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  1. I thought he was on loan to Dundee. Read somewhere he can go in January if he can find himself a club, so guessing he must be their player. Everybody and anybody is better than Erwin and Main sadly ☚ī¸
  2. I read somewhere on this forum that the Kibble guys on the club board are actually Celtic supporters. If that is the case, do they turned up at all our home games or just when we play Celtic ? Also, do they sit with our directors or the Celtic directors and cheers if they scored
  3. I agree with the aerial presence in the box. I actually said to my mate today how a Kevin Kyle type player would be a plus for us with crosses that comes into the box. Brophy is a hit and miss for me and when was the last time Dennis even had a shot on target. I was nearly in tears the day we signed Main since i could remember how poor he was with the Dons. Irwin, sums up the poor signings of forwards in the last few years at the club.
  4. All of our 4 so called strikers should be told to find an other club if they wish.
  5. Maybe i am missing something, certainly not vodka but why is Shaughnessy, a right footed player being played on the r/s of a back 3, while a left footed player like Dunne is being played in the middle of a back 3 while Fraser a right footed player is on the left side of the back 3. Surely it should be Fraser, Shaughnessy, Dunne if we play a back 3 🤔
  6. The way the game is going, there is more chance of Boris scoring than us today 🤔
  7. Normally Hibs would have twice that number. Xmas, playing shite like us, and a cup final next week have helped to lower the numbers. Heavy rain forecast during the game won't help the size of the home support either
  8. Don't think it will make any different for Sat game with them possibly having no defence. I hope 🤔
  9. 2 players sent off tonight hopefully will assist us on Saturday
  10. No point in bringing him back unless he going to gets game time. Since Goodwin let him go, i don't think he will want him back. Reckon his time with us is up unless the Fakes are allowed to send him back, In saying that, he might do a good job for us next season in the championship
  11. Well at the moment for me, it is 1 third chance i will watch in the house, 1 third chance i will go to the pub and watch the scores on the telly and maybe the game on my phone, and 1 third chance i will go. Will decide on Sat when i see what the weather is like.
  12. It might weaken them more if he stays there Don't think the Fakes fans have been very impressed with him so far.
  13. Just our luck their keeper decide to become half decent again today
  14. Needless freekick to give away as well. Once we missed that great chance in 2 mins, i started to feel like elvis ☚ī¸
  15. I was at that game. 1 of the few games that my dad took me to since he wasn't that interested in football.
  16. A point further away from from the Fakes and Livy is the only good thing tonight. Only other point is we won't be hearing the usual piss from Tony any time soon 👎
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