give it a try had enough our two,look forward to the games then remember the commentary [emoji31]
  5. Only thing worse than this game is listening to these two belters commentary [emoji31]it’s brutal
  6. Have to say it’s nice to be where we are and not staring relegation in the face for once
  7. Yeah, how they wish he was there now. In a fight now
  8. Yip they all just shat themselves [emoji23] Killie second bottom it’s brilliant [emoji3]
  9. We’re all frustrated by tonight. Think we expected something from the game. The injury changed game and the penalty was very soft. So it’s on to Aberdeen and a number of winnable games coming up at home. Fact we are disappointed and yet the club is sitting sixth with games in hand shows progress
  10. I loved the summers but winter was brutal always dark. Still , do miss the place. Don’t miss pickled herring and the smorgasbord 🤢And they don’t have the west of Scotland dampness!
  11. [emoji106][emoji3] Dont worry we all offend each other 🤣
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