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  1. Still slight concerned that, Goodwin, said he didn't know how to cope with M'Well's attacking formation. He's a a tip, Jim: throw on an extra striker and win 9-4 [emoji41]
  2. f**k! If I had been there tonight you would be sweeping up fae underneath the seat. As Goodwin, says: questions need to be asked about second half performance. But will take it. Now let's do Hearts.
  3. That's the type of speak we hear from women in an abusive relationship. Fame and celebrity status was what she seeked.
  4. It's a sad reflection on those who seek validation thru 1000 likes on their instagram page. Poor self-esteem coupled with social anxiety is not remedied, by a carefully manipulated photo.
  5. Same. I expected, Hearts, to improve and slowly pull away, however, they appear to be a complete shambles. Thankfully, they can't play, The Rangers, every week. [emoji6]
  6. So post a leading, Virologist. [emoji1375][emoji846]
  7. Re., Hamilton: if that us getting 2 draws away from home, we would be pleased.
  8. He's no brave, he's a deceitful cowardly knob.
  9. Ho!! We're the Barca FC of the North (bank) See whit a did there, man.
  10. Back to your crossword, grandpa.
  11. Morally wrong and deserved to go. Question of by-election? Mind, if it had been a Tory they would have probably resign and end up in the HofL's
  12. They no Joe McDonnells, are true people champion.
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