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  1. Dead at 65, Let's hope he's not runnin with the Devil..
  2. All the best too Kyle, he's been a great player for us and hopefully has a big future in the game, having said that the club say they offered Kyle an improved deal so they've admitted theres money there for at least 1 or 2 players... get yer fingers out and geez a f**king decent signing....
  3. Totally agree, our pressing and the support we we're giving our forwards was a breath of fresh air compared to the shite we've been producing so far this season.. Real shame we never took at least a point last night, but I'm feeling a lot more optimistic after this performance..
  4. Great half, love the way we're pressing them in there own half, Mon Saints let's do this..
  5. We're doing ok here, shape looks good and we're getting a few bodies up helping the forwards..Mon Saints
  6. Ooft that's a bit strong mate, you'd be aswell going for a walk and no bother watching this match,
  7. That belonged to the Coats family it was later turned into a hospital, it sat in the area we called the Privies (private land) the wooded area behind St Fergus Chapel... I used too play in that building when it lay derelict as a young lad..
  8. Money Clarke Munro Copeland Fulton Stark Fitzpatrick Ferguson McAvennie McGarvey Weir Subs. Hladky Cooper Beckett Richardson McGinn. John Morgan Somner. What a team that would be, if only...
  9. I'm not and never have been a fan of Gus McPherson but is it any coincidence that we've an absolute shambles since he left the club?, I'm sure it was after we got off to a good start..
  10. Did we even have a shot on target? Honestly that was so f**king boring my brain has went numb..... We're absolutely brutal..
  11. Maybe, but I think it's more the fact he's just not got the legs anymore..
  12. Shame for the lad, injuries have totally wrecked his career, I fear he's gonna be out the game before he's 25..
  13. Doubt it, with Morgan on fire right now he'll probably have to settle for a place on the bench.😁
  14. Chill the feck out bro, we just put in a good performance against the best team in the country, Imo I thought Morias played ok tonight. Where the f**k did I slate Obika, Erwin looks far better playing up front on his own than Obika ever has... Big Jon got his uses, just not when we struggle to get bodies up the park to help him out...
  15. Agreed, Moria's done well tonight, the whole team played pretty well tbh, at least we know we're no as pish as we've looked in the last few games... Erwin looks a big improvement on Obika... Hopefully we can kick on from here..
  16. Disgraceful him and Paul were allowed to leave. Club decision have been shocking recently. I don't think anyone at the club was happy that Paul left, but he had 6 months left on his contract and has probably doubled his wages, so not much the club could do other than allow him to leave while collecting a few quid from Hibs..
  17. Surely being the goalkeepers coach he'd be around the goalies all week, he'll also have to isolate.
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