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  1. I'm scunnered. I was optimistic this season with the new squad which looked good on paper and the managerial appointment. The performances have been dire. We sit off teams and have been dominated in every game. The players change every game, and the result is nobody seems to know what position they are playing and what they are doing. The manager seems to have no idea on the best 11. We have no wins this season against Championship clubs. Livingston celebrated a 1-1 draw against us like it was a massive result! It's too early to be looking a managerial changes but he needs to get it right pronto. On the last few games I have my doubts if he is able to do so.
  2. The problem is Murray. I had high hopes but he's been a massive disappointment. 4 games no wins is not good enough.We are in for a relegation battle at this rate. I think the players are good enough they are just being mismanaged. I'll accept the midfield is poor, esp without Goodwin. I don't think he knows his best lineup yet... Jury is out but not looking like a positive verdict. Tommy Craig mark 2!
  3. Disappointing. But when it dragged on this week you knew it wasn't going well. Still hope but it was clear he was putting his name out there with the hope a premiership team would put in a better offer. It seems Partick have if the rumours are right and well bottom 6 compared to Championship playoffs at best.... I guess it is better to be stung by the chancers using the club than miss a good player. Hopefully Murray has a few people lined up as well.
  4. For what it's worth I think we have a decent Championship team. We're being managed badly at the moment.
  5. I hope we aren't going to do a Thistle and go down two divisions. Feels like years since I've seen us play well and dominate a team. Shocking stuff. Murray is under pressure now has until October to get results.
  6. They have been extremely fortunate over the piece- they avoided a play-off and relegation twice with last day results. Eventually you can't dodge that forever.
  7. He'll get a payoff and some money for this year, whilst getting to play football. Won't be us sadly.
  8. Kelly isn't a left back either and is a better centre back. If we've decided Conlon is pish we're better going with Stewart in that role.
  9. Embarrassing stuff. Against a League 2 side and being played off the park. Hmmm.....
  10. The other point with McMullan was his positioning and defensive work. Often was caught too narrow. Made life difficult for the full-backs. He needs to improve that aspect of his game.
  11. Need to be given a chance to get things right. We'll be seen as a scalp now we've dropped down and teams will sit back and ask us to break them down. Murray will need to adjust tactics it's not like being at Dumbarton where teams will be fairly open against you as they expect a result there. Plus there are battle hardened teams in this league who are used to it and even in our SPL days would have been a difficult draw in a cup contest like Queens and Falkirk. From the look of Rangers on the last two games they'll cruise this league now they have a competent management duo in place. That was 5-1 going on 8 at Alloa.
  12. Yes certainly in competitive games that is the case. Rangers 2nd and 3rd came down our right as did Dumbartons 2nd. I think Berwick's goal was down the right side of our team as well. I'd give him a chance, he doesn't look like a natural left full-back but a converted one.
  13. Yeah the boy Shaun Rooney might not be a bad shout if he is still around. The team need experience and to be stronger positionally and in work off the ball.
  14. Nowhere near good enough. Utterly woeful stuff. I don't think Dumbarton were great shakes either. Solid 2 banks of 4 but actually created little, yet we gift them 2 goals. Positionally we were all over the place too, midfield didn't seem solid, players didn't seem to have an understanding. For all of McMullan's skill, his defensive work wasn't great, often was too central and was a nightmare for the full backs! We didn't have enough drive, pace was all wrong, no closing down or pressure. So many players were poor I can't pick out any to be honest. To early to panic, but need more experience. On this display the only play-off we'll be involved in is a relegation one!
  15. Jeeze. It wasn't a great result granted and disappointing we didn't compete better. 5-0 is poor form. However to say get rid of Murray is premature. We've played 1 competitive game and won. We are still building a team up. I suspect we will be fighting for playoffs rather than titles this year. Ian Murray needs to be given a few months to get his feet and team performing and will get that. Remember the year we won the title were Adam and Sutton not deadline day signings?
  16. Black on black and white stripes is tough. I suspect the SPFL haven't bothered with red numbers and letters with the new font? The number 7 was McMullan on loan from Celtic. Perhaps just an off game as he looked decent via Bradford.
  17. QOS lost Paul Burns to a job outside of football this season. We've seen plenty evidence of people who don't want to give up a good job for a season or 2 of professional football.
  18. 900 tickets would be plenty most times. I've been in Saints crowds where we've not come close to that. Sure plenty will but I'm not going to bother going this time when it is on TV.
  19. Didn't think we were great today. Bradford look a decent team and they were certainly better at closing down and pressing. We were a bit lacklustre and let them push up and onto us too much. Formation seemed to be 4-1-4-1 which left Thommo isolated as there was nobody getting forward from midfield to support like McGowan or McLean used to. Perhaps having a deeper striker / attacking mid might work? Kelly and Baird don't fill me with confidence as a starting centre back pairing. Need a new CB for sure. The LB seemed OK, but Howieson looked poor. Need another striker too. Thought we improved when Goodwin came on too. Right back looked good, but with Naismith there how many games will he get?
  20. People still use Prestwick Airport?
  21. You can, but good luck getting the police to find them. May as well look for two identical snowflakes.
  22. I think it is madness. If you get behind a guy on his bike you can now not legally pass him.... Stupid system. They don't as increasing dead time is inefficient and it would encourage more people to take a chance with jumping them. Typically from the light leaving green to the other light going green is 5 seconds- perhaps 6 seconds at small urban junctions.
  23. We're not, your further down the road.
  24. Yeah but I'm sure there is a movement there which requires you to cut across the lines because they had an issue with 2 movements they couldn't get to work with the markings. Its a rather difficult roundabout to make work- spent enough of my working life on it.
  25. That roundabout is a joke. Far too wee and too many lanes to cope. Beside an artic = get crushed. Typical save money and computerised design instead of getting someone competent to actually think about it! There is actually an issue with the markings on that roundabout that they don't work and you need to cross lanes to be correct!
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