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  1. Heres hoping he watched the ramsdens on sunday . Any pro watching that would surely coose to leave well alone !!
  2. I was talking to him at the game on Saturday.
  3. I picked examples from recent "so farewell then " bawa threads. However, i get your point.
  4. £9 BILLION for the Lahndan Olympics. Great value! i mean , look at the legacy !!
  5. & the UK Government are doing a wonderful job with my / our/ your money ,arent they ? http://www.debtbombshell.com/
  6. Loved this: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/28/us-nato-stoltenberg-idUSBREA2R0X920140328 & this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-dear/norway-calls-the-world-to_b_2862919.html So, lets get this straight. The next Secretary general of NATO is from a small country with no nuclear weapons who , btw were founder members of NATO. .......... but OUR small nation who dont want Nuclear weapons would not be allowed to join NATO according to the NO fear campaign .
  7. fwiw, i did not slag anyone (well not in this thread ) & Im not upset MS , just pointing out the Hypocrisy of some on here. Suitably Chilled !!
  8. Type in "so farewell then" to the site search, have a look at the various people who have died & what the contributors to BAWA had to say about each. Its difficult to find one without a joke aimed at or around the deceased, the Ariel Sharon one was particularly interesting. Some of those who have expressed outrage on this thread were contributors on those other threads & not always in glowing terms about the recently deceased. Perhaps someone might enlighten me as to the etiquette when posting on "so farewell then" type threads / Is it ok to slag off the leader of a foreign power but not question the lifestyle or past misdemeanors of a Brit ? Are old people fair game while younger people should be left alone ? Do we have to check whether the deceased has any living relatives before we make a comment that some may take exception to ? Yours Respectfully Confused.
  9. Be Great to see a decent support at St.Mirren park to cheer on the young uns vs the Blue Scum http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=32199 C O Y S !!
  10. Just checked out their site. What a superb set-up. Cracking stadium & a marketing team with their head screwed on.
  11. Noticed Niel Wankcaster in the stand , sitting snugly beside the greenock bus brothers. Very cosy !
  12. Invites went out on thurs morn & two still to respond. When do you decide to go to the reserve list ?
  13. One of them mentioned an easy 4-0 win !! LMFAO !!
  14. I dont have a season ticket.I havent had one for about 25 years. I have supported Saints ALL my life , attending games home & away for over 45 years. I was fortunate enough to have been given a couple of briefs for the Family stand from a good friend who was at corporate today. After that, i have no desire whatsoever to get a season ticket ever again. As i stated on another thread, the shite i listened to from so called fans round about me (season ticket holders) wqas enough to convince me that buying as i go & choosing to decide where i sit is a far better option than the dubious privelage of spending a season in MY seat when i have to listen to the negative drivel of the dobbers around me who seem more intent in slagging off our players. Now, if there was a season ticket which permitted entry to a stand & an area you could sit where you please & move if your sitting beside a knobend..... then , perhaps Yes.
  15. Whisper it. one of them had his missus sitting beside him !!
  16. To the guys in the family stand row m &n ,row 90 somethin . PLEASE get behind ALL of the team. Stop singling out Cheesy for every little slip, you were silent when goody lost possesion two , three, four times , you kept quiet when Darren slipped up (again) & left us exposed , you chose to ignore young sean getting caught out of position for the umpteenth time ....... but woe betide cheesy if he hesitates or makes the wrong choice. YOU GAVE HIM UNJUSTIFIED HELL!! You guys should put your petty vendettas behind you & start supporting the WHOLE team. It wa frankly embarassing at times today, you even shouted at him when Dilo gave Naismith a bad pass ?!?
  17. Bet the ref is gutted , he missed a great 2nd half.
  18. I`ve not been Wyldes biggest fan , bit of a one trick pony i thought but today his display made all the difference. He was a constant threat & well were forced to put two & sometimes three on him when he got the ball. Couple that with some excellent crosses.
  19. Could be worse . http://www.itfc.co.uk/news/article/drums-v-forest-1452224.aspx
  20. Putting a tenner on Red Rum . with my track record i`d problably be better off !
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