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  1. Noticed St Mirren TV were filming post-match interviews with Clarkson and Rae for YouTube after the Livingston game. Huge positive, I think it's something they should be doing more of going forward.
  2. It wasn't that kind of piece, though. The purpose wasn't to balance Murray's words with an alternative opinion, the article was about Murray's view of the club, and his alone, during his time at the helm. I dare say it was intentionally one-sided - that's how these pieces tend to work. If the club, or indeed Mr Gilmour himself, wish to respond in kind, then that is their right. I suggest that may be a more mature option than sly digs at good journalists for doing nothing other than their job.
  3. Thought that completely uncalled for, it's not as though it was an opinion piece. Graeme is a journalist and has written an article based around an interview with a former manager. Just because he has scribed Murray's words doesn't mean he has made them up himself.
  4. Thanks Callum, must say I've enjoyed your commentary when I've been tuning in on St Mirren Radio from afar. Congratulations on gaining your degree, keep up the good work and all the very best for the future.
  5. Wouldn't mind a tribute to the Heysel victims while we're at it. We should wear black and white stripes as a tribute to the Juventus fans murdered by scousers.
  6. This would be unbelievably cringeworthy. This cannot be allowed to happen.
  7. If Rae had taken a free ticket in with the prawn sandwich brigade he'd be accused of not putting money back into Scottish football or some such. He can't really win. In all honesty, I dreaded something like this when Rae was appointed. I was concerned he would openly flaunt his Rangers leanings in the press and online, but to my pleasant surprise, he hasn't. He has been nothing but respectful towards his employers and the job at hand, and to the St Mirren supporters. He does not need to do this, but he has out of courtesy. He isn't wearing Rangers "colours" in that photo. And as far as I'm aware, he wasn't belting out The Sash during the game. He is a paying supporter watching his former club (well, disguised as his former club). Unfortunately that club happens to be one of the Old Firm. This is in stark contrast to Carswell's actions, who without any respect or regard for the club or fans who pay his wages, gladly belittled his team's local derby. In an era where St Mirren are trying to grow a fanbase and change a generation-old OF-centric mindset in Paisley/Renfrewshire, Carswell perpetuated this destructive way of thinking as an employee of the club, and should be setting a better example. In sum; Rae = good guy, Carswell = wank.
  8. Both wins were well deserved. In both we were better than the opposition, and whilst not playing as well as we perhaps could, we won by two clear goals against Alloa and kept a clean sheet yesterday. If you take these two games in isolation, then I could understand the accusation that people are getting ahead of themselves. However when you compare the Murray era to this new chapter under Rae, which has seen 4 league wins out of 6 and a significant improvement to performances and results, you can surely understand why fans are now cautiously optimistic about the season ahead?
  9. I might be in the minority but I really like Langfield, as a player and as a person. Of course he can make the odd error but at our level, that's probably par for the course. I think he's a very good 'keeper and obviously cares deeply for the club. He gets added points for shouting "JESUS F**K REF!" (or something very similar) rather audibly after another baffling call from Charleston yesterday.
  10. Pretty chuffed with this signing. Went on a terrific run with Dundee last season before it ended as abruptly as it began. In terms of where we are, and given it is the slim-pickings window, I think we've done alright here. I think Clarkson will be a good foil for Shankland, although it's not ideal in the long term that both are on loan. I reckon Clarkson is now a better goal-scoring option (from open play at least) than any other player at the club. It breaks my heart that it's no longer Thommo, but we need to be pragmatic about these things while remembering the good times he helped bring to the club.
  11. I genuinely thought Rocco played quite well. Picked out several accurate passes while under pressure and I think he will be a good acquisition. Judging a player based on one game, away to the second best team in the league, is baffling. But then again I'm not remotely surprised.
  12. That was a difficult match to decipher as we were simply outclassed by a better side who were always expected to win the match comfortably. Until Rae gets the chance to properly mould the team he wants then we're always going to endure the same problems from the Murray era - the lack of any discernible width being a one continual problem. We did look a lot better when we got the ball down and actually passed it around. Some nice passes and flicks took Hibs out of the game at times and it was a shame to see that undone by the preferred lump up to Shankland. We do seem to be playing slightly, and I mean marginally, better however we still don't look close to scoring from open play. If we were creating lots of chances I'd be a lot more positive, but as Div mentions above the next few games are hugely important and will define our season for better or for worse. I won't shed many tears for today except for not backing Hibs -1 with Stokes to score anytime. You could see it coming a mile off.
  13. Notwithstanding the pointless creation of an entirely new thread when there's a perfectly good one residing in the Matchday forum, can I ask since when did 3-1, the latter of those three goals coming in the final minute, count as a "gubbing"?
  14. Sorry? My point was that Cuddihy has been drafted into that position as emergency cover, but I'm sure he himself would admit that it is not his strongest position. In spite of this, he didn't let some negativity from the stands or some bad decisions affect his confidence and he gradually improved as the game wore on. I think this should be applauded. Thanks for endorsing my point, though.
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