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  1. A "fake replica" would be the real thing. Not necessarily. It could be a poor rip off of a replica. Third generation fake.. Feckin' pedants!🤣
  2. It makes sense to have a forgery. The club is after all, a fake replica.
  3. That's not the topic on this thread though. It's a complaint about that thread being deleted. IMO, the original discussion was done to death and had meandered so it being deleted didn't mean a damn thing in the larger scheme. IF BinEK really wanted to make something of it there was/are better platforms to make the complaint. He was simply making a comment and that comment was commented on. Given the length of the thread I'm sure everyone who wanted to contribute had done so and I never saw one person change there stance so it impacted on no one when it was deleted.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The REAL forum fool's standard reply I see.
  5. Did he? Where did he "own me"? I said the thread had been done to death. It had. IF someone wanted it taken seriously and followed up, a wee fans' forum isn't going to cut it. IF the poster seriously thought something was so foul that it needed to be addressed then a wee fans' forum isn't the place to get justice. I never once said it shouldn't have been discussed. I said, and I repeat, there are far better platforms to air this and have it taken further. To bleat on about a thread being deleted as if it was going to change the world is ludicrous.
  6. Why? It was discussed. It ran it's course. What bloody difference did it make to the world when one of your wee threads was deleted? Remember I'm not saying you were wrong to discuss it. Only that it made no real difference to the world when it was deleted.
  7. IF I was the only person you've wrongly called it and claimed you were speaking on behalf of all the forum users, it would still show you to be just as big an idiot as most of your other statements. I have a feeling, if I looked back, it would prove you to be a liar as well as a fool.
  8. What an idiot you are. You obviously can't comprehend the written word. And you have the cheek to call anyone a dullard.
  9. Discussing it wasn't the issue. It was deleting the discussion. Not surprised you didn't recognise that though. You have previous.
  10. And it was done to death. As Tom tediously pointed out, it didn't need to be kept permanently so that it could be resurrected in the future. There are many far better platforms where the topic is/will be discussed and it making a difference. A wee fans forum doesn't come close to being one of them.
  11. That wasn't the question you were answering. Even if it were. Where would you go after you alight? As usual you jump in with silly emojis to cover your even sillier statements
  12. That's a bit selfish. Of course it matters, at least until every one is vaccinated.
  13. I'm sure he hasn't even registered it's there.
  14. Pessimist view. Aberdeen Kilmarnock Hamilton Ross C Motherwell Dundee U Buddies Total Points Kilmarnock 25 3 0 3+3 3 3 40 Hamilton 26 0 3 3 3 3+3 41 Ross County 29 3 0 3 3 3 41 Motherwell 35 0+0 0 0 3 3 41 Dundee Utd 36 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 42 St. Mirren 39 0 0+0 0 0 0 0 39 Optimist view. We'll beat Hamilton and this can't happen Realist view. We're now in a situation where we need one win in six games to ensure we can't be relegated.
  15. Stick to that story. I'm sure you'll eventually convince yourself.
  16. It doesn't surprise me that you really thought I was serious there?
  17. stlucifer

    McIness Out

    I'm sorry he didn't as well. 😂
  18. Lucky white heather. I got my jag this morning, the astrazeneca vaccine, went to work, got home turned on the TV and suddenly find I'm going to have to eat 15 asprines and drink a half bottle of vodka daily to stop the blood clots!
  19. Couldn't be more cringe worthy than the most recent effort.
  20. No. I'm saying there is NO real drop in support. The only poll that will really matter is one that includes all of Scotland in May. Unless, as OKAY, or OK, said, there is a substantial change in the numbers. Asking a thousand people is generally only a gauge, and not a very good one. I would need to know the exact question that was asked and how it was introduced to say further but, even then, I would take it with a tablespoon of salt.
  21. But most intelligent people are NOT following a party, let alone a leader. Anyone who wants Scotland to be an independent nation are supporting the ideal. That ideal doesn't change with the leader of the party if the core cause of the party doesn't change. The SNP are not changing their message. If the polls were asking if people would vote for Sturgeon or for the merits of what the SNP have done in a union ruled Scottish assembly then those who voted for them because they thought the SNP would run the Scottish purse better, then may be swayed by this nonsense. I would imagine those are few and far between. We'll see what effect the recent scuffle has in May. With the likes of Anus Sawar, Rennie and Davidson as alternatives, I firmly believe the SNP will wipe the floor with that lot. ETA. I've just listened to Rennie and he's so afraid of the percentages in favour of Scottish Independence that he's asking believers of that cause to set it aside JUST NOW. Says it all.
  22. Don't we all? Not long at all. I said immediately, without any proper tallying up, that it was arithmetically possible. I was simply showing how. Anyway. It won't matter after Thursday! 😂 Are you putting the bet on on the strength of my workings? You guys are taking this far to seriously.
  23. You're right. Hamilton could though so that still gives Ross C 41 and Hamilton's tally to 44 making them swap figures. I don't believe this is at all likely but it didn't take long to work out it was feasible though and I was playing Devil's advocate for those who said there was No Chance.
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