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  1. It's his default tactic to try and get a reaction. More fun to ignore him and let him seeth. 😂
  2. Absolutely. It is a bloody disgrace. My friend lost a whole day's trade as he had to shut his shop in Gourock for the day due to the nice people exercising their democratic right to a public display of bigotry. Talking of which ... Looks like you have upset brother faraway. 🤐😜
  3. Sunderland... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/crgg059rn4vo?utm_source=livescore&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=foryou&fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR1NTY1-SwM_62eovgDX2nUsVjr9J1hTxrs3edh92CqYPt9kyEzY22AxIQI_aem_BY9mpKX5PoIral2lzsUxYg
  4. Much better.... Glad Dr Who pulled itself back from the brink and ended this series on a high. Really enjoyed that! 😎 Gives me a bit of hope for the next season.
  5. Hard as nails yet such a great passer of the ball too. A true club legend. RIP and thanks for the memories. 🖤🤍💔
  6. I thought episode 7 of 8 was a bit like watching an episode of Dr Who at last. First episode that was in keeping with what folks have come to expect. It survived Sylvester McCoy (albeit with better scripts). It will bounce back.
  7. I really like both new main characters... Doc and Ruby... But the scripts have let them down so far. A couple were not bad... but the musical break out was laughable and the baby episode just embarrassing. Not giving up just yet, but the scriptwriters need to up their game.
  8. The Magpies in Kilbarchan Performing Arts Centre last night. A friend was raving about this Yorkshire folk trio, and I now know why. Beautifully crafted songs, gorgeous harmonies, and wonderful playing on the fiddle, banjo and guitar. The band went down a storm at Celtic Connections and are touring to promote their latest album. You can catch them this Wednesday June 12th in the Glad Cafe, Glasgow.
  9. Friday night was a sold out gig at St Luke's by Blue Rose Code. Absolutely brilliant. Played the new album from start to finish then some old favourites. Saturday night was Elderslie band King of Birds in Coatbridge. The boys were in tremendous form, as evidenced by not one, but two well deserved standing ovations.
  10. Great news. Forever a legend. 👏👏👏
  11. Brilliant gig in Crail Community Hall tonight by Liz Jones and Broken Windows.. Liz has an amazing voice that could raise the dead, and her 5 piece band is so good. If you like bluesy soulful rock underpinned by fabulous guitar and keys, catch these guys when they play Drygate Brewery on Saturday 8th June. Check out their page on Facebook... There is a link for a free copy of a recent cd called Bounty.
  12. That should be amazing. Have a great time.
  13. An Incomplete List of Things More Capable of Running the Country than the Current Government By Brian Bilston A bollard. A thimble. A beef gravy granule. A plectrum. A bilge pump. A Pokemon annual. A doorknob. A chaffinch. A bowl of cold porridge. A footbath. A clothes peg. A postcard from Norwich. A wine stain. A puddle. A spoon. Rupert Grint. A discarded tissue. A lanyard. Some lint. A used toner cartridge. Some musical socks. A build up of silt. A stuffed startled fox. A plimsoll. A wingnut. A set of false teeth. A novelty wall clock with the face of Prue Leith. A beetle. A bunion. An old piece of string. A plant pot. A bog roll. Some stuff. Anything.
  14. ps ... Age is mind over matter... If you don't mind, it doesn't matter! It is certainly no barrier to sheer talent shining. In the last three months, three of my favourite gigs have been by artists with a combined age of 223. 😯😯😯 Bob Cheevers at 80 is the elder statesman of the three. 😎
  15. On Friday night I went to see Bob Cheevers on his farewell tour. The venue shared this feedback from Bob the following day... "Last nites packed gig was the most fun, satisfying, responsive, personal and rewarding I’ve played in my whole career. Thank you wonderful folks in and around the Coatbridge area and The Georgian Hotel, 50rpm & John Goldie for such a memorable gift. W/love" Wow! "in my whole career"! Let's put that in context... This is from a Grammy nominated, EMMY award winning octogenarian who has performed all over the world for decades and was chosen to open for Johnny Cash on the Man in Blacks last ever tour! 😯😯😯 That is the highest praise possible from a gig that I was privileged to be at. 😎
  16. Lovely tribute BoK. Sad loss for music Hang on to those special memories. Silver Thread! Deserves a thread of its own. Some stories to be told there, I reckon.
  17. When did he start? 🤐😜
  18. Wow... Impressive indeed. I first saw him in the middle 90's with Carol Laula. He is bothered by arthritis now but listening to him, you would never know.
  19. Been at a few recently . .. Starless, supported by Xan Tyler. Brilliant It was an album launch gig for Starless, the project of ex Friends Again and Love & Money keyboard player Paul McGeechan. His list of guest vocalists is like a who's who of Scottish music. Well worth checking out. Next up was Briana Corrigan, with the ex Beautiful South vocalist being in great form. Such a distinctive voice and a great live performer. The following night I went to see Rob Wheeler supported by Katee Kross. I've seen Katee many times and at just 25, she is about to release her 5th album. If you like country Americana, you will love Katee. Rob Wheeler was new to me but I will go back to see him in a heartbeat. That covered April. I'm cutting down. So far in May I have seen... David Starr and Erik Stucky. Starr is one of my absolute favourite artists and should be a household name. Such a beautiful voice, and when you can boast John Oates of Hall and Oates as one of your band members and album producers, you know you have quality. On Wednesday I popped through to Kilbarchan to see the Oregon based trio The Hackles. Brilliant three part harmonies and very engaging songs. Saving the best for last, I was in St Luke's last night for the album launch by Paisley's Jill Jackson. The Curse of the Damned is a brilliant album (number 1 in the charts, 2 places above Beyonce). Backed by a 7 piece band and with moothie maestro Fraser Speirs guesting on two numbers, it was a surefire contender for gig of the year.
  20. Totally agree. Very talented and under appreciated artist who was a key part of the ELO sound. RIP
  21. I hereby forgive Well for THAT cup match back in the day! 😎
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