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  1. ....and many thanks to the 79 Livi fans who made it along today.
  2. So the video evidence is pretty clear...the ref shat it
  3. The fact Motherwell were booed off at half and full time says it all. They are absolute gash and were lucky to get a point. If Kelly hadn't had a couple of top drawer saves at the end we would have got the 3 points we deserved.
  4. The traffic on the M8 is an absolute shitshow so if you're driving leave early.
  5. The tweets do represent a serious lack of judgement from someone who should know better. When you hold a senior position within a football club there isn't any question of straying into even mildy controversial topics on social media without there being a backlash - all of which does nothing but bring more bad publicity for SMFC. The SFA investigation would suggest the isn't just going to go away quietly.
  6. Honking from the keeper but we'll take it [emoji106][emoji3] Sent from my SM-N770F using Tapatalk
  7. "....and the fans were magnificent."
  8. We were pretty pish, they were pretty pish. Pitch was very pish as usual. Only positive today was the support.
  9. Thanks for confirming the selection criteria... on that basis an ex-joiner from Airdrie is exactly the right choice for running the stewarding at the club 👏
  10. On the surface hiring the services of a stewarding company with no trading history and an ex-joiner as director does seem to be somewhat curious. Would be interested to get more info on the procurement process given that (as per Tony's latest statement) the health and safety of the fans is of the utmost priority.
  11. Trying to buy more than one ticket is an absolute piss take. As per previous posters....this has got to be the worst user experience of any e-purchasing system I have ever used. Need to register multiple new accounts and then somehow get them into a 'network' which then doesn't recognise any of the accounts you've just spent 20 mins trying to set up...WTF!!!!
  12. More people allowed in the away end at Motherwell than we can get in our whole stadium. Wtf is that all about.
  13. Ok so make sure you register on the PPV site not the DundeeTV site...both of which look identical.
  14. Just registered...says audio only...no option to buy PPV. Anyone else had any luck with this?
  15. Logged in using the login details which include your season ticket order number (see latest post on the website) and it works fine.
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