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  1. 6 points off the play-off spot...might be worth looking out the brown trousers for the next few weeks
  2. Jim's standing as one of the best young managers in Scotland has only been enhanced by our recent excellent run of form. He's ambitious and, in football management, timing is everything. If he goes good luck to him. As many have already mentioned he'll get very little time to sort out the mess at Aberdeen and if he doesn't he could well be on the managerial scrapheap in 12 months. As for us, HUGE focus on the Board to get the compo sorted and get a successor in who won't totally f**k up the SMFC 2022 juggernaut.
  3. Great draw. Will be very satisfying when we pump the dirty Jambos out of the cup again.
  4. He was definitely willing to run at defenders. Decent pace. Hopefully will give us something a bit different up top.
  5. Carcrash coverage so far...things can only get better surely....
  6. A result like this isn't nearly as big a kick in the nuts if we're picking up 3 points against Ross County, Livi etc....
  7. ....and many thanks to the 79 Livi fans who made it along today.
  8. So the video evidence is pretty clear...the ref shat it
  9. The fact Motherwell were booed off at half and full time says it all. They are absolute gash and were lucky to get a point. If Kelly hadn't had a couple of top drawer saves at the end we would have got the 3 points we deserved.
  10. The traffic on the M8 is an absolute shitshow so if you're driving leave early.
  11. The tweets do represent a serious lack of judgement from someone who should know better. When you hold a senior position within a football club there isn't any question of straying into even mildy controversial topics on social media without there being a backlash - all of which does nothing but bring more bad publicity for SMFC. The SFA investigation would suggest the isn't just going to go away quietly.
  12. Honking from the keeper but we'll take it [emoji106][emoji3] Sent from my SM-N770F using Tapatalk
  13. "....and the fans were magnificent."
  14. We were pretty pish, they were pretty pish. Pitch was very pish as usual. Only positive today was the support.
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