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  1. Good effort [emoji106] stripes on back thank feck [emoji106][emoji106]
  2. Stinking every one of them, no enough stripes and none on back. Feck off
  3. Glad I decided to work today, expected that result,doubt I bother going to remaining games it’s utter pish. Robinson your time is up
  4. On a bright note we are currently up to ninth [emoji16]
  5. Utter shite. Clueless performance Another wasted Saturday. Should have opted work instead better than watching that shite.
  6. Our defence is atrocious, Dunne again is awful caught standing
  7. Going be positive.. 2-1 to us after extra time [emoji120][emoji16]
  8. So on to Dundee on Wednesday night with Stephen Robinson’s Black and white army ! [emoji16][emoji123]
  9. Guy next street down from me is a Motherwell fan and always speaks highly of him and was disappointed he left. Most Well fans thought he did a good job.
  10. Forgot about him. Did good job at Motherwell, [emoji848]
  11. Aye Jack big baws waiting on the Man City job the prick
  12. Four straight promotions [emoji848]not bad.. could do worse like certain two mentioned so far . He has plenty experience and success
  13. Darren Ferguson just resigned as Peterborough boss… [emoji848]
  14. According to the Mail Goodwin signed three half year contract with Dons and will be in dugout for game tomorrow
  15. Ffs!! 🤦🏻[emoji33] I’d take Tommy Wright in heartbeat before that fud!
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