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  1. f**k, im just happy we are thru. In the past, this cup has been a monumentous f**k up for us..............ok, calm doon, i know last season. [emoji41]
  2. Don't give a shit who wins the final as long as it's Italy [emoji41]
  3. Do really give a shit about England; win or lose.
  4. Thatts got f**k all to do with pressing a defence.
  5. Within 2-3 secs they pressured our defender on the ball. Whereas, we allowed them to waltz uo to our 18yrd box unchallenged.
  6. When you have a team that couldnae press a f**kin button, you get punished.
  7. Armstrong still on the pitch is beyong me.
  8. Christ, im so feckin' surprised that folk are actually in disbelief Scotland, lost. We are rank rotten.
  9. ST MIRREN boss Jim Goodwin reckons he now has a fantastic four-man strikeforce after landing Curtis Main [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Welcome aboard, Curtis.
  10. Not read thru posts, but i think we should sniff out Lafferty???
  11. Go: Fraser (i know) Doyle-Hayes Erwin Connolly McAllister (inconsistent) Obika Erahahon Mason Dennis. Christ, someone stop me [emoji849]
  12. McAllister, really frustrates me, you can see the boy has the skill, but all too often he disappoints.
  13. Match reaction coming from Jim. "Look......." [emoji39]
  14. Oh, and i would have Quaner, over Erwin or Dennis, any day.
  15. I just posted it was an entertainting game yer brain damaged dolphin [emoji849]
  16. Entertaining game, but by f**k, our defending gave me the fear; i lost count the number of times a killie player got in front of our defenders from crosses.
  17. Still baffled with Tait, being substitutrd [emoji848]
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