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  1. I've been working a 4 day week for a good few years now, 0730-1715 M-T. Best thing ever and if I need to work on a F/S/S I get double time. Working from home was the icing on the cake, saves me a 45 min drive each way. Next step in the process is getting the total hours worked reduced but since I've got less than 2 years to retirement, I suspect I won't see it happen before I'm done.
  2. If we're talking the chances of an extremely unlikely thing happening to remove the evidence then I'd say odds-on - there's plenty of times it's happened before, after all...
  3. Working where I do this type of stuff is endemic. A few years back we were buying an off the shelf ultra high pressure washer and spec'd stainless steel nozzles in lieu of standard carbon steel. The QA Engineer decided that this change meant that we would need a full engineering report on the effects of the changesbon the original design of the unit. Until I pointed out that we didn't have anyone qualified to do that and that essentially the change was akin to speccing alloys on a Ford Fiesta instead of standard. In fairness, he backed off at that point...
  4. So which is it, a bridge or a lift...or is it both? [emoji848]
  5. Well done guys, a thread to pay tribute to a living club legend for his service for almost 50 years descends into yet another squabble over SMISA. You should be proud of yourselves. @div - I know there's not much moderating done these days but can't someone sort out this clusterf**k.
  6. It's not 'exaggerated', it's a downright falsehood. Here's the article from The Scotsman, not a publication known to support independence for Scotland. https://www.scotsman.com/health/coronavirus/covid-scotland-scots-did-not-flock-to-england-for-hogmanay-amid-coronavirus-restrictions-data-shows-3519013 It wasn't hard to find. He's either incompetent, and doesn't fact check, or he's deliberately published it anyway knowing it was false. Either way, in my book anyway, he loses all and any credibility - as does any other writer under those circumstances. There was, from loonies on both sides.
  7. Desperation, indeed, faraway. Stick with me here. Did people travel south of the border for New Year celebrations? Yes, they most certainly did. However, not in the numbers your man (and the unionist media including the BBC) claimed would happen and then tried to mislead people into believing had actually happened. Instead, a simple search demonstrates that the numbers are consistent with last year's numbers. The man on the Clapham omnibus ([emoji2398] bluto, remember him?) can only conclude that a failure to carry out this simple research before committing to publishing throws everything else the writer is saying into doubt. Ergo, his article loses any and all credibility. It might well be your opinion that the restrictions were badly handled, it might well be mine for that matter, neither is relevant to the matter in hand. You asserted that Scottish independence supporters will get more and more desperate while using the rantings of a rabid British nationalist to support your assertion. Can't you see the irony?
  8. Using the Express to defend the bollocks claims, faraway? That's a bit desperate... [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787] Rail operator figures showed no increase in passenger numbers compared to previous years and road traffic was the same. And that's both ways for both ergo, there was no mass exodus down south to England for Hogmanay and the same number of people from South of the border came to Scotland for Hogmanay. Here's an article saying that and, before you decry it because it's The National, the article is based on figures made public by The Scotsman. https://www.thenational.scot/news/19833200.covid-scotland-data-shows-scots-didnt-flock-england-new-year-celebrations/
  9. Aye, let's ignore the desperate nationalism on show in the piece...this completely disproven shite for a start: "This has led to the ridiculous situation, as recently as New Year’s Eve, when Scots piled on to trains for Newcastle" Naw they didnae, it was the other way roon because Hogmanay = Scotland. If that's no desperate, what is?
  10. Nicely done, illustrated your fear by posting a link to a desperate nationalist. [emoji846]
  11. You know you're in trouble when Baz & faraway are agreeing with each other... [emoji846]
  12. Not saying that, and I get what's being suggested by the data, just pointing out that nothing definite is known yet so, imo anyway, we're better erring on the side of caution. But I'm old and risk averse so I would say that... [emoji846]
  13. They're both young and healthy and Omicron's done that to them when the other variants had no effect on them whatsoever. What's it going to do to old diabetic stroke victims like me if one of us gets it?
  14. Not sure what they were given but my son didn't get his second jag, it was due in September but he got Covid so it was postponed. And rearranged for yesterday... This is actually the third time the dil's caught it (think she's going for a record) and I know she's had both and the booster (for work reasons). She first caught it July last year and lost taste and smell which hasn't come back but this is the first it's floored her.
  15. You say that, faraway, but my son and dil caught Covid in September, both were completely asymptomatic. The two of them picked up Omicron last week (confirmed by NHS), both confined to bed completely f**ked.
  16. I was going to reply with 'Probably Braehead' but Callum's reply is much more correct... 🙂
  17. Did my own on Friday morning, had real issues and more than a few goes but persevered and got there. It was another 24 hours before the info was fully available, mind. Did hers a hour or so ago and it went through nae bother, probably about 15-20 mins from start to finish.
  18. This thread sums up what being a St Mirren supporter is all about - get your hopes up then have them dashed almost immediately. One consolation is that now and again they're not dashed, so...I live in hope. [emoji846]
  19. Should've been 2 reds, Hayes 2-footed attempted assault was a straight red to me. The fact he never made contact might be why it was yellow in Gollum's eyes but the intent was there.
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