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  1. Ally

    Lewis Morgan

    McAllister has been injured for pretty much the entire time he's been down there.
  2. Supervisor at ground saying that st mirren told Dunfermline that we'd bring between 500-700 fans today... hence the 30 minute wait to get in the ground.
  3. Ally

    Scottish Cup Round 5 Draw

    They over subscribe all audience screenings by about 25-30% to ensure a big enough audience for the laughter track. Because they're free tickets a lot of people don't turn up.
  4. Ally

    Dunfermline V St mirren (14th January)

    A good performance and in the end a good point. Goes without saying that 3 points is what we're after, but given the context of the game and dunfermline's current run we could certainly have come away with worse. There's still time to turn this round although it's stating the obvious that it's still a very tough ask. A lot of fight and hustle in the team today, the injuries didn't allow us to replace loy or in particular storie who were both blowing hard by the 75 min mark. As someone has already stated the next 3 league games are massive.
  5. Ally

    Jack Ross Must Go.

    Top Cat, what happened to your mantra of always giving a manager six months before considering the sack?
  6. Ally

    1877 Club

    Just to play devils advocate. I guess the difference is that if you've paid a joining fee upfront (equivalent to 5 months membership), and then paid each month you might be a bit miffed if within 6 months of the club opening it was a free for all? Particularly if there's then a high risk that you can no longer get access to the club because it's full up. If a gym did that, particularly after encouraging ppl to sign up now whilst they can because demand is high, then they could look a bit disingenuous. I'm not saying that's what's happened (it hasn't) or that's what's planned, but it might be worth consulting members or at least notifying them ahead of any significant changes being made rather than not consulting them on anything. Fwiw I'm not a member and my circumstances mean I'd very rarely, if ever, use the club. I do hope it's as busy and as successful as it possibly can be though.
  7. Ally

    We Have Something Very Special

    You're right, TT and Yards.
  8. Ally

    St Mirren v Dunfermline

    Anyone still touting the much used 'we've got a good squad of players' line? They're hopeless. Fergie would do well to get a result out of this mob.
  9. Ally

    Ben Gordon

    You're right, he may not be very good... But then again Rae did sign him only 3 months ago. You would therefore have to question his recruitment policy, arguably one of the main tasks, if not the main one of a manager. It is hardly surprising that he's therefore getting stick over this.
  10. Ally

    Ben Gordon

    I suspect we'll be paying a sizeable chunk of his wages whilst he's out at Alloa. Additionally by January circumstances may have changed and he'll be featuring in our back 4...
  11. Ally

    1877 Club

    Are all members of the Fans Council as engaging and as helpful as you are?
  12. If it was on the yellow line where the signs had a blank space telling you when the next game was, you should appeal your ticket. The restriction is not defined correctly so I would imagine you'd have a good chance of winning the appeal.
  13. Do the yellow line parking sign restrictions not say something like 'parking is restricted during football games. The next football game is (blank date).' In my experience these blanks haven't been filled in in ages. So I wonder if these were filled in today? If not, this may invalidate the tickets as the parking restrictions are not clearly set out.
  14. Ally

    Sean Kelly?

    Whilst 70k is the average salary, I suspect Sean won't be on that. He wouldn't have been in a particularly good bargaining position let's face it. Good luck to him, certainly a better career move than I thought he'd get.
  15. Ally

    Aaron Mooy

    Watched him in the Melbourne derby last season. He was the best player on the park.