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  1. I like him as a player but I'd withdraw the contract for Jake and look to get a hard bastard in midfield. We're absolutely powder puff in there.
  2. Financial and governance issues? Maybe related to our historical account issues highlighted in Dec? Anyway we'll need to win the cup first anyway! Let's just worry about that first and let the board investigate this.
  3. Our defence are playing terrible. Jim's fault for consistently changing it. Just play the four that work in their normal positions. Too many long balls. Jake and Jamie would be as well as sitting in the stand
  4. He's really bad, but we don't help matters by playing balls in front of him to chase
  5. Defensive disaster. Wtf was McCarthy thinking of? Just boot it high up the park.
  6. Absolutely. We're beat before we start with this do not lose mentality. Ethan and Cammy need a break. We were outfought. I have no idea what Foley and Flynn need to do to get a game.
  7. We are hopeless in midfield. Foley and Flynn for erahon and MacPherson. Them along with mason are lost in a game as physical as this. Mason is even worse than them which is some going
  8. This is ridiculous. They're charging around battering our players with impunity. Oh for an Abercromby, Murray or Goodwin in midfield here.
  9. Shaughnessy f**king hopeless today. Get mason on and put Fraser to centre back. Tait to right back
  10. Absolutely. A f**king disaster by Goodwin. Totally his responsibility. Why not get fresh legs on and break up play. He's an a f**king buffoon.
  11. Sheron f**ks up a promising attack then gives away a foul. Another who needs flung in the sea
  12. He desperately needs punted. Absolutely hopeless.
  13. Can only agree with everyone else. Wrong formation, wrong team selection and terrible recruitment in the summer leaving us light in defence. It's actually painful to watch.
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