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    watching films, listening to music, reading, watching the saints and preaching to the perverted(old firm fans) and being a true nationalist scotsman
  1. A nice day out for the more civilised and football educated fans from Paisley none of the knuckledragers to spoil it
  2. I actually owned some of those tops such as the salmon pink scotland 3rd kit circa 1993 and my brother had the silver liverpool away kit circa 1990 as I had the classic home kit. As for the bib top I had money for my birthday one year and went into sports connection when it was in the piazza and spent my money on something else the kit was horrible but now i wish i had one as they are of cult status now
  3. He's still a knob in my book never gave me a chance at school didn't like me cause somebody was bullying my brother i knocked his head off and my dad defended me to the hilt a told him where to go that soon shut him up.
  4. yeah he had a twin brother. But he was such a knob who used attack any wrong doing when drug dealing used to go on in the school under his nose saying that his car used to get it's tyres slashed and paint work scratched he used to park his car under the school he not long retired
  5. i went to gleniffer high from aug 1990 to june 95 we had a reject headmaster from the paisley grammar he was a head of some sort he was a f**king knob called roddy gardener
  6. I changed the design and posted a link the plate number is different but it still come up the plate I designed
  7. There have been so many influential bands over 5 decades here are my choice. The 60s The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Doors The 70s Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Bee Gees The 80s The Jam, Queen, The Smiths The 90s Oasis, Nirvana REM Radiohead The 00s Oasis, Muse, Foo Fighters
  8. I don't know which were the 5 best sketchs they were all good, Friday nights were synamanous with the two ronnies.
  9. Queen's Of The Stone Age. lullabies to paralyse Kasibian. Kasabian Bloc Party. Bloc Party Green Day. American Idiot David Bowie. Hunky Dory
  10. I can only think of 2 recent foreign films both were filmed in the land of the soapdodgers so I think it's safe to say they are foreign. 1 Sweet Sixteen, It's about a young boy who is serviving his apprenticeship as a smack dealer and sets out on his own. 2 Dear Frankie, It's about a deaf mute kid who thinks his daddy sails the seven seas so blue but in essence his dad was a wife beater who beat him up as a child and caused his deafness. any other suggestions on his from doon by the shitty water put them down please
  11. musicals you sick freaks i hope their musicals aimed more at men and less at women
  12. 1 david beckham w****r 2 rio ferdinand junkie 3 gazza fat geordie piss artist 4 any morton players 5 and any english w****r
  13. cinemasaint


    1. Pink Floyd 2. Yello 3. Red Box 4. Orange Juice 5. Lemonheads
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