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  1. f**k, im just happy we are thru. In the past, this cup has been a monumentous f**k up for us..............ok, calm doon, i know last season. [emoji41]
  2. Don't give a shit who wins the final as long as it's Italy [emoji41]
  3. Do really give a shit about England; win or lose.
  4. Thatts got f**k all to do with pressing a defence.
  5. Within 2-3 secs they pressured our defender on the ball. Whereas, we allowed them to waltz uo to our 18yrd box unchallenged.
  6. When you have a team that couldnae press a f**kin button, you get punished.
  7. Armstrong still on the pitch is beyong me.
  8. Heart says: 2-2 Head says: 3-1 England
  9. Christ, im so feckin' surprised that folk are actually in disbelief Scotland, lost. We are rank rotten.
  10. ST MIRREN boss Jim Goodwin reckons he now has a fantastic four-man strikeforce after landing Curtis Main [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Welcome aboard, Curtis.
  11. Not read thru posts, but i think we should sniff out Lafferty???
  12. Go: Fraser (i know) Doyle-Hayes Erwin Connolly McAllister (inconsistent) Obika Erahahon Mason Dennis. Christ, someone stop me [emoji849]
  13. McAllister, really frustrates me, you can see the boy has the skill, but all too often he disappoints.
  14. Match reaction coming from Jim. "Look......." [emoji39]
  15. Oh, and i would have Quaner, over Erwin or Dennis, any day.
  16. I just posted it was an entertainting game yer brain damaged dolphin [emoji849]
  17. Entertaining game, but by f**k, our defending gave me the fear; i lost count the number of times a killie player got in front of our defenders from crosses.
  18. Still baffled with Tait, being substitutrd [emoji848]
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