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  1. C'mon Saints get right into this shower of shite and get the weekend started.
  2. I was very saddened to hear of Grahams passing and I'd like to add to the messages of condolence to his family. I new Bead very well from his time up here in Shetland and met him a couple of times when he moved back to Paisley. Couldn't meet a nicer bloke. Wont make the funeral but he'll be in my thoughts.
  3. And where I work at Sullom Voe multi millions of £'s are being spent upgrading a once f**ked oil terminal.'Mon the West of Shetland.
  4. ctions No. Selections Event Event Date E/W Terms Odds Result 1 Saint Are 4.15 Aintree (RACE 5) (Win and Each Way) 11/04/2015 5 Places 1/4 Odds 33/1 Placed Unit Stake: 10.00 Total Stake: 20.00 Total Returns: 92.50 All spent on ale.
  5. Totally agree with your summary. I don't get to many games but I do turn up from time to time and I could "greet" because of the way we play. Last time I watched us was against Inverness in Paisley, possibly the worst football match of all time because Inversneck who had a man sent off just after half-time had sussed us out and sat in. We f**ked about passing the ball between our back 4 before McAusland thumped the ball up the park. Pish of the highest order. It was dire and even then I thought our season was f**ked. I'm hoping Motherwell and Ross County hit a bad patch and we can at least have a play off but I think we're going down.
  6. I always thought Love St was a pedestrian zone between the final whistle and the time it took to get to Moss Street. Anyone trying to drive down there at teatime on a Saturday took their lives in their hands depending on our result.
  7. Just been for a wander and a few pints and I'd recommend this shithole to anyone
  8. I met Gus a couple of times and he was a really nice guy. I remember travelling down to Kirkaldy after a 14 hour ferry trip and then the train down to Fife only for the game to be called off because of a feckin' waterlogged pitch. Met a guy in a pub in Burntisland who was a cousin of a board member and he picked me and my son up on the Monday morning before we headed back to Shetland and he took us down to Love St to meet the manager and team. It was Andy Millens first day in his job as Gus's assistant and we greeted him as he arrived for his first day at work with the Buddies. Gus then took my boy and me into the Love St dressing room to meet the players and they signed footballs,calendars and programmes. All the players were wearing their strips as if they were ready to take to the pitch for a game. I've never felt so humbled in all my life. The thing that impressed me about Gus was how he respected the hardcore fans that turned out every week and not just the fly by nights like me and my boy that support a team through thick and thin. He really was genuine about our support. He invited me back to Love St next time I was in town and gave me an invite behind the scenes. I never got in touch with him again but I bumped into him at a player of the year award at the end of the season. Didn't think he'd remember me but he did and asked how my son was and joked about not getting in touch after he gave me his number. He came across as an approachable man who had plenty of time for the fans. Maybe he changed over his tenure but I never understood the bad feeling towards him. A lot of quotes attributed to him seem to have gained credability but I can only speak of the man as I met him.I have nothing but respect for the man and I wish him well. Also while I'm at it I cant remember the name of the guy I met in Burntisland and who took me and my son down to Love St but I'll never forget the experience and thank you so much for that day.
  9. I love Paisley and I take pride in being a Buddie. I now live in probably the most picturesque and rugged area of the UK and my family have grown up in the safest place imaginable but I still love where I grew up. The fact my kids have now grown up means I can spend a bit more time coming down and its not only because of our famous football team. Just wandering up the west end to where my gran lived makes me happy. A cup of coffee and a bacon roll in Cardosis cafe sets me on my way past the magnificent Coats memorial church. I'm easily pleased. Flying down there tomorrow as it happens and going for a drink in Harvies, cannae wait.
  10. Cheers FS hope it works out for Fergus et al. Is it the Bull Inn for all things St murn and Paisley then?
  11. Any word on Paddy McLarkley's? Coming down to Paisley in a couple of weeks and I was just wondering. I've asked former bampot/forum winder upper and good Buddie bongovonbudvar the same question but even he doesnae know. Where do I go for a pint in a good Saints pub these days?
  12. This was the most bizarre games I've ever witnessed. It was 0-0 after an hour and then we went 2-0 up but within 10 minutes we were losing 2-3. McAvennie and Stark then scored a goal each in the last couple of minutes to win the game. Astonishing match.
  13. I had to laugh when the interviewer mentioned you had all travelled a long way to Dingwall from Glasgow I think I would have nutted him at that point but good on you for correcting the tit. Fantastic result today and well done again to young Mallan who was credited with setting up our first goal and scoring the winner. Take a bow son.
  14. Went by the nickname "shitey arse"?
  15. Sad news, always the first port of call on my trips down to Paisley and more often than not, my last.
  16. He played in my local in Mossbank, Shetland a way back. I missed it as we were playing Raith rovers at Starks park and as me and my boy arrived in Kirkaldy the game was postponed.
  17. There was a sketch done on the" only an excuse" comedy and although it was presumably to raise a laugh it was more hard hitting than that. A one off public sporting event in Glasgow where the boat was pushed out that far for the fans that the coastguard were almost called in yet when Saturday comes and the local football fans turn up with their hard earned cash we get treated like shite. There's a lot of things need sorted out in football if clubs expect us to part with a substantial part of our income and it needs to be addressed. I agree with the OP in a lot of respects but the team is only as good as the manager that signed them.
  18. Not the most spectacular but I'll never forget Donnie McDowall lobbing the Hamilton keeper for a 1-0 victory at Douglas park in the early/mid 70's. Think it was one of my first away games. Wish I'd went to Dundee to witness Mallans goal but I'm sure he'll get a better one next time I'm in town.
  19. Got as far as Aberdeen for the Dundee game and I went for a pint next thing I knew we had won 3-1 but apart from that I don't think I missed much. Happy New Year John and I'll catch a game with you sometime.
  20. Either I've got a bigger camera than anyone else or I don't have a scooby how to post they wee pictures.
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