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  1. Not much attacking threat on the bench.
  2. We would need to somehow get a free kick for that to happen. Hopefully at the right end for the goals in the second half.
  3. I wouldn't worry, you will be able to buy as many as you want.
  4. I pretty much agree, I think our increased travelling support is more indicative of an increase in season ticket holders going to away games than a sudden upsurge in interest and support from the Paisley community in St Mirren. I'm not as pessimistic as others, I think the total crowd will be about 4K but that really is a side issue compared to the importance of the result and performance on it.
  5. I'd be amazed if we had sold 4000 I would imagine that there are 1700 tickets left with us leaving the northern part of the West Bank unsold at the moment in case Hibs bring a big support. Would be amazed if the total crowd was above 5000. Happy to be proven wrong.
  6. I was at Old Trafford last year when they named the Bobby Carlton stand against Everton. Every seat had a plastic bag on it that we were instructed to raise when Bobby Charlton came out the tunnel. I meant he was greeted in near silence as nobody could clap while holding up the bag and nobody in the ground could see the name being unveiled. In my opinion card displays are for the benefit of the TV audience at home rather than the fans that are there to watch and get behind the team. I'm all for people trying to do something special to encourage the team but I'm not convinced a card display is it.
  7. Also need to deduct VAT. Still an ok payday but a bit of a distraction if we get a result against Ayr.
  8. Of the starting line up only McKenzie, Magennis and Mallon were here before January.
  9. He was undoubtably the worst keeper I've seen at saints and can't believe he has got another club. Whether he turns out to be good or bad at Hibs is irrelevant he would have been unlikely to get a look in between now and the end of the season with us so he is better off away.
  10. A caller said that the squad was full of either old pros or young kids and Rae came back with something like what about Hutton he was in his prime.
  11. Rae came across as a very bitter man who was clearly annoyed at being called out by some of the fans. His defence of his signing policy by holding up Kyle Hutton as an example was laughable, as was his statement that he had 4 cup wins, technically true but in the one that mattered when we knew what we had to do we couldn't score a goal in about 60 mins against Edinburgh City and never looked likely too. But that was a win so in his head everything was alright.
  12. Without wanting to get into the ins and outs of the merits of fan ownership, there is absolutely no reason why that should make a difference on whether a fee is disclosed or not. There are certain things about the business that will still need to be confidential no matter whether it is Gordon Scott the fans or an Argentinian consortium that own the club. Not only that it may be the buying club that want the fee to be undisclosed.
  13. Hopefully it is the keeper Gallagher, he is at least a goal a game, the midfielder Gallagher fills a space on the bench very well.
  14. I take the point about Kathryn Joseph, she can come across as a more bitter Tori Amos. One album I forgot about was Aidan Moffat's Where You're Meant to Be with the accompanying film, an absolute gem. Unfortunately Pixies Head Carrier wouldn't make my top albums this year.
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