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  1. Scrappy first half, no real clear cut chances for Saints. Definitely listening to Livi's comms in the 2nd half, our guys dont half talk some amount of s***e Tombstones, Dale Winton, Supermarket sweep followed up by a bizarre comment from one of the guys questioning the state of Scottish Football all because Livi signed a keeper from the National League ???
  2. Surely the manager wouldn't risk losing our 6th game in a row just to prove a point to the board. If this is the case then frankly he should just leave now.
  3. Dont understand why McAllister didnt come on for Junior in the last 10-15 mins of the match. Junior was trying his best to drive forward in the latter stages of the match but was absolutely knackered. McAllister would have been the ideal replacement.
  4. Can't fault the players for effort tonight. Quite a few of them look completely knackered heading into the last 10, Morias especially so you wonder where the subs were?? 6 defeats in a row, 7 games without a win. Is it still too early to ask questions about the manager?
  5. I hope Goodwin and the team take full responsibility after today's result and dont try to shift the blame onto the SPFL's decision. We have only lost one starter (albeit a significantly better keeper than Zlamal) Simply not good enough. Pass marks for Erhahon who has looked comfortable playing in his natural position for once.
  6. Don't understand why Goody prefers Sheron over Cammy. Very rarely seen MacPherson have a bad game for us then you've got Sheron who looks constantly nervous on the ball and is forever misplacing passes.
  7. I've got the big man on my screen but not much else at the moment.
  8. Big Richie has definitely been enjoying himself through lockdown.
  9. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/kristian-dennis/profil/spieler/67375
  10. Personally, I think Junior & Ludo are the best BAME players we've had at the club in recent times along with Isma. The worst surely has to be either Mo Camara or Yoann Arquin [emoji106]
  11. The support for this deal has totally changed from the day it was announced to now and I think GLS has a big role to play in that. When I first signed up to BTB, David Nicol said “Our bid came about because we believed there could be no better owners for our club than it's own supporters" And now you've got Gordon Scott on STV saying "The worry with fan ownership is always that you get people running the club who don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t have the knowledge. There’s no point in throwing away the knowledge we have" So you started up the Buy the Buds campaign as you believe the best future owners of St Mirren Football Club will be the ones who love this club the most but now your saying your worried about fan ownership as we wouldn't know what we're doing? If the bid gets rejected, blame will land firmly at the door of the chairman for these kind of arrogant comments.
  12. Voting will open on Saturday 8th February and will close on Friday 21st February. "This longer-than-usual voting period is intended to give time for members to digest the contents of the meeting and for any additional questions to be answered. Voting will take place online using the Very Connect system so any members who have not yet registered should do so as soon as they can"
  13. Been reading through this over the last couple of days and it's fair to say, LPM has made some valid points regarding the Kibble/SMISA partnership but given his past comments and views about the club/GLS/SMISA etc it's difficult to decide what are valid points and what are just more attempts to try and cause waves within SMISA. Going to the meeting on Thursday night so hopefully the concerns that posters have put on here will be put to the panel and we can get some much needed answers.
  14. I highly doubt the Kibble would come in and start replacing experienced staff members with kids. They are giving these kids apprenticeships within the club in areas such as catering, hospitality, maintenance etc. That would ultimately mean these kids would work with and learn off the current staff members.
  15. This will certainly get my vote. Having guys at the club who have a genuine interest in the local community and can help us move forward as a football club. No brainer.
  16. New goalie signed today [emoji106]
  17. A familiar name on the PFA Scotland page. https://pfascotland.co.uk/Membership-Benefits/player-availability-list/
  18. Quite a few damaged seats in the North Stand. Majority of their fans were outstanding today and created a cracking atmosphere, just a shame to see a minority behave like that.
  19. 14 years ago. 4-1 win away at Airdrie in our League/Cup winning campaign in 2005-06 Goals from Anderson X2, Corcoran & OG
  20. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/st-mirren-weighing-up-move-21252107.amp?__twitter_impression=true
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