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  1. Very true especially at that price. Always thought these trophies and the monthly ones of various types ugly. Maybe Lewis felt the same lol
  2. Meant add this is not Lewis Morgan selling it but a dealer I presume who acquired it. However Lewis decided sell it .
  3. Saw this for sale. Why Lewis would sell it I ask. Some players don’t put much emphasis on awards but still surprised.
  4. Think more likely 4-1 Jags .wouldn’t surprise me. [emoji15]
  5. Principle though is same. If called us off it sets a precedent they said. And ours was more relevant being goalkeepers.
  6. Looks like Killie game going be off. We forced to play but they can postpone!! No surprise tbh. They have bc enough players. Get on with it. We had to.
  7. Aye and I’ve my own opinion of him . Sooner he’s gone ...get our stripes back!
  8. Back is plain black with gold numbers ffs! Front great thought excellent then find out it’s usual plain back. f**k off! Joma have delivered nothing but shite .
  9. The white v neck looks stupid. Black stripe shoulda carried up . And just a round neck. Like the 2013 top.Usual they try to much instead keep it simple.And if white back they can keep it! However better than last seasons shite.
  10. Nope it’s rubbish. The J should be in red! Day spoiled [emoji57]
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