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  1. He’s shite. As is Morias. Spends whole game on his arse.
  2. So 3-0 then not 2-0? ! At Easter rd? ! You smoking something [emoji3]
  3. Goodwin out! Scott get tae f**k!! Fitzy piss off!! Any rich yanks buy our diddy club!!
  4. Usual shite we serve up. Actually so bad I’m laughing [emoji23]. Shoulda went Helensburgh with the wife to meet mother in law!
  5. We’re forgetting the blame lies with his wife, it’s always a woman’s fault.. she’s demanding he’s home every evening by 6 with his dinner on the table for him. Lucky man [emoji57]
  6. Utter shite! Give us our stripes for f**k sake. No had decent strip since 2013. Every year it’s pish
  7. Not falling back on any argument. Just stating what I and many believe about the Old Firm. And separate to issue regarding the kids
  8. The Old Firm don’t want eradicate bigotry, it’s what they thrive on . They cynically say they abhor it in public but it’s bullshit.
  9. Confirmed on Transfer Markt site
  10. Forget it. Sutton is a fud. Verbal diarrhoea every time opens his gob
  11. Brilliant tonight. Pride restored. I’m slightly pissed and content. In Oran we Trust ! COYS
  12. Keep trying press the quick renewal but no luck. I’m going have to go down, no surprise not working
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