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  1. Derek Adams once again proving how much of a cock he is. "Ross County are the form team of the bottom six" http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27243907 Yes Derek , apart from St.Mirren & Hearts. So that makes you NOT the form team !! http://stats.football365.com/dom/SCO/PR/oform.html
  2. Don`t see how . The team finishing in 11th has to wait two weeks with no competitive football before they take on a team that has won through two previous ties & are on a roll
  3. the gypos have asked to be moved to a better place now they know your nearby Michael !!
  4. Mark Yardleys seven a-side team get to showcase next seasons Saints strip.
  5. why not take a poll of who wants to play? id rather play than travel to killie. Anyone else ?
  6. Perfect scenario. Saints win Hearts win Killie get points deducted for being cheating cunts.
  7. Another lot giving the staff & security at Morrisons Erskine the runaround yesterday. Thieving Gippo scum !
  8. I f**kin hate "should of" & could of" instead of "Should HAVE" & "Could HAVE" unfortunatley they appear to be coming more & more acceptable in everyday language. Dont get me wrong , i`m no English language & Grammar expert & i make plenty of f**k ups on here with Grammar (thanks for pointing them out Bluto! ) but those two really hack me off!! Even more annoying is the increasing use of these phrases on telly !
  9. The whole thing was cheesys fault.
  10. This is just getting better & better ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27142340 C`Mon the season ticket boycott !!
  11. If you cant get anyone from the standby ,i can get someone at short notice (& hes a Buddie !!)
  12. What a game. Great spirit shown by the whole team . Red card ? Never ! & John McGinn ? we`re not worthy !
  13. Flybe , manchester -Paisley international would have been £130 today, £100 for the next home game. Worth a thought ?
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