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  1. Ordered the new football manager today, know I have been a bit late this year and now I can't wait to start playing. Anyone got any tips on this edition, and has their been an improvement from FM 2005? Tell me what you think
  2. I remember watching the Scotland v Brazil game in 1998, and when we scored the penalty, I went and ran round the block, shouting yaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss at the top of my voice.
  3. Got the juxebox on random play, Queen just came on, 'We are the champions'
  4. Raith Rovers away - 2-1 Ayr away - 2-1 (he's black, he's white) Bells Challenge cup Final Raith home 3-0 (put that date in your diary) St Mirren 2 Rangers 1 (McGarry Magic) Im with Jazza, im still young
  5. Im listening too the Eagles, Lying eyes
  6. Go to IMG on edit profile and put the link in there, and it should work
  7. Hollz

    How Do You

    U time travelling?
  8. Cbebbies is ace, watch it all the time with my nephew. Balamory all the way
  9. Salad Cream is absolutely brilliaint Its good within salad obviously, your sanwhich and I must say I do prefer the tang of it, to mayonniase. Also, no one has probly tried this but I can assure you it's lovely, salad cream and a bit of sliced baguette - tried this at a BBQ once when we had ran ot of things for the Baguettes, and it was lovely.
  10. just saw an advert for a film comming out on dvd now the devils rejects must of been the worst film I've seen this year, or perhaps ever
  11. I have downloaded music sofatware from the net before to clip audio files, but not sure what you would really have to do. click here to try
  12. nobody seems to care anymore
  13. My mum bought me a new one
  14. I love my harry potter films
  15. There is tonnes of whisky in my house and nobody drinks it, will gladly swap for vodka and tia maria
  16. When I had my saints site, it was merely for the purpose of myself writing match reports and getting the experience, never did bother with HTML
  17. I like most of the films which have already been mentioned in this thread, but Moulin Rouge with the exception of Green Mile + Shawshank is my favourite film. Dont judge it because its a musical, it's so much moe. Baz Luhrmann did a wonderful job on re transforming this genre, like he did with both Romeo + Julliet and Strictly Ballroom. Grease is a legend..... Okay so films I would never ever ever watch are: - LOTR pish Star Wars Any cowboy film Futuristic stuff Gangster Movies
  18. 1) Emmerdale 2) 24 3) Sex & the city 4) Hollyoaks 5) Pop Idol
  19. Hollz

    Mobile Realtones

    U should of handed it in
  20. All the carparks in Braehead have synchronised music, as I used too always park in the above, but since going back to M+S been using the under ground one next to it - and I found the same, whenever I get out my car it's always playing the Beatles, must just of been recently it reverted to xmas tunes, but come January we will be back too 'Let it be' + 'Hey Jude.'
  21. Still, are Morton trying to buy promotion? Haha the leagues in the bag
  22. What is this playoff cr*p. Are Morton trying to buy promotion?
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