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  1. Just seen the news that Brian Caldwell may be on his way out of the club on that there twitter...?
  2. I'm more surprised that this was his first post to be honest...! Hope all goes well tonight
  3. I can't even get on to the infant's strip to pre-order - fully sold out?
  4. Would be up for that - would mean I'd at least be able to plan which game I could get to (living miles away and aw that...)
  5. Used to chat to both Peter and Iain when they came into BK for a heat back in my younger days. RIP. Another colourful character from the town gone.
  6. That's actually my brother! He has much less hair on his mapper than Vine, though...
  7. He was caretaker manager for 4 games after Collins resigned-my wife had just returned as comms manager the same week.Edit-thought it was longer!!
  8. Wish folk would stop saying that Danny has achieved our highest ever league finish. It's not true even during MY lifetime. If he says 'of the current era' then fine. I think his time is done, and after seeing the team on Saturday, justified. I'll support him until he resigns or is sacked (action would be a fine thing for the board or even Danny), but grudgingly.
  9. I mentioned the loading bar thing ages ago. Had given up on it being fixed...
  10. I disagree.I think you should keep that, AND have the one from yesterday's game up at your desk. More sincere.
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