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  1. They need to be all sent to play with Josh Heaton on a public park. They all look hopeless.
  2. 2-0. If GLS was still in charge he'd be gone tomorrow
  3. He needs to go. It's just been an absolute disaster since he joined
  4. Absolutely terrible. We are devoid of any plan or tactics
  5. It's just so poor. I've not been as worried about a season since Stubbs was in charge.
  6. This has all the signs of the preseason under that arsehole Stubbs. It's very worrying that we created almost nothing against a lowland league team.
  7. I know they are a lower league team, but don't offer a service if you can't provide it. I'd have been better giving the tenner to charity.
  8. Yeah it's absolutely mental he picks him. An empty jersey would have more presence.
  9. Now playing with 10 men now erahon is off. Now for main off to get us to 11
  10. He needs to go on gardening leave tonight and give it to Jamie and Allan until the end of the season.
  11. Yeah. Get Robinson to f**k and send main and erahon with him
  12. A terrible game. Our midfield is useless. Erahon is an absolute waste of a jersey. Zero effort. Get Flynn on.
  13. The way they are playing makes it look like they've stopped playing anyway!
  14. I know it would seem ridiculous, but should we punt Robinson and give it to Jamie and Allan until the end of the season? I can't see where our next point is coming from under Robinson. There's no spirit, organisation or spark about us at all
  15. Brother beaton doing his best to break up play in rangers favour even of we do get forward.
  16. f**king horrific defending. Not getting close to stop either cross and failing to mark roofe. This season is now an utter disaster.
  17. We're now playing with 11 on the park. Hopefully do something now.
  18. Erahon really has no reading of the game whatsoever. Just wanders around like a fart in a trance.
  19. Three defenders running to the goal line instead of being aware of what's around them. f**king headless chickens.
  20. We're an absolute shambles on and off the park right now. Ho ho ho merry Christmas!
  21. What did he say that was bigoted? *** is a word for rangers fans, not a religious group. They are ****, they'll always be ****. I would never refer to a non Catholic as a ***. It's a term for rangers fans.
  22. 6 grand. Seems about right for a crass tweet about a bridge collapsing. Time to move forward with John still in charge
  23. In my opinion it was just a daft tweet. I really don't get why *** is sectarian though. Rangers fans are ****, I'd never call a non rangers supporting Protestant that. Therefore how can it be bigoted or sectarian? It's just a statement of fact because that's what they are. Hopefully it's a rap on the knuckles or a small fine (for the bridge comments which were a bit crass) which we can cover in the next 3 monthly spend vote, then we can all move on.
  24. I see a lot of talk about the veto, who was vetoed as a director? Sorry I missed the meeting last night.
  25. Midfield has been atrocious today. What's Jim's answer? Sub the two strikers. Useless
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