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  1. As always will be backing Andy to the hilt but naturally his back injury and lack of match practice puts him at a disadvtage. Normally in January, I subscribe to Eurosport Player so can watch the matches. You can get it for the month for like £5 if you enjoy your tennis. Enjoy and come on Andy........
  2. Oh and I got 69% - did it the other day
  3. No such thing these days as a pyscopath - the medical term is antisocial personality disorder. Just in case you was wondering ;) Oh and many people function in life without being violent murderers with these tendacies
  4. Andy deserved winner and they did show Thommo scoring for a brief mini-second, managed to get in 1966 three times nonetheless. Bah.
  5. Not everything is available online though. The third kit which my nephew wants as his main thing is only available in adult sizes whether in the shop or online.
  6. Alan Provan says that they would sell strips with a 10% increase of the previous years sales and most strips are ordered well in advance. Next seasons already done for some teams I'm sure. I've just not been impressed by JD in the slightest and they also have exclusive rights on Scotland tops but forget looking for the whole strip for a christmas present.
  7. Had a nightmare firstly getting shorts and socks when my nephews are mascots. Recently, my nephews wanted third kit for one and away for another and none are available. I've had many discussions with them as have my nephews parents, been on to head office, spoke to the club etc. It just seems that after selling their initial stock allocation they have no interest in looking to appease supporters. Having resigned myself to not getting the Saints top, I set out to buy Scotland kids for three nephews. Have the tops although the sizes are weird but again no shorts and socks in the most popular junior size and told none in till January. It's bad enough there isn't any saints sizes but within a week of Scotland strips going on sale they have hit a problem there too. It's just not good enough!! My nephew thinks Santa can get everything, so he is going to be disappointed as simply put; there are no third kits in his size at all and hasn't for months. The club are apparently in talks to renew the JD deal and I think we should be putting up pressure and saying no. It's great we can get them in major shopping centres but weigh that up with the service they provide then it doesn't seem a very good deal at all. Return all strips to the control of Provan Sports, who I am sure would listen to their customers.
  8. Stress its self may not be a mental illness just like feeling of despair perhaps involved with daily life aren't either. It isn't just a case of people with a mental illness need time out and away to recover it can to anyone who is experiencing poor mental health. Nobody can compare what perhaps he is experiencing to the daily stresses of life - we don't know the full extent; he may have a mental illness like OCD as he indicated it is anxiety related. OCD has nothing to do with wealth or perfection on the pitch but being the top of your game could be a trigger for an illness such as this. I'm using that as an example and not saying Trott has OCD just indicating that it may not merely just be a case of stress that needs a few days in a dark room. Underlying supports and therapy may be needed as well as rest and you know what; a mental illness doesn't spare you if you are Stephen Fry, Scott Mills or have been a sporting success like Frank Bruno. As I mentioned - stress in the way we all experience it on a daily basis - is part of daily life and thus the mental health continuum. Everyone has mental health, it can be good, it can be bad or shaky and likewise you can have a mental illness but be functioning well. Nobody should be put down because they struggle with pressures more than someone else. Life wouldn't be the world it is if we were all the same. Some people cope with bereavement or job loss and get on with it others don't. It doesn't mean your a winner or loser; simply individual. If you have money and a good job it doesn't stop you breaking your leg, catching a cold or being diagnosed with cancer. No money in the world can make any of us fail succumb to illness. Mental health is no different and it's about time people realise it isn't simply just a case of getting on with things, some situations this can be true in the normal rigours of life and we do adapt - but if faced with poor mental health or a mental illness you need to dig deeper, understand and seek help to recover.
  9. That's an interesting point of view Lex and one that I hadn't considered before. The next edition of my magazine is planned to theme around sport and mental health so will take this on board when compiling it in the New Year.
  10. Clearly there is a lot of awareness about mental health still to be done. Money nor fame accounts for any personal feeling when it comes to having struggling with your mental health. You may need some time out to recharge or face battling a mental illness which is a horrible thing to go through. The comparison to stress being part of daily life, well that's true - it is. Everyone needs stress and anxiety in their life too function and that's fine at a healthy level. When it comes to the point though that you slip down the continuum and it affects you on a daily basis then it is a problem and shouldn't be mocked whether you are a single mum or sport star. More people do need to talk about their own experiences but that won't happen when attitudes continue with the just get on with it crap you hear again and again. If it was as easy as get your head down and get on with it, trust me - I'd have got on with a long time ago. Hope he recovers soon and it can't be easy for someone in his position to come out about it, so well done to him and hopefully he will receive support and no snide comments about how wealth and first class travel would seem to exclude people from debilitating conditions. He may not be mentally ill but that doesn't mean he doesn't have poor mental health at this moment in time and there's a crucial difference.
  11. Aye they are - I know his dad as he bowls drinks with my Dad. Been hoping he would get a chance for a while after impressing in the U20s. He's taken his chance well and good luck to him. Fully deserved.
  12. According to twitter, he was at an event about the Holocaust in Auscwitz. Well not sure if he was actually there or it was a conference but he wasn't voting anyone on an issue many constituents care a lot about - the bedroom tax.
  13. Missed the match today but happy we've picked up the three points. Bring on the Staggies!
  14. Really good to read positives that are happening at our wonderful club. Great charity and well done to all involved.
  15. My nephew is looking for the third kit (yellow) for part of his Christmas but it is out of stock in JD Sports online and checked all the shops. Just positing on the off chance someone maybe has an unused small boys to swap for a medium boys I've purchased or just not needed the one they have? Long shot I know but the wee one thinks Santa can get anything and he's St Mirren daft. Cheers.
  16. Will be going. Need to remind myself that I don't have a ticket yet!
  17. Seems there is no truth in this rumour, would've been nice to sign him first time round but alas, things don't always work out in football. There's always January....
  18. More moments like this hopefully....
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