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  1. Second week in a row we’ve played a team desperate for a win and we haven’t given them it. Wow.
  2. Next person to say a team desperate to end a bad run just has to play us to get a win needs reminded of today’s result. It often feels like we give teams a win to break their bad runs but every team (outside the old firm) thinks this, todays win shows it doesn’t always happen.
  3. It would be great if we could get this but he left his last club after running his contract down so I think the best we can get is if someone gives us half the money offered during the summer in the January transfer window. Or we just accept that we get nothing at the end of the season and hope his performances justify not selling him this summer. Ideally we’d get all decent prospects on 3 year contracts so we can enjoy them for 2 years then sell them, but so far that’s not proved a great strategy, (McAllister and Brophy) and players agents probably encourage short deals.
  4. Is that Massive in the way Mark Yardley is massive, although I’d take his goal average.
  5. Naw! Saying he’s a 17 goal a season midfielder does make him sound better than he is as most were penalties but he definitely not shite.
  6. Even with this number of players JG would still play for a draw.
  7. Hopefully the Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. But I wouldn’t bank on it.
  8. I’m sure there are lots of players out there even faster than Dylan.
  9. Stating the obvious but someone else would need to want him and he would need to want to go. Personally I still think he has the potential to be one of our best players if he stays fit and works a bit harder. He’s more skilful than most when on his game.
  10. No chance, he said Marks and Spencer’s shutting in the high street was the final straw, wouldn’t go back to Paisley. Wait that was my Mrs.
  11. I wonder if Aberdeen will offer some cash plus M.Kennedy, Goodwin tried to sign him before he went to Aberdeen. . (Edit, forget this idea just googled and see he played most games last year doubt they’d want rid)
  12. One states that’d he’d heard an unsubstantiated rumour it was Motherwell on their thread in P&B. Don’t see any Motherwell fans suggesting this, so wherever he’s off to their keeping their cards close to their chest.
  13. Subtle innuends Follow. ( for Adam Ant fans)
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