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  1. Yes they probably would. What the f**k has that got to do with anything apart from a bit of casual virtue signalling?
  2. Correct Oaky. All about opinions. You’ve got yours and I’ve got mine. Only difference between the two is that mine is right and yours is wrong. 😘
  3. When are folk going to learn with this “we were better in the second half” pish. We weren’t. We were just as shite in the second half. Livingston did what other teams have done. Got ahead and second half just gave us the ball to play with, safe in the knowledge we are totally toothless. Creates the illusion of us being better, but we were still shite. We were absolutely hopeless from start to finish and I’m happy to lay a large slice (not all) of the blame at Goodwin’s door. As an aside, Martindale seems like a right good we c**t.
  4. Great challenge by McCarthy there and in fairness he’s been really good today. He’s been pretty much on his own though We’ve looked like a pretty poor side today. As someone said earlier, out with a whimper. Very very disappointing.
  5. Well that was absolutely shite. I’m going to run with the positive vibe that the second half can’t possibly be as bad...........can it?
  6. We need to try to settle down. Just try and keep the ball for a bit. So far this hasn’t looked like a team in form against a team out of form. It’s looked like 2 teams from different leagues. Early days yet but we desperately need to settle down.
  7. Can some clean the treacle off the soles of shaughnessy’s boots please?
  8. Was just about to say it had been a nervy start by us.
  9. My mate has given me his Prem Sports login. Result. It’s real-time about 60 seconds ahead of my IPTV stream.
  10. I’m having a f**kin nightmare. My IPTV audio is way ahead of the pictures. About a f**kin minute.
  11. That’s what I reckon. Mason on the left of a 5 midfield.
  12. 🤣 I did this bet yesterday for the other semi. Missed out by one card and 2 corners. Was a decent wee bet though. Got a good run for my money.
  13. I’ve found a bet to manage my gametime anger. I’ve neither bet on us, nor against us 👍
  14. I always think of Hampden as being quite a warm ground. Been to umpteen Scotland and Saints games there and can’t say I ever remember being cold. Murrayfield on the other hand. Brrrrrr.
  15. In fairness we don’t know exactly what they invested in. There are plenty of managed fund type investments which usually offer steady if unspectacular yields and more importantly in the context of what we’re talking about, offer pretty much instant access to the funds. No one could’ve predicted COVID. Assuming they have invested in a fairly vanilla investment product, I’d have backed their decision to do so at the time.
  16. Tick tock tick tock. I’m off to check the odds on 6-0 for us.
  17. Can’t argue with not the same manager, but how do you work out that they’re not the same team? Of course they are. If you want to say they are the same team on a different recent run of form then fair enough, but they ARE the same team. Celtic are largely the same team that won a quadruple treble and look how shite they are now. 😀 Like I said before, runs of form come to an end. No reason why theirs and ours shouldn’t come to an end on Sunday. I think we are ridiculous odds for this game.
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