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  1. Our squad is like Greenock. Toothless. Stubbs, Craig and Goodwin all wouldn't know a striker if one bit them on the arse. If the first two had lifted a cup with us they would have got an easy ride with the forum "experts"
  2. How long before we start to look at Goodwin? Very poor tactically and seems to have no plan on how break down defences. If he hadn't played for us the usual suspects would be baying for blood
  3. Probably doesn't have internet access. Explains why our complaints over the ticketing system go unheard too....
  4. So we don't even try different things? We just accept it in perpetuity? What a depressing thought. Why don't the board engage with the fans over this? That's all anyone is really asking? Swap ideas cost them out. Have a full frank discussion with our board rep? Is that not his whole f**king raison d'etre?
  5. And there we have it. Instead of David Nicol extolling the positives of giving up our stadium to bigots, he'd be better off listening to ideas like this.
  6. And that should form part of the discussion. GLS and Tony could let us know the ramifications of that in a smisa meeting and we could discuss all the options like just giving them one stand, having a target for South stand tickets so we don't give them it if reached. All things people have mentioned here but our rep on the board doesn't mention and instead just spouts the party line about money.
  7. This is the problem though. No one can see any effort going into alternatives. Just the board giving them the two stands. Why can't the board tell us what they are doing? How can we fill the stands full of at mirren fans?
  8. I'm sure GLS will send you a blue Peter badge
  9. Don't be so dramatic petal. Were you never in love st when all we really had was the north bank? Even on one occasion being asked to move up to let Celtic fans in out of the rain. Disagreeing with the decision to give them two stands is one thing but this nonsense deserves mocking
  10. I saw the name and thought flareybob had started a topic in the wrong section. Anyway welcome to the club!
  11. I'm sure the smisa board rep will keep us informed...
  12. You need new material desperately. Never has the phrase "scrambling for relevance" been more appropriate
  13. My first ever match. Second was the first home game in the next season. Another 6 goals. I was definitely given the wrong impression on how it was going to be supporting st mirren!
  14. That's what gives me the fear. I hate it when folk hang the manager out to dry while escaping blameless. Then round we go again with another manager or scapegoat
  15. While I see why people would say it's still only July. Surely it's not panicking to be concerned about how much needs done with the team before the season starts. We are not in good shape at all. GLS, Tony and Gus need to get the finger out and give goodie a chance
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