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  1. delpierro


    And poor spelling [emoji6]
  2. delpierro


    All the football coaches under the sun, directors of this and that, state of thee art training facilitie = injuries and a shite team [emoji50]
  3. delpierro


    Better be true!!!
  4. delpierro

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    Followed by a post match: "team needs time to bed in"
  5. delpierro


    I am the way, the truth, and the life
  6. delpierro

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Im beginning to dislike the f**kers who are now running st mirren fc.
  7. delpierro


    f**k, was hoping he would be suspended 'till middle of May.
  8. delpierro

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Sacré bleu!!!
  9. delpierro

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Is it sacrosanct to question the chief executive, if St Mirren FC?
  10. delpierro

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    After yesterday's performance, my bottle of Mansion House, failed to numb the painful afterthought.
  11. delpierro

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Paul Mcginn is a championship player at best. That's his level.
  12. delpierro

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    1st time in years that I considered leaving at HT. It would appear SPL is too steep a step up for, Oran. Really lost to where we go from here. However, players have to shoulder much of the blame, they're paid handsomely, but their produce is rotten.
  13. delpierro

    Club attendance rankings

    It has a soft underbelly.
  14. delpierro

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    I've said once and 100 times; No f**kin heart. Defeated before they go on to the pitch. Before old firm games you got to go on to the pitch hating the cunts. Mealy f**kin tactics. Hate the cunts. No half f**kin measures. f**kin pussies.
  15. delpierro

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    If only the players possessed the fighting spirit of my those on the terracing. Player should be shouting the f**k at each other in that 2nd half. Paul Mcginn, c'mon guys, please. nah.