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  1. delpierro

    The Royal Wedding

    Cunts [emoji41]
  2. delpierro

    Updated: Alex Rae Is Our New Manager

    David brent the movie wiz most enjiyable
  3. its times like these that we need the shugster murray

    1. pozbaird


      It's times like these you learn to love again.

  4. Saints new assistant manager is former taxi driver........ That makes me smile. Guid luck, son 🚕
  5. delpierro

    Updated: Alex Rae Is Our New Manager

    That's my season, over. Will not be back whilst this wee prick is manager. Cinema Saturdays, start here and now
  6. Don't care if he wins championship;the guys a prick. This is personal
  7. delpierro

    Updated: Alex Rae Is Our New Manager

    That's my season finished if this wee c**t is appt manager
  8. far be it for me to criticise, Murray, he obviously knows more about football than me. in defence, a certain defender shall remain nameless.
  9. i would set up an inquiry to ask why, with better facilities than we have ever had, our footballing skills are pish.
  10. delpierro

    Tories Shown Their Real Colours

    there was also the rumour that I had a 10inch cock; which was true, because I started it!!!
  11. delpierro

    Saints Celtic 1980 Cup Replay

    f**k, that brings back memories. the arguments i got into wi' celtic fans in school the next day; lets just say, a teachers intervention prevented escalation. I wiz f**kin' livid. 35 yrs on, and I'm still pissed. bastards.
  12. delpierro

    So Farewell Then... Ian Murray

    on a brighter note. despite this being one of the poorest st Mirren footballing side for a long time; the Soap-dodgers still couldnae beat us
  13. at this rate, some of the lads who play 7's on wednesday will be getting a call-up for st mirren 1st X1

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      Doubt it, there all over the hill, never mind 21.

    2. saintnextlifetime


      . .some of the lads said they'll be back next week. .

  14. right, another difficult game out of the way. after, alloa, livingston, QOTS etc., things should get easier!!!!! :-)

  15. delpierro

    Tv Box Set - Scandal Wow !

    Auf Wiedersehen Pet.