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  1. Living in New York or Huddersfield, doubt he’d have been tempted.
  2. I suspect the mini league we are in will be smaller than this, possibly just Motherwell and St. Johnston. The other three have good managers, and Probably better players.
  3. That would be a comeback of biblical proportions.
  4. I thought we were o.k. today against a really really poor team yet still lost, worrying that most teams we come up against will be far better. Very frustrated that the manager seems to have drilled the team that goals have to come from crosses, numerous opportunities to get into the box broke down because the ball was played wide for the cross in rather than break into the box and see what happens. That’s a clear tactic which I don’t see working and don’t know where Brophy fits into this as he’s a player, you want to see him being slid a pass into the into box to run onto rather than knocked out wide for a cross. Loved Henderson’s directness when he came on, hope he gets more game time.
  5. Too early to panic but it’s got the hallmarks of a dreadful season. Least the away strip is nice.
  6. Surely his legs have gone by now🥴 Ian Munro could still probably out sprint Ramsay.
  7. He might get board of that wee city and hanker for the bright lights of Paisley high St. & pigs might fly.
  8. Given Johnson’s injury record I hope he isn’t being considered.
  9. What time does the PPV coverage start, does it include pre match interviews or is it just the match?
  10. Give them one stand and introduce fines for sectarian singing. That would more than offset the loss from the second stand.
  11. And did his decent spell not have a future Scotland star in David Turnbull in it, (who he didn’t have to find) add him to most teams and you’d see an improvement. They imploded when he had a season out injured.
  12. Don’t expect us to get anything from this game but I fancy us to get beat by anyone at the moment so maybe a game with no expectations will actually take pressure off the players. More hopefully the fakes have their wee winning run brought to an end, momentum is with them, need that to end.
  13. To be fair he looked totally disgusted with himself while the other players were celebrating at the end. Good piece of self-reflection.
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