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  1. Motherwell have also hit the post in the 2nd half and had a few shouts for penalties (further clumsiness from Lee Hodson)
  2. We signed Wank Broadfoot on a 2 year deal when he was almost 35 - wasn't a huge shock he got an injury and took ages to recover - 8 games played in half a season. We gave Gary MacKenzie a contract extension after he missed most of last season through injury. Played in 5 league games last season and has so far managed 10 this season. Last season Lee Hodson missed half the season through injury - who do we sign to replace Paul McGinn who was fit enough to play 35 league games last season? Out injured in his first start for us this season!
  3. Some managers do turn down offers from bigger clubs and more cash so that they can develop themselves and get more experience with the club they are with before seeking a move to a higher level, e.g Jim Goodwin at Alloa turned down the chance to speak to us when Jack Ross left and he knocked back Dundee a year later. Derek McInnes also ruled himself out of the running of a few bigger, better paid jobs to stay at Aberdeen.
  4. Quite disrespectful of Jack 'SMTID' Ross to broadcast his discussions with St Mirren about Paul McGinn before a deal has been concluded... here's hoping Paul does a Goody, talks to Hibs and then decides to stick with the Buddies and Jack is left looking a little less gallus.
  5. Andreu on for Paul McGinn - interesting substitution when we are 1-0 up away from home against 10 men.
  6. Paul McGinn could get a game at other bottom 6 clubs, Sam Foley is fine, Ryan Flynn has been good at this level in 2019. Kyle Magennis looked good last season when he was fit. At the minute I would say Goodwin isn't getting as much out of players like Hladky, the McGinns, MacKenzie, Mullen, Flynn, McAllister as Mr Part-Time-Mentality-Oran Kearney got out of the same players last season. 6 months on from Oran's dismissal it is looking as if GLS's gamble might backfire or we may need to blow this season's John McGinn money on the January window. Whether people rated Kearney as a manager is irrelevant - our signings in January nearly all worked out well last season and improved on what we had or added a bit of squad depth.
  7. Jack Baird will be better than Paul McGinn playing out of position as a centre half making way at right back for Cammy MacPherson being played out of position too.
  8. Gordon Scott named McAllister as his top signing target in the STV interview a week before Oran left the club. STV interviewed Oran the same day and he didn't list McAllister as a top priority signing (Popescu, Dryer, Muzek were Oran's top targets!).
  9. Added to that Broadfoot is 35 now and MacKenzie is frequently injured! What could possibly go wrong with that plan?
  10. An interesting question for the AGM since GLS is on record as claiming it was an open secret from April that Oran had his heart set on returning to part-time football - we had months to prepare for his departure. Oran mutually consented one day, Goodie announced the following day. Looks like we learned a lot from the Stubbs recruitment fiasco!
  11. Lewis has been a Celtic player for almost 18 months. The only time he started every game during that time was when he was loaned back to St Mirren FC in the Championship. He's heading for being a third of the way through his Celtic contract now. He started a decent number of games for Sunderland but had mixed reviews there. If Celtic have most of Forrest, Hayes, Sinclair, Johnston, Shved all fit then Lewis doesn't even make the bench. He's started a grand total of 6 Celtic games. Since Lennon and Hibs didn't part company on the best of terms we might have a better chance of landing Lewis, but if clubs like Aberdeen or Killie were also in for him I would guess they would be seen as a more attractive option than us. Last year when Brendan Rogers was still around you could see the logic of staying and fighting for his place and then going to a big club like Sunderland. A year further on we might not look like such a backward step when most weeks he isn't in the Celtic starting XI or on the bench. If he goes on loan, Celtic might want to see what he can do at Scottish premiership level week in week out up until the summer when he'll be halfway through his contract.
  12. Paisley pattern... St Mirren 1-1 Ross County Of the seven games St Mirren have been drawing at half-time in this season's Scottish Premiership, they've gone on to hold out for a point in five and lose two. Ross County have also been level at half time in seven league games this season, however they've ultimately won two, drawn four and lost one.
  13. I think you've deliberately and conveniently forgotten how bad things were under Stubbs (i.e. we were defeated before half time in most games following our flukey win against Dundee). Home game against Livingston (who were bottom of the league at the time), 0 shots on target and game over before after 36 minutes when Livingston go 2 ahead. Away at Pittodrie Aberdeen take the foot off the gas after going 3 nil up after 26 minutes. Game finished 4-0 to the Dons. Next game Hearts score 5 times before half time (once for us giving us our first goal in 3 games during which time we concede 10). Your joke that Kearney and Goodwin can't match the standards set by Alan Stubbs (signing Heaton, Kpekawa, King, Brock-Madsen, Willock etc; trying to sign Kenny Miller twice on a 3 year deal; turning up for work unfit to lead training, moaning to the press about the board) is wearing rather thin and has been wearing thin for over a year.
  14. The Jack Ross new-manager-bounce is working wonders at Hibs. (Motherwell take the lead!)
  15. Are you looking for a St Mirren-related present for Christmas? This Saturday (23rd November) at Oakshaw Trinity Church's Christmas Coffee Morning and Sale (10am - 12 noon) there will be a mini-auction during which 2 signed footballs from St Mirren FC will be up for auction. The first ball is a signed matchday ball used in the game against Celtic on 3rd April 2019 (and has been signed by players in last year's team like Popescu, Dreyer etc) and comes in a presentation case. The second ball has the St Mirren club crest on some of the panels and has been signed by this season's squad. We can't accept online bids from social media sites so please come along and bid in person if you are interested. The mini-auction will be held around 11.30am at Oakshaw Trinity Church, 6 School Wynd, Paisley, PA1 2DB. Photos of the two autographed footballs have been posted on the St Mirren Supporters and St Mirren Fans pages on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10162877868496337&set=pcb.10162877877281337&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  16. Murray's second full season season at Dumbarton should have been looked at by the SMFC board. They even got hammered by a Cowdenbeath side who finished bottom that year.
  17. Wonder how many goals we'd get from Fergie's attack, attack, attack philosophy matched with our current group of strikers?
  18. That was the point I was making; i.e. if he was fully fit why did he only play 5 or 6 games in half a season and in 2 or 3 of them he looked as if his legs had gone well before the end of the game. This season he has played 1 whole 90 minutes (almost) and we're midway through November. Would love to see Kyle do well for us - even if he got his confidence and fitness back and played for 60 minutes, 25 league games a season he could make a big difference. So far he hasn't looked as if he has been fit since the summer or confident.
  19. What facts would that be? He was pain free and fully fit when he was on loan with us before the summer and yet how many 90 minutes did he play for us then. (Answer... 5 or 6 full 90 minutes in half a season!) He was clearly struggling by the end of the season again in the double-header against Dundee United and a couple of games a week towards the end of the split and extra time in the play off final second leg (just checked he was subbed before extra time due to looking well and truly goosed)... and he only started playing 90 minutes after Dreyer got injured with a handful of games left! Given that this season he has had 1 game where he played for 87 minutes (Livingston) I would say the jury must be out on whether he is past all his historic injury problems.
  20. Strange then that when Oran "had no input into planning for the season ahead" (GLS) that we began our pre-season preparations with games in Belfast and against the very side who GLS said it was an open secret from April than Oran would be rejoining - likewise our linking up with a team in Northern Ireland. Strange also that 10 days before Oran was sacked Oran and GLS gave interviews to STV discussing the season ahead and quashing speculation that Oran would return to part-time football with Coleraine. None of Oran's priority targets were made competitive offers by the club, but GLS landed his own top target... Kyle McAllister. I think it is a lot more likely that Oran and GLS had a rammy about this season's budget and Oran feeling that the board weren't going to back him in the summer window to bring in Popescu and others and disagreeing on signing targets for the season ahead. After the rammy the working relationship had broken down and a parting of the ways became inevitable. In the final 3 months of last season we began to look like a mid-table team form-wise and in terms of results. Oran had raised expectations that if we built on that finish we could be in or around the top 6 this season. Fitzpatrick and GLS also spent much of the close season talking about the top 4 or 6 being our aim this season. With the budget being reduced and Oran being over-ruled / not backed on summer signings he perhaps thought we risked another season of battling to avoid relegation again. I think Oran felt that if the board were going to keep setting an aim of top 4 or top 6 while season tickets were being sold that to reduce the budget behind the scenes and ignore his signing targets was a recipe for us being relegated and had that happened people may have thought he had been lucky to beat the drop last summer and had been found out this season.
  21. Baird has scored 50% of Morton's goals in the last 3 games! St Mirren have conceded 8 goals in their last 3 games.
  22. Popescu we said we tried to sign. So, out of the 12 league games so far this season in how many games so far would you say that Kyle McAllister has played well, or even managed to look fully fit?
  23. I can't think of many games when McAllister was playing under Goodwin where he has looked decent... maybe in the final 2/3rds of the season he'll get fit and find some form.
  24. OK didn't have any transfer targets apart from Kyle McAllister and Popescu. He didn't even have any ideas on who should replace Jimmy Nicholl as his assistant. OK didn't list McAllister as a priority target. Gordon Scott did. I wonder who wanted the biggest say on who we signed? Scott didn't find any cash for any of Kearney's targets for this summer.
  25. About a week before they had their massive fall out GLS and Kearney both gave interview to STV on the same day. If memory serves me correctly Kearney spoke about his top targets being Popescu, Muzek, Hodson and Dreyer and said he hoped we'd get at least some of them back again this season. None of them re-signed and we didn't make serious offers for any of them. We did however land Gordon Scott's top transfer target for this season... Kyle McAllister (who has barely contributed anything so far this season). In their STV interviews there was nothing to suggest that there was any doubt Kearney would be in charge again this season. What happened next? Could it be that Kearney was told our budget was being cut and all his priority players to re-sign for this season were too expensive and he would have to rebuild the squad with the remnants of Jack Ross's squad and without most of the quality additions who made the difference to us from January to May last season (apologies to LJB for discussing a previous manager)... but not to worry Oran we are confident we can bring in McAllister on a 3 year deal! Following on from Oran being sacked Goodwin's budget will have been further reduced to help pay off OK.
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