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  1. ......and Morias out on loan. Cheers Carlsberg [emoji39]
  2. End the season now: Rangers Champions Ross County and HAMILTON DOWN (well im calling it, so the cunts are down [emoji39]) Eh, um.. The End.
  3. Couldnae even get excited wi' that equaliser. Thats how shit this has been. Take the point and forget everything else in that 90mins shit'fest.
  4. Watched highlights. Mason is a liability as a fullback.
  5. That game was there to be win. Overall pleased with possession we had and not much between 2 teams. Mason????
  6. Yeep, the only thing i can see changing is a reduction in the fine.
  7. It was good 2nd half performance by the wee 1st Div., team. [emoji39]
  8. Was sitting in a cafe saw it was 1-2 and thought, ah shit. A wee mocha later, 3-2. So its official, Mochas = a Saints victory. [emoji41]
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