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  1. well the back of the telly by the sounds of things 🤪
  2. steady he would have us believing we are a top 6 side .... 😉
  3. yeah i figured it out a while ago and subscribed thanks
  4. I know whats happened https://www.smisa.net/www/smisa.net/international is supposed to be https://www.smisa.net/international something got f**ked when they republished the website i think
  5. can you not sign up from outside of Europe..... i.e. Canada https://www.smisa.net/www/smisa.net/international says 404 not found thats the link it says to click on outside the EU
  6. Id like to see some more challenging for places at centre back … Stuart Findlay in from Killie who is in his last few months of his contract there. Good solid centre back with experience in this league I feel guys like Shaughnessy need to be challenged for their place if we are to get the best out of him.
  7. will check on Football Manager later but i think its 15%.......
  8. because he did it with Lewis Morgan and Cammy Smith in the side providing ..... we dont have those types of players anymore hence we must play differently and sign appropriately.
  9. i wouldnt count on that ...... not to bash the club as a whole ... but in this area IT and Business Administration they are actually quite poor and its not like they dont have people like myself letting them know what the problems are and how to preemptively deal with them ... they just dont do anything about it until it has become a problem .... even if that problem is about to rear its head imminently. If Interstadia do go under it wont be until that moment that the club will do something and even then they may wait (like they did this year) until their Security Certificates run out on the website then they really will have no website to work with.
  10. would you not still rather have it than not have it ?!
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