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  1. Height. Thommohawk and the diddymen. Need some big guys
  2. Saw 7/2 on mcbookie twitter. I was hoping for 5 or 6/1 so I could buy something that wasn't horseswill with the winnings. I'll just need to stick a tenner or now. bastards
  3. 5. 5 black stripes and 4 white stripes 6. Stripes on the sleeves 7. White Shorts and Socks
  4. Put me in mind of the 03/04 effort.
  5. I'm struggling with the 'History' words used in some of the advertising, think a historic kit would have thinner stripes in a 5/4 pattern It's a belter compared to the 14/15 effort...
  6. Yup. All or nothing to stay up. The f**king bbc can't call us Saints on their website, so f**k them and their anti St Mirren bias.
  7. I'll leave Sportscene tonight to braver souls than myself
  8. Sounds familiar. Probably the same guys that have a UK company set up.
  9. I hope folk send in their lucky items of clothing from 99/00 season
  10. Do the deal but keep him til the end of season, he can get the spanish lessons in. And money up front.
  11. The wee presenter on Sportscene can't resist a dig at Saints.
  12. Long Week innit. ;) If mallandonna's off to madrid how much of the fee are the old and new board splitting? (Mind you 0 times anything is f**k aw.)
  13. Dread and Hope are pretty much two sides of a coin. With another Red Card refereeing scandal and the incredibly biased sport scene trying to say Mallandonna handled for his goal, I'd love new owners in that are willing to fight the SFA on decisions and also ban the likes of the BBC's Sutherland from SMP.
  14. Obviously prudent top lawyers know difference between tax evasion, avoidance and minimisation. I'm sure it was all a wee misunderstanding..
  15. He's chick with a k - rhymes with prick. Any interest that the company set up in UK by thr Argies was renamed last week?
  16. http://www.jdsports.co.uk/search/st%20mirren Article also in the Scotsman online ripping the piss. http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/spfl/st-mirren-unveil-new-away-strip-1-3462893 I could use all the adjectives combined with swear words. It's foul to look at and I'd agree as a worst ever. It's a bastard child of the bib on 90's clubbing substances without any taste or decency. A sad decline from their first year and then poz's fan focused efforts. Main Sponsor and Kit Sponsor combined leads to this and the club have taken the cash, so that's it. I can't see myself buying either home or away kits for either me or my kids.
  17. What a two faced bawbag Adams is. He was clearly at the fourth official whining his face off to get game stopped, so he goes out and says in papers 'let's have the Dutch system to see out a result' a what a load of pish. Facts are he saw an opportunity to get a 2-0 drubbing reversed and set back to 0-0 and he used the weakness of Collum to do so. St Mirren ought to request photographers shots of Adams conduct in the dug out and get them sent onto the SFA so he can get done for behaving like a fud. Collum should be sent to the juniors for his 'my only concern is the players' comment on radio. Supporters are life blood of football and we know he's a twonk but should be made to apologise for that.
  18. It's utter guff Internationals on Wednesday nights. Club games at weekends before and after. Get FIFA and UEFA telt.
  19. Fully agree with this. It was evident that DL was trying to justify his signings. He didn't go back to basics until under extreme pressure (we'll never know what Mr Gilmour and the board told him, although I think we have an idea) and it's right he's called to account for what is at least an error of judgement. We know what a bloody minded manager is (Gus), but you can only do that when you're getting points on the table. Personally I like Danny and am grateful for the cup last year,but he could not be allowed to continue that run of results. If his signings like Harkins Grainger and Bahoken can break into the starting XI, then fair enough, but they have to earn it, Danny has to keep the bones of that formation to keep earning points in my view, injuries and suspensions will happen, but players should slot into that structure rather than see McGowan back Centre Mid or Goodwin back at centre half.
  20. Seems a knee jerk reaction . Some consistency of performance and results needed before DL's out the woods.
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