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  1. Aye, it's like our previous manager was on a fee for every V9 signing... Aye either him or his assistant!
  2. Same starting eleven as Wednesday, so as I said previously! Obviously I hope I'm wrong.
  3. If so how do they afford that based on their home crowds?
  4. We have one of them but again he was sat on the bench.
  5. We're at home coming off the back of an away win but this will be far from easy, will we start with the team that finished at Well?
  6. 3 points today would add to what's been an enjoyable Christmas so far. Merry Christmas to one and all.
  7. Anyone ITK (apart from me ) know if this is actually correct, as I very much doubt it?
  8. Our midfield will be in for a tough game and will all need bigger shinpads with ankle padding!
  9. Opinions apart then and sticking to the facts, McShane started the last time we won.
  10. Opinions eh, like certain parts of the anatomy we all have them. McShane played and played well the last time we won, just saying!
  11. Will we see the return of Flynn? I would have him in ahead of the numpty from Hertz. I would also like to get McShane back in the starting lineup.
  12. Stefan Scougall has been told he can go by St Johnstone!!!
  13. Wonder if Ole Gunnar will want a look at all their players who are out on loan, see yeah Matty?
  14. Yes is the answer to that, with a few others as well. Motherwell squad could be interesting!
  15. Hope, like the Hearts game we have some stability in midfield and start with McShane in there. Suppose a lot depends on if Ferdinand is fit to start which could decide what formation we use.
  16. Naw, the stripes need to be broader for this season!
  17. Just making waves! I'll get ma jacket.
  18. Think Kyle will be missed much more than Mullen. Tries hard Mullen but that's about it. But Kyle is a superb player. It's the news we didn't want to hear but knew it was coming. Sad news indeed for Kyle and he will be a miss but as has been said it's a worry he seems to be so injury prone. As for Mullen I'm not sure if we'll see him again. Strikers inbound in January.
  19. Ineffective would be the word I'd use to describe Edwards. But I'm polite.
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