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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I don’t want to turn on him but his tactics / selections are baffling.
  2. I assume you aren’t referring to me in your initial sentence for posting an honest assessment of today’s game...if you are, I’d like to hear which aspects of my post you disagree with?
  3. To be honest I never saw much evidence of fight. Given we had a chance to jump above Dundee and Accies I was really disappointed by our lack of aggression, and how pedestrian / standoffish we were in the centre of the park. As someone else said, it’s ridiculous that Mallan wins a physical midfield battle with our skipper, but he did (although I don’t think McGinn had a really poor game overall and Mallan should have been booked for persistent fouling). Have to say, Tansey was rank rotten. A display of Ryan Edwards quality (although at least the latter liked to put a challenge in). I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt as he’s new but his delivery from set pieces wasn’t great and he seemed to have no positional sense. No idea how we lost that game - on the plus side, I thought McAllister, Lyons and Jackson were excellent.
  4. I was in Celtic hospitality tonight and I don’t think any of them could believe how shite we were. Starting XI massively flawed, no fight and a total lack of direction in our play. f**king brutal. Surely we can do better?
  5. I think OK needs to be harsh in this window, my worries being are that he doesn’t realise the level of change that we need and that fact that - on their day - we only have a handful of players good enough at this level. My thoughts below: Lyness - lets give him the benefit of the doubt, but we do need another squad keeper, assuming Rogers leaves. Hodson - not good enough. Baird - not good enough. Jones - ok, but only here on loan. Ferdinand - good, but don’t think he’s set the heather alight. P McGinn - pleasantly surprised, has limited ability but has done enough to warrant a place in the team. Erharon - promising. Let’s persevere. Eckersley / Mackenzie - both cracking players, presumably not rated by OK and maybe not good enough at this level. Flynn - nowhere near good enough. Edwards - not good enough. McShane - not good enough. S McGinn - legend. But I fear not good enough at this level. Smith - again, I fear not effective enough at this level. Hamill - very good, although aimless at times due to lack of quality around him. Jackson - good (but is he going to stick around). Kirkpatrick - not good enough. So, barring Jones, Ferdinand and Hamill (whom I would suggest won’t be around next season) we only have perhaps 2-3 players who are up to scratch.
  6. We have so many players that are woefully short of the standard required to even compete in the bottom 3 in this division. The Board need to take some of that responsibility for sanctioning the signings of a number of complete charlatans. The tell tale sign is thinking how many of our team would get a game for anyone else in this league. Ferdinand? Maybe. Smith? Probably. Hamill? Inconclusive. Mullen? Doubt it. One things for sure we do need a Jack Ross esque January window. P McGinn, Hodson, Jones, Flynn, Edwards et al can get to f**k.
  7. It’s so clear that OK has inherited a bunch of misfits, the vast majority of which are not good enough to wear the stripes. He needs time to sort that. However, as others have said, the more experienced players need a shake. Both McGinns, Flynn, Hodson and Edwards were rank rotten yesterday and soundly outplayed by an Accies team spearheaded by Dougie f**king Imrie and that are knob Mackinnon. The tactics were also inexcusable - which OK needs to shoulder some blame for - to see Sammy deliberately aiming every long ball at Mullen was inexcusable. Not to mention thick.
  8. Shocking. We were bullied. Outplayed. Outfought. Outmanoeuvred. Was horrible to watch.
  9. The pub across from Pivo on Waterloo St (can’t remember what it’s called). If don’t see you we’ll be grabbing a couple of cans for the 2.04 train.
  10. Heading on the train too, Zo. Where you going for pints in Glasgow?
  11. Have to say FJ, agree totally with you. I feel pretty sad for John that he didn’t get any game time to say a proper cheerio to the fans and get the standing ovation he completely deserves. Despite what Jack clearly thinks of him (which I think isn’t much) I think it was poor judgement not to give him some game time either during the week v Falkirk, or today. He deserves better. Anyway, thanks for everything John.
  12. Agreed, Bender. Although Stewart was decent when he came on there is no way we should be leaving a players of Sutton’s pedigree on the bench in games where we need a goal.
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