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  1. Hutton and Mallan are terrible in the middle together, they are in no rush to get the ball wide. Last week everything good came from the wings. Morgan hasn't looked up for it either. As for Saints TV, jesus the camera man is all over the place, can he no just stick to the one angle offs, and the commentator isn't much better today, "Clarkson with a great shot there" aye if hitting it high and wide from 10 yards is a great shot then it was a bloody beauty So far everything about the first day has been disappointing
  2. Been a disgusting start from us, Rae should have changed it long before the goal, not made a single pass worth while yet, f**king shambles so far
  3. its still far too early to judge Rae, now he has assembled his own squad, we can see what he's made off. so far my only criticism is that he doesn't seem to try anything different. On Saturday we were chasing a goal for 60 minutes and instead of going for it he changed a winger for a winger and took off both strikers to replace them with strikers. I felt he could have left another attacking option on and sacrificed one from the back as they were offering nothing going forward. come saturday we will see where we are at. we have been far from convincing in pre season but now its time to show what these players can do
  4. this is probably going to be how our season will play out given how many young players we have in the squad, can be great for 45 minutes then torture for 45. Morgan will drive folk to drink, beats men for fun then takes the wrong option over and over again. Felt Hutton done everything right, he broke down play and used the ball pretty well. Having him beside Mallan should let Steve be creative but he was posted missing today. Steve has the talent to control games but he just seems to float in and out. There were a few plus points but going out the cup is a bigger negative than any of the plus points
  5. Anyone have any clear idea about when the tops are out, I've got friends from Oz over in Paisley just now and they were going to bring the tops back for me and the boy. Ive convinced them to go to the game tomorrow as well, thats 5 onto the gate
  6. great idea, will be watching on the saints tv
  7. just off topic of our game, I'm watching the Fake saints and Falkirk on the TV and Bobby Madden has given 3 pens to the fakes, the slightest tug of the shirt and its a pen. Not sure if its a new remit that refs have, if it is then there will be a shit load of pens this season
  8. Great news that the TV station is running again, last year i payed game by game but this year i will just get the subscription as i watched every bloody game anyway
  9. great win after going behind in the 2nd half, Clarkson looks like he might be the player we all know he can be, a full pre season will have done him the world of good. it may be a new season but the same arsehole poster with nothing constructive or complimentary to say towards the team is still hanging about, oh how his life must be very empty well done today, COYS
  10. we've had a load of corners, not sounded like we've bothered them from any so why hasn't Thommo been thrown on for the last 15, he might not score but he'd at least offer a threat
  11. will be some commentary next season, been brilliant for us far away supporters
  12. This forum is going to shit, its the same folk constantly arguing, speaking about f**king independence and politics and contributing the square root of Stuart Carswells common sense to any actual football matters.
  13. The only things about the whole saga that annoys me is the fact Carswell made it obvious that the Rangers game was HIS important game at the weekend. Our derby game took a back seat in his view which isn't acceptable as we pay his wages. But he's just another in a long line of footballers who go on Twatter and post comments without realizing the effect it may have. I don't give a f**k if him, Agnew or anyone else supports the old firm, it should be expected as they are the big 2 in our country, but they must show respect to those who employ them and go along and support them each week. I hate twitter so i am all for banning players from commenting on certain issues as all it does is cause bother.
  14. What's the best? Lot of quality goals in a poor season, Agnew v Dumbarton for me. Great bit on the goals on saints TV today
  15. Yeah Shankland hasn't been as prolific as we would have hoped but lets not forget about how bad this side were in the first half of the season. We've been better in the second half and without a doubt Shanks would do a great job for us if he gets service. We will be lucky to keep him next year imo, his quality in front of goal was clear to see with the 2 finishes against Livi
  16. i don't care who's picking the team or if the manager or anyone else has problems with certain players, but its the managers responsibility to put the best available 11 on the park and he continues not to do it. Playing Goodwin allows Mallan to play with more freedom and that can only be a good thing for the team. Rae has done ok so far but i would also say he's had a bit of luck as well. Once he gets his own players in I'm confident he will get us towards the top 4, but that will only happen if he plays his best players each week
  17. wish the guy doing commentary would stop saying we need to get back into the game, its 2-2 we're no losing yet
  18. listening on the radio, everytime you hear Agnew mentioned its a bad pass or mistake, don't have an agenda against him but ffs why is he in the team. Get Goodwin in or just even give one of the youth players a chance goooooooaaaaaaallllll
  19. Oh FFS, Aggy must be f**king brilliant in training
  20. i really hope the TV doesn't get scrapped. its brilliant for guys like myself who live abroad. Yeah it comes across a bit poorly at times but overall i think its brilliant and will be gutted if it stops.
  21. There is clearly a breakdown between board and fans council in your opinion which I accept as you will be more in the know than me. Not sure about how much we will make from This but if Tony says 60-70k then that's good money. Folk will forget all about the issue by the start of next season and will go back as following saints is what the 2500-3000 fans who go each week do regardless of circumstances. What's the sense in having 2000 empty seats when we could fill them, yeah it would be great to fill them with buddies but it's not going to happen. 14k who went to hampden have vanished and if they were bothered to come we would me need to sell tickets to these morons
  22. Some fans need to wake the f**k up, yeah its not ideal giving them the extra seats, but read what Tony says. This is a chance to make a good few quid that will help bring in a couple of players for next year and will cover the wages. Look at the long term picture. Why not just see it as an opportunity to stick it to 4k scum fans and get a result to ruin their day. But guys saying they won't be back (bullshit, Blah Blah Blah) isn't acceptable, it doesn't make you seem like more of a fan as your disgusted, it shows you don't particularly care for the long term goals that this could help us achieve
  23. I've got it on the radio mind you while watching the stoke game, between the two I'm struggling to get any sort of interest
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