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  1. Cheers for offers gentlemen and ladies, but managed to negotiate a deal, but think I will dump fridge at door of council building [emoji35]
  2. Phone up to have an uplift of a small fridge and couple of drawers. Was quoted nearly £70!!!!! Thieving cunts can f**k off!!!!
  3. Maybee we need to add to our Director of Football. They've certainly made a big f**kin difference.
  4. What was that about our tight defence [emoji848]
  5. It makes you wonder if our scouts have actually seen these guys in action. I doubt it Really seriously f**kin question to be ask about this.
  6. When I was training I had time to light up a cig and smoke it. Shite is shite. And as it stands, he's shite.
  7. If that's the best strike force our scouts can discover they deserved to be chased. f**kin shocking!!!
  8. It could very well play a decisive factor [emoji848]
  9. We've been reduced to taking some sort of comfort from our defensive quality. However a quick glance at Goal Diff., puts pay to any shouting.
  10. All of thee above is kept in a file I call call: The Wife [emoji50]
  11. Great. I'm all for it. Productivity would probably increase. Thumbs up. However, unlikely to work in Scotland, due to the miserable, Presbyterian work ethic f**kwits. [emoji39]
  12. An accurate assessment of, Morais and Obika. A player who lacks basic ball control should not be playing top flight football. Our scouts shoukd be sacked.
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