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  1. Douglas MacNeil on Twitter saying Kenny doesn't have a release clause. He also says he would guess the fee to be 200-250k. I would be surprised on both points tbh but he's generally pretty spot on with saints info
  2. is anyone surprised? the minute he signed a 2 year deal in the summer I expected there to be a release cluse in the contract. Maybe all we could do to get kenny to sign a 2 year deal and not 1? absolutly gutted hes away, fantastic player and 1 i dont know how we will replace.
  3. No chance of Mallan being dropped, been one of the better players last few weeks I would imagine same as last week but Dayton for Kelly
  4. Decent signing, we certainly need better width in the team. Wouldn't be my first choice signing (position wise) but certainly 'better than what we have' and in our position I can't argue with getting better players in
  5. Now confirmed til the end of the season should have been announced weeks ago IMO but better late than never
  6. He certainly won more headers first half than I've seen from a saint Mirren striker for a while, tired drastically in the 2nd half which IMO led to the offsides. Good start, once he gets fully up to speed I think he will be a good addition
  7. Amazing how bad Tommy Craig was at judging a player. And how 4 players have left yet we don't look much weaker, A striker and centre half in would be nice now
  8. How did Arquin look against County until he was sent off TC? Some nice touches on highlights
  9. Toshney for Ross County has got Arquin sent off. Joke reaction from that pretender. Great save for Ridgers, good on him repaying GT who could have dropped him after last week
  10. Said after game last week that he should get the job, it has to be done at start of week to give a further boost before the important games next week. Hopefully there is still some budget for a player or two to freshen things up
  11. Superb, great result, and the way it panned out will be an absolute boot in the swingers to County and Motherwell
  12. Its hard to really judge how many points we can get until the end of the window and some new faces have been brought in. As it stands IMO we will finish bottom 2 witht he squad we have, but if GT (or A.N. Other) can somehow find a decent centre half and a striker to get something in the area of a goal every 2 games then we certainly have a chance of catching motherwell and pulling away from county. I also think less than 38 points will do it. One of us, Motherwell or Ross county will go on a bit of a run at some point, hopefully we can bring in the right players and it will be us.
  13. Think Andy Newport used to cover saints for the PDE now works for press association.
  14. Also, a new manager would need time to assess the squad and time is what we have very little of.
  15. I would give it to Teale til end of the season. The squad is a mess and needs improving. I would happily take a punt on teale getting it right with a few signings than get a new manager in and it means one less signing. Either way something needs to happen this week. Can't believe how shite the squad is, Tommy Craig (and those who appointed him need to share the blame) has really done us over this season.
  16. Edited as i read it wrong!!! I guess the change in manager wont have helped, further reason why the board waited far too long to get rid of Craig
  17. yeah possibly Marwood must be outstanding in training then, and maybe Ball doesnt look like hes towing a caravan.
  18. Feel sorry for Ross actually. 2 really good goals against dunfermline and never given a chance. compare with Marwood whos had loads of starts and done nothing in any of them. Not saying Ross Caldwell would have been the answer but he would have been better than Marwood. Tommys signings really were f**king dreadful!!!
  19. cant see him playing many more games for us to be honest, hope im wrong though.
  20. FFS it implies nothing, its clearly a joke
  21. So what are you going to organise?? Or are you just going to keep moaning and not back it up with actions?
  22. Time for the BOD to get a new manager appointed.we need some new signings and get some players out of the club. We desperately need a replacement for McAusland and another striker. No more putting it off, get the CVs reviewed, interviews arranged for next week
  23. Sheffield Uniteds offer was no where near that, it was well less than £100k. if the club had been offered £400k McGinn would have been off to Sheffield in a flash (assuming he would have wanted to go obviously)
  24. Tommy Craig had loads of experience, young managers in the league like Hartley, Neil and McNamara were able to rip the pish out him tactically. We should be looking long term so that if relegation happens we can keep some consistancy.
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