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  1. TL:Dr so what we're saying is that he's another referee who doesn't know the rules. He'll be doing our games in no time...
  2. Spoke to a guy I work with who's also a referee. Apparently it's a rule due to come into effect on the 1st June. He couldn't understand why it was being applied yesterday
  3. Yeah. Been bleating about "my seat" for years. Thems the breaks, mistakes happen. You'll get a seat so dry yer eyes
  4. Nicky Clarks miss was an absolute belter. Easier to score
  5. We can only hope he has some sort of illness or injury between now and kickoff
  6. Can't really disagree with that. Very poor in midfield and nothing upfront
  7. I think it's because we have no one in midfield dominating the other team, winning the ball, and giving it to these players to do something with it that's the problem
  8. Yes but we were denied a stonewall penalty. Even Motherwell TV said it was. Wait until you see it on TV!
  9. Yeah. It's crazy some folk still think we should have appointed him in the same breath as saying appointing Oran was a disaster!
  10. Hopefully Oran turns out to be as big a mistake as appointing Danny Lennon or Jack Ross
  11. We made a mistake not appointing McIntyre apparently...
  12. Can only echo everything that's been said. A great point. We have a chance of staying up so we can't give up and the the players clearly aren't
  13. This goalie is miles better than anyone we've had for years. I don't know how he managed to keep that out. Twice!
  14. If everyone here can see that we needed a hard tackling midfielder in the transfer window, can we assume the manager couldn't get who he wanted? The alternative that he doesn't realise that we desperately need one, is a sacking offence IMO
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