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  1. Wondered that myself been solid enough all season
  2. f**k this pish sun out I’m taking the dug his walk
  3. Yes faintly remember the petrol station and my dad using it while I sat in the back. Had totally forgotten that!
  4. Reckon 40 million would be minimum these days way the market is ,especially players playing his position and increasing year on year. He’s highly rated down south.So think we possibly get about 1.8 million if I’m correct if he went for about 40.
  5. Aye maybe since we can’t win at home we might manage it on the road [emoji57]
  6. We might manage some.. draws [emoji57]
  7. Your point about Flynn is valid, it’s baffling some of Goodwin decisions but this one the most, and yesterday he got a few minutes at the end. Flynn must wonder what he needs to do
  8. Couldn’t watch the sportscene highlights and I won’t.. I don’t want see any football right now🤬
  9. Yip after half a dozen beers and going to my bed I’m exactly that.. bit pissed..very pissed off and extremely effin scunnered!
  10. Watched Goodwin interview knew exactly how it would begin and as usual starts with’obviously I’m disappointed ‘ blah blah so predictable. How often we heard it this season. Zzzz
  11. Typical utterly pathetic. No surprise really .
  12. Yeah it’s a great piece of the clubs early history, only six years after formed,prob should be in a cabinet in the club lol.
  13. Got this tankard from the st Mirren A.A. Sports day in 1883. Nearly 140 years old! Was awarded to participants I believe who took part in the games on the 28th July that commemorated the opening of the new ground at Westmarsh. Was also held on the 21st July as well.
  14. Naw your not getting Goodwin.. have Lennon!
  15. I’d prefer plastic bullets and tear gas actually
  16. Well I suppose it’s their first title for a club only being going a few years so mothers bringing the wee ****.. I mean weans to see the occasion and they can stick the buckfast bottles in the pram.
  17. Now it’s seven minutes of stress! [emoji31]
  18. Watching this pish would make you visually impaired!
  19. Utter pish. On to Saturday and no doubt a DRAW!
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