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  1. He was a pass ahead of the donkeys who played alongside him.
  2. It looks like i made the correct decisiom to enjoy the sun rays
  3. Red card, upheld on appeal, extended suspension. No one has be jizzing over mcginn, however, mctominay, has been heralded as the 2nd coming
  4. Deflection Red card [emoji39]
  5. f**k, fir the love of christ, can someone explain McTominay, for me, because im f**king baffled. We were fortunate to get a draw.
  6. What if other managers had the same budget as, Goodwin?????
  7. Too depressed to offer anything [emoji26]
  8. Take Derek gee them Goodwin. [emoji41][emoji39]
  9. With absolute majority comes absolute power. Hence why there will be no similar inquiries in to Tories being, eh, um, economical with the truth [emoji41] Now, COVID contract....don't get me started....
  10. Whereas a pile on by Unionists is conducted by rabid Brit Nationalists........eh, i mean Right leaning newspapers. [emoji41]
  11. 1-0 Rangers, Erwin, to score [emoji39] Right, back tae the spice rum [emoji1634]
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