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  1. Absolutely. We're beat before we start with this do not lose mentality. Ethan and Cammy need a break. We were outfought. I have no idea what Foley and Flynn need to do to get a game.
  2. We are hopeless in midfield. Foley and Flynn for erahon and MacPherson. Them along with mason are lost in a game as physical as this. Mason is even worse than them which is some going
  3. This is ridiculous. They're charging around battering our players with impunity. Oh for an Abercromby, Murray or Goodwin in midfield here.
  4. Shaughnessy f**king hopeless today. Get mason on and put Fraser to centre back. Tait to right back
  5. Absolutely. A f**king disaster by Goodwin. Totally his responsibility. Why not get fresh legs on and break up play. He's an a f**king buffoon.
  6. Sheron f**ks up a promising attack then gives away a foul. Another who needs flung in the sea
  7. He desperately needs punted. Absolutely hopeless.
  8. Can only agree with everyone else. Wrong formation, wrong team selection and terrible recruitment in the summer leaving us light in defence. It's actually painful to watch.
  9. Do you watch games on sky? English premiership? Champions League? Why? You're actively supporting another league and contributing to the inequality in football where the rich get richer.
  10. Isn't that the same for ANY away game? I take it you've never went to an away game? What a f**king ridiculous point to make. No one should ever go to or watch an away game on an opposing teams TV because you're not supporting your own team? Absolute nonsense or you're trolling.
  11. No wonder this site is dying on its arse. People being criticised for watching a st mirren game.
  12. Our centre halves were excellent, dealt with Dykes brilliantly, lot better than the likes of big Julian at Celtic. Absolute sitter from junior near the end though. Should've burst the net
  13. They really should have trialled it with an actual game first to iron these issues out. Did they plan to do it for the st Johnstone game last week?
  14. We could maybe play at Kilmarnock? Enough space for SD?
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