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  1. What happened to the “Bubbling away” guy?
  2. For me as a kid Frank McGarvey was my first Saints hero from both times he played with us. Basher from my twenties and Lewis Morgan from my forties.
  3. I don’t know if anyone did claim you’d die without the booster but Sajid Javid did say “we know two vaccines don’t work but three do,” which I think is over playing his hand. I’d find it more honest to say “early signs are booster will increase the chances you won’t become very ill.”
  4. If it’s 5 out field players and 3 goal keepers fit maybe we can be the first to get dispensation to play 3 keepers and just try to keep the score down . Is Paisley Panda fit? He could play midfield, we bypass midfielder anyway these days.
  5. Hopefully not, I don’t think the last time we let our star midfielder go to Aberdeen in January it ended well for us. 🥴
  6. I don’t usually go with the argument that when teams need to turn their form around they just need to play us, however this time you could write the script. Hibs have a big heart to heart in the dressing room and come out a different team on Saturday. They are going to need to use squad players given the suspensions and injuries, who will be playing for a cup final place.
  7. Why’s Elvis not on this thread, is the excitement too much.
  8. Second week in a row we’ve played a team desperate for a win and we haven’t given them it. Wow.
  9. Next person to say a team desperate to end a bad run just has to play us to get a win needs reminded of today’s result. It often feels like we give teams a win to break their bad runs but every team (outside the old firm) thinks this, todays win shows it doesn’t always happen.
  10. It would be great if we could get this but he left his last club after running his contract down so I think the best we can get is if someone gives us half the money offered during the summer in the January transfer window. Or we just accept that we get nothing at the end of the season and hope his performances justify not selling him this summer. Ideally we’d get all decent prospects on 3 year contracts so we can enjoy them for 2 years then sell them, but so far that’s not proved a great strategy, (McAllister and Brophy) and players agents probably encourage short deals.
  11. Is that Massive in the way Mark Yardley is massive, although I’d take his goal average.
  12. Naw! Saying he’s a 17 goal a season midfielder does make him sound better than he is as most were penalties but he definitely not shite.
  13. Even with this number of players JG would still play for a draw.
  14. Hopefully the Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. But I wouldn’t bank on it.
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