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  1. yes. Heres the link http://english.pravda.ru/
  2. Chris Iwelumo moving down the pecking order at burnley as they sign another striker and Thompson finds favour again.... now theres a thought .. If we cant get one Burnley striker why not go for the other ? Now, Where did i put that lottery ticket ? From Wiki: He is rumoured to be signing for Preston North End after new Burnley boss Eddie Howe signed Charlie Austin. He stated Burnley is just not a very nice place and the football club is in decline. Oh well !
  3. If i`m not allowed to claim my 10.2 mile round trip to a home game then you can FFF -Off with yer fraudulent claims !!
  4. They should have bulldozed it with the f**kers still inside.
  5. As from 25th Oct, i will no longer be a FFF. I`m moving back to the old stomping ground. What do you want me to do with my membership & when can i have my fees back ?
  6. Put me down for 486 yards for today please, goin to watch the game at my local ! What d`ya mean it disnae count ?
  7. And you can add another 270 miles for me for tomorrow,(please ) almost three f*ckin hours on a train via carlisle
  8. I know it was a joke post, but i really would loved to have seen buddy holly. I will look out for that .Ta for the recommendation
  9. Watched a documentary on the who last week ( On ITV4 , so possibly a repeat) , v.interesting stuff, Complex characters the lot of them.
  10. Now the real one & it is in order of preference. 1. The Who 2. The chilli peppers 3. Queen 4. Nazareth 5. Bowie (any era)
  11. 1. Buddy holly 2. Elvis 3. Freddie mercury 4. Mel & Kim 4. John Lennon Didnt manage to catch any of theses acts first time round, but dont worry , theres always next year.
  12. WTF ! where are the match reports ? whats the use of us sending folk to these games if they cant be arsed keeping us up to date ? Whats Hollz up to ? too drunk ? too lazy? This will never do !! DL must go !
  13. I cancelled my Sky when i managed to prove they were lying bastards !! ( dont trust anything that their telesales say.....always get it in writing ! Its so good to be able to say that without fear of litigation ! go ahead Mr. Murdoch ... i have the e-mails......... D`ya think he monitors b & w army ?
  14. Not sure if this is what you have already done, but you could try system restore. Press the F5 key repeatedly when you switch your comp on, from the choices on screen,choose safe mode startup, follow the on screen messages, then choose a system restore point.. eg two weeks earlier , when the system was last known good. By starting in safe mode you give the comp the chance to kick in & work while the rogue program is frozen out.
  15. So just how many aliases do you have ?
  16. When i move back up the road in October, will i have to change my name ?
  17. really not my fault if you dont have the decency to be there to meet me when i arrive with the missus !
  18. Two weeks in a row for me, putting my part time status in jeopardy ! 190 more for the total, Ta
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