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  1. You know you're in trouble when Baz & faraway are agreeing with each other... [emoji846]
  2. Not saying that, and I get what's being suggested by the data, just pointing out that nothing definite is known yet so, imo anyway, we're better erring on the side of caution. But I'm old and risk averse so I would say that... [emoji846]
  3. They're both young and healthy and Omicron's done that to them when the other variants had no effect on them whatsoever. What's it going to do to old diabetic stroke victims like me if one of us gets it?
  4. Not sure what they were given but my son didn't get his second jag, it was due in September but he got Covid so it was postponed. And rearranged for yesterday... This is actually the third time the dil's caught it (think she's going for a record) and I know she's had both and the booster (for work reasons). She first caught it July last year and lost taste and smell which hasn't come back but this is the first it's floored her.
  5. You say that, faraway, but my son and dil caught Covid in September, both were completely asymptomatic. The two of them picked up Omicron last week (confirmed by NHS), both confined to bed completely f**ked.
  6. I was going to reply with 'Probably Braehead' but Callum's reply is much more correct... 🙂
  7. Did my own on Friday morning, had real issues and more than a few goes but persevered and got there. It was another 24 hours before the info was fully available, mind. Did hers a hour or so ago and it went through nae bother, probably about 15-20 mins from start to finish.
  8. This thread sums up what being a St Mirren supporter is all about - get your hopes up then have them dashed almost immediately. One consolation is that now and again they're not dashed, so...I live in hope. [emoji846]
  9. Should've been 2 reds, Hayes 2-footed attempted assault was a straight red to me. The fact he never made contact might be why it was yellow in Gollum's eyes but the intent was there.
  10. Not the best example of someone using that link - mind you, once again, judging by this post anyway, it looks like more than a few on here have made use of that linky thingmy to 'improve' their written English skills... [emoji846]
  11. There are a fair few on here who could do with this kind of help. Mind you, they're probably the same ones daft enough to click the linky thingmy...
  12. What club do you see your doctor in, BiEK? [emoji846]
  13. Two things: At 2-0 down, Main wasn't offside and the goal should've stood. If Power's tackle was a red, why wasn't Christie shown red. Would it have made a difference? Probably not.
  14. That's pretty much what people with half or more of a functioning brain have been saying for months, now. Which begs the obvious question...that's your cue again, faraway. 🙂
  15. I'm glad it's not just me having issues with Tapatalk, with P&B still working on it I was worried I'd done something to break it. Also wanted to confirm that I'm a rocket too...fill your boots. 🙂
  16. Still fekkin enormous, mind, compared to the molecule. [emoji846]
  17. Only where it's deserved... [emoji846]
  18. Not so sure about that one, oakster. Mind you, add in all the other user names and you may have a point...
  19. Yup, you and Sue Denim. You must be so proud... This is too, too easy.
  20. Shouldn't be a surprise to you, you're responsible for most of them...
  21. From the man that calls me a tinfoil hat wearer [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23] It's almost as if the measures taken to counter the pandemic have been effective...
  22. I've been called many things in my time on this earth, lots of them not in a nice way, but that's a first. Go on then, examples?
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