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  1. Fair enough. The information I received came from a Morton employee so may have been a touch of Chinese whispers.
  2. I disagree. If true, he's arguably still representing the club and could give the club a bad name. Regardless of who it is, a member of our support has possibly assaulted a steward. Surely that's worth discussing?
  3. It's not made up or supposed to be a joke. Genuinely heard that after the game last night. Happy for someone to confirm otherwise or what actually happened if true.
  4. Can anyone confirm if Phil got lifted at the end of the match at cappielow last night? Apparently a steward was pushed over and got stretched away with suspected broken ankle. Phil was said to be involved.
  5. So what is the criteria for gold status n what is it for elite status? i assumed because we had gold then we would already meet the majority of criteria for elite? Is the criteria really that different? And why would we not want to become elite? Are we really that far away from it now that it would require significant investment? And what advantages would being elite bring that we don't already have?
  6. Can I ask something which I don't quite understand? I was sure I read that we were the only club outside of the OF that the academy achieved Gold status with the SFA. How does these elite academies differ with the existing academies e.g. Gold, silver etc?
  7. I'm a founder member of the club but have actually only been in twice due to no-one I go with being prepared to pay in. I'm more than happy continuing to pay my membership fee for at least a year to give the club a chance to get on its feet. However I think the club is missing a trick by not opening it to the general public. By making it member only or to pre-book at least a day in advance, it prevents the casual or occasional fan from visiting the club. It also prevents away fans from going which is a shame as it can encourage friendly relations with other clubs. What I would like to see is the membership fee used for a discount on drinks, with the regular price being increased for non-members. So for example, the regular price could be £4 a pint for non-members and £3 for members. For people that want to ensure they gain entry, they'll just have to get there early. If I was to get there and the place was full, I wouldn't have a problem with it, despite being a member.
  8. Instead of having a single individual, why could all or 4-5 members of the fan council not take on the role of SLO? They travel on supporters buses, sit with the rest of the fans and are generally known either personally or from a distance. It would mean it could be kept voluntary, saving the club money, and would make it easier to ensure there is an SLO presence at every game. Regardless of who it is, it should definitely be publicised much better and the fans informed of what exactly am SLO is for.
  9. I noticed that. I've wondered if these numbers are being made up to generate excitement at the right time, and don't actually reflect how many have signed up. Of course, as SMISA have said, if they don't get 1000 people signing up then why would they want to continue with the bid, so I doubt they would be deliberately making the figures look better than they are. However I wonder if the 1000 was actually realised a while ago and they are drip feeding the totals to pull more sign ups out of the woodwork? Probably a load of rubbish, but an interesting conspiracy theory! I imagine the time is human error. It's perhaps input manually and someone has put in 6.44pm instead of am or has Drew said above should be 08.44 instead of 18.44.
  10. As he used to play for sevco! ????
  11. To be fair, it was mahrez that said the Scottish first division. In the same way that ligue 1 is the top division in France, maybe he's just calling the top division in Scotland the first division. And if it was just before he signed for quimper, he would have been about 18 and our reserve team at that time would have been the under 19/20/21 whatever the developmental league was called at the time, in which case he would have been playing/training with them to win a contract. And he says he scored 7 in 4, however that would likely have been bounce games between our own players or closed doors games. So it could have been true. His compatriots madjid boughera and the guy from hearts would have been here around that time so he might have had friendly faces here and a shared agent.
  12. From both parties PoV it makes sense that both contribute initially - Gordon ensures SMISA are invested from the start and SMISA ensures Gordon never owns over 75% of the shares outright.
  13. The way I read it was that over the 10 years SMISA would purchase the shares Gordon had purchased on day 1, to take SMISAs total shareholding to 68 (+3.4)%. Gordon would then gift his 8% to SMISA, without looking to regain his initial investment, taking SMISAs total shareholding to over 79%.
  14. He's from Renfrew and an ex rangers youth keeper. Certainly doesn't have any affinity to st. Mirren!
  15. steve_the_saint


    Try DMing faz directly on Twitter. He'll probably let u know if you're wasting your time or could be useful for us. I suspect the former, I'm guessing there would be additional costs involved such as expenses, digs, flights related to organising a trial, that the club just wouldn't be willing or able to pay.
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