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  1. I fell asleep watching Holland v Quatar and woke up to find I was watching Ecuador v Senegal - quite surreal as it took a few minutes to sink in.
  2. As most of them look like they're Heading to the big house next year I guess they'll be heading to somewhere like "I'm a criminal, don't let me out of here".
  3. When it comes to the city boys you're always f*cked. 🤑
  4. Then you probably are f*cked but it won't be obvious until you see your figures. Rest assured your provider won't be on the losing side.
  5. Are you in receipt of said pension?
  6. It's not a theme park! It's how they deal with dissidents. That, and a dodgy carry out from the Loon Fung.
  7. Martin O'Neill a stick on. Free to hire, no compo to pay and had a good record with them before.
  8. Forgive me, but was nobody who subscribes to the forum in attendance at that "alledged" event and can confirm the accuracy of what is being claimed here?
  9. It was in the High Street opposite the bus stop outside Watsons the butcher.
  10. Hepworths the Tailors. At the time, the were the biggest clothing manufacturer in the UK. They basically invented ready to wear mens clothing in the mid 1800's and eventually started to sell direct in their own stores. They always advertised quality at reasonable prices. They were certainly better than the competition and I bought a few suits from them around that time but I would dispute their use of the word "reasonable". They also sold Hardy Amies stuff in the 70's. They are now known as Next.
  11. Eddie Butler, former Welsh Rugby Captain and legendary rugby commentator has died in his sleep while on a charity trek in Peru. He was only 65. Very much in the mould of the late, great Bill McLaren whom he admired greatly as a commentator, he had a wonderful way with words and a voice that I could listen to all day long. He was the best rugby commentator currently working on British TV and, and like Bill McLaren, will be very hard to replace. RIP Eddie Butler.
  12. Thats the problem with the UK. In each of the three devolved Nations it is about a 50/50 split. To my mind that is not the clear will of the people. This ountry has a poor history of creating countries where the population is split 50/50, be it ethnic, religious or political.
  13. Is the £1M+ loss not the Scottish Government loan that most clubs accepted?
  14. Sorry Rascal, I don't think it would. Its just not very good TV.
  15. It's the huntin', shootin' and fishing old boy. They do own most of it, don't you know!
  16. Drew an audience of 2.5M in the UK. Even women's football get sheds more than that!
  17. Ricky's posts? Not funny lads. But, on topic, I've always been of the opinion that if somebody carries a knife and uses it on someone then the intent to kill is an obvious inference. The law needs stick to fundamentals and use of a weapon should be attempted murder.
  18. He was just good in everything. As a comic actor he was about the best of his generation and continued to be up until very recently. He was also a great voice actor and narrator and he was a great storyteller. Never mind kids being enthralled when he did Jackanory I never tired of listening to him and often watched it on my own "sans les enfants". He will be much missed.
  19. Thai Siam still closed. The River Inn in Crosslee and the Houston Inn both do Sunday roasts.
  20. No need. It's raining already and cooling down. To be under 20° this evening. Well according to the forecast that is.
  21. Did you click the link?
  22. Do you know anybody called who's? 🤔
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