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  1. Taken from their individual club, section. Notice anything missing?
  2. Hearts, Hearts, inglorious Hearts....[emoji1635][emoji445][emoji445][emoji445]
  3. Disnae taste guid wi' ma fish [emoji1785]
  4. f**k, burnt me f**kin rice whilst watching that. But it wiz worth it, sir. Cheers
  5. Always wish I could see the St Mirren 4-2 Celtic game, where Scanlon score from 176 yards!!!
  6. Maybe it will push summer fitba' in to contention.
  7. Strange that these ring-wing f**kwits have been in charge or pontificating UK direction in politics for years, yet we're still f**ked. Yet invariably f**kwits still search around for someone to blame for the country's mess.
  8. It would be great to hear, just for once, a Saints manager, when going to P'head or Ibrox say: I think we can take 3pts. At least f**king say it. Instead, we have managers that wank themself over the Old Firm: telling us how wonderful they are.
  9. Ross County, is disappointed not to take a least a point against, The Rangers. Whereas, Jim Goodwin, would have been pleased just to lose 1-0. Therein lies the mentality that seeps in to players psyche
  10. Name me the UK Gov., that won elections with over 50% of electorate, vote?
  11. True, but in certain situations I have some simpathy with the man. But, yeah, at the end of the day.
  12. Just read Goodwin's take on yesterday's game, in the Herald. He's f**kin deluded.
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