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  1. Rabinho

    Speculation Thread

    A very tenuous link mentioned that he’d been approached. He’s just signed his first pro contract, I think Everton are quite keen for him to come to us.
  2. Rabinho

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Totally disagree, if you cast your mind back to his time at Hearts his stock was as high as Ross. He’d be the obvious choice for me to continue the good work, he’ll have a point to prove as well after his experience with that shambles of a club down south.
  3. Rabinho

    Summer Transfer Window

    Paul McGinn-yes Carey-yes Scott Allan-would be great but there’s no chance and as for Higdon he’s now 34 and has scored 9 goals in 4 seasons since leaving Nijmegen.
  4. I’d forgotten a few of them. Hegarty got injured taking a corner.[emoji23][emoji23] Jon Robertson was decent but struggled with confidence issues. McQuade was a lazy wee kent. Gow was a first class wage thief.
  5. Rabinho


    Don't have a clue who the guy is but I was more offended that he suggested I have the time and the desire to create fake tweets than the abuse he posted.[emoji23]
  6. Rabinho


    Div confirmed that Morgan is out of contract in 2018 and the tweet from the club was indeed a mis print at the time.
  7. Rabinho


    Careful, you'll be accused of making up the article.
  8. Rabinho


    Go f*ck yourself. I saw there was dubiety about the length of his contract so did a twitter search and screen capped the tweet from last August. Your ID should be banned for being a pr*ck.
  9. Rabinho


    It's a tweet from 4th august last year.
  10. Rabinho


    Under contract till 2019 according to this official tweet.
  11. Rabinho

    Ossie Ardiles

    I remember at the time we lost Lambert to Motherwell I read a story we'd been offered cash plus Davie Cooper but went for Jim Gardner instead. Cooper went to the Bankies and played out his career and we all know how it went with Gardner.
  12. Rabinho

    Emergency loan striker?

    Never going to happen. We have two strikers in Loy and Sutton who are proven scorers at this level.
  13. I thought his performances for us were as bad as Gary McVie and that's not a statement I use lightly.
  14. Rabinho

    Fans from outside Paisley

    Brought up in Paisley, left in 1987 just after we won the cup to move to Fife. Been here ever since. Most active time would have been from 1997 to 2002 when I barely missed a game and had a season ticket. My attendance is pretty much limited to half a dozen away games now whenever we play Raith/Pars/Dundee/Dundee Utd/The Fakes/Hibs or Hearts with maybe one or two home games a season. Main reason being working most weekends and having young kids.