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  1. Wee appear to be focussing on GLS, but it would be interesting to know, Fitzpatrick's, take in all this?
  2. So long, OK, I can't say I'm too upset with your departures.
  3. Noo that fussed if he leaves. Haven't been greatly impressed to be honest.
  4. I'm invoking the spirit of Alex Ferguson, circa '83, after the Dons, won the Scottish Cup. [emoji6]
  5. If you think Jack Baird, Paul Ginn are first rate, you're deluded.
  6. Relegation. Fantastic staying up, but let's not be deluded.
  7. We'll be down there next season, as it stands.
  8. Looks like Barnsley, avoided a dodgy appointment. [emoji6]
  9. The more i watch Accies goal, the angrier I get: 3 f**kin players all stand watching a player put the ball in the box. Naive defending.
  10. How many saves did Accies goalie have to make today?
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