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  1. Glad I decided to miss it today. Thought be like this..Sounds awful and yip Obika usual pish!
  2. We’re f**ked! Obika is shite as is Andreu, no fight at all . Tactics? No idea! Without Foley and then McKenzie going off defence a mess. Going down! And galling to see Ross Stewart doing so well up at County.
  3. Aye the programmes are shite last four years . Every season say going stop buying them but I still do!
  4. Ffs no chance he come back he’s bigger than us now we couldn’t pay his wages. End of
  5. He’s shite. As is Morias. Spends whole game on his arse.
  6. So 3-0 then not 2-0? ! At Easter rd? ! You smoking something [emoji3]
  7. Goodwin out! Scott get tae f**k!! Fitzy piss off!! Any rich yanks buy our diddy club!!
  8. Usual shite we serve up. Actually so bad I’m laughing [emoji23]. Shoulda went Helensburgh with the wife to meet mother in law!
  9. We’re forgetting the blame lies with his wife, it’s always a woman’s fault.. she’s demanding he’s home every evening by 6 with his dinner on the table for him. Lucky man [emoji57]
  10. Utter shite! Give us our stripes for f**k sake. No had decent strip since 2013. Every year it’s pish
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