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  1. Aren’t you thinking of Jimmy H Oaky? Or do you get threatened with punches on a regular basis. We’re going to need to start thinking about what/who the common denominator is here. 🤣
  2. If memory serves me right I got the Court Bar bus.
  3. That was my last St. Mirren game before moving to Jersey. Sunday 9th March 1986. Left for Jersey the following Saturday.
  4. I take a different view. It very much annoys me when they have a go about 86. Scapegoating us to cover up the fact that they couldnae take care of their own business and completely shat their pants. I usually respond by saying “You are right. We did cost you the title in 86, but we didn’t do it by losing to Celtic. We did it by scudding you 6-2 earlier in the season.
  5. Can some kind soul please put me out of my misery. Who is bottom left in this photie. It’s driving me nuts...
  6. Absolutely not going to get into a Bazil style tit for tat on this but I think you’re avoiding some of the nonsense you posted earlier. I’ll just pick the most obvious one. You suggested that peoples’ high opinion of him was based on a penalty shoot out. By any stretch of the imagination that is utter bollocks and it does you a disservice if you can’t admit that. That’s all I’m saying on the matter. Each to their own opinion.
  7. Yes. I think we’ve had literally a couple of new cases in the last couple of weeks and only about 6 live cases in the hospital. 20 odd deaths in total all bar one of which have been very elderly. We came out of lockdown a couple of weeks ago. We are allowed out for as long as we like. Shops are open again as are restaurants and pubs, albeit only al fresco areas and with social distancing. I went out for a meal on Friday night for my birthday with my wife and daughter. Felt a bit weird, but enjoyable nonetheless. Since the relaxation there has been no more than a couple of new cases. Fingers crossed it will stay that way. Guernsey is poised to reopen its borders again and I don’t think we’ll be far behind them.
  8. I’m going to break ranks with the usual Bazil bashers here and say that on this occasion he was bang on to keep at this one. Prague Buddie made a complete arse of it with his initial post. A really really dumb post in my opinion for all the reasons Baz pointed out. He then started doing some half arsed back peddling as a smoke screen to his initial nonsense. If he had just come out straight away and said he’d made an arse of it, there would have been a lot less posts on this thread. We all know Baz won’t let something go until someone categorically admits they were wrong. He’s not always right but on this occasion he was. An utterly ridiculous notion to suggest that Hladky is only a decent keeper because he was once a bit rubbish in a handful of games in the Czech Rep. Prague Buddie is a good poster on here, but this time he made an arse of it. Pure and simple.
  9. This lockdown must be a nightmare for you Antrin. How you must miss going to Spain in a chocolate aeroplane. 😃 I can only hope that my susceptibility to Covid will be based on the mental age of my humour and not by my years on the planet.
  10. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/kris-boyd-coronavirus-gaffe-former-21689709.amp enjoy!
  11. As the great sage Kris Boyd said “No one wants to go and watch their team playing behind closed doors”. 🤣
  12. Worth reading that link just to have a juvenile giggle at the Dresden Sporting Director’s name.
  13. I sometimes genuinely think Lenziebud isn’t a St. Mirren fan. And as for all this shite about the shame of Scottish football etc etc. Nobody outside of Scotland gives a flying f**k about Scottish football. In a couple of years no one will give a toss about this.
  14. Just checked and they’d still have gone down by 0.002 of a goal. So I was talking shite. No’ like me!
  15. Haven’t they? I thought that was what the other leagues had been decided on?
  16. Well I haven’t worked it out (coz I can’t be arsed), but I’d have thought if they’d played a game less and were only a point behind, their points per game would be better. Forgive me if I’m mistaken.
  17. Must read to end of thread! Must read to end of thread!
  18. How can that be when they’ve decided positions on points per game?
  19. I hear you bud, but I think sooner or later we’re going to get to a point where every country has to say “f**k it. We need to crack on. If folk get it and die, folk get it and die.” Otherwise countries are just going to die on their arses. Harsh as hell but surely that point has to come at some point?
  20. I’ve deliberately not been staying close to this one. What is Rangers ultimate beef here? I know their smoke and mirrors is dodgy voting, but is the ultimate beef that they just don’t want Celtic to be handed the league, or is there more to it than that? What is their preferred outcome?
  21. Nah. Tolerating the Green Brigade is clearly unacceptable, but for me Rangers actively PROMOTE bigotry. Historically and presently. That’s why they don’t get equal billing for me.
  22. Might that argument be solved by figures being quoted as percentage positive of those tested? I’d say increased testing is highly unlikely to give lower numbers of cases, but we may find that those percentage numbers have dropped.
  23. Whilst me nor any other self respecting St. Mirren fan would ever come close to “backing” either side of the OF, I also don’t subscribe to this apparent requirement to “hate them both with equal passion”. I would refer posters to my recent offering on the “Poor Rangers” thread to find my view on this.
  24. I’m going to come right out and say it. I hate Rangers more than I hate Celtic and always have. Whilst I think both sets of fans are as bad as each other, I think the clubs are on a different scale when is comes to religious bigotry. For me Rangers has always been institutionally bigoted and in fact they actively promote this bigotry through many of their activities and merchandise. They also actively promote unionist politics which has no place in football. They have a misplaced arrogance and lack of self awareness that is unrivalled by any other club in the world. Then to top it all off, since 2012 they have persistently indulged in the most pathetic, childlike paranoia and whataboutery. If a football club could have blood pressure, Rangers’ would be off the scale and it makes them worse that nobody gives a f**k or takes them seriously. So there you have it and I’ll say it again, I hate Rangers more than I hate Celtic.
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