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  1. Agreed we said that the spirit to not give up and push on was great. Good crowd today for 5300 to turn up with 5000 being buddies shows that a winning team brings in fans.
  2. Good win. I hate watching Livi play they suck the life out of games. I thought the referee and lines men today we're shocking . We were not at our best but to win when your not playing well is what we need to get that elusive top 6 and hopefully a European adventure.
  3. This will be a very different game to Celtic. Despite injuries I still think we will win with this team.
  4. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. All games are tough however if we take the momentum from the Celtic result we will do well. I'm going 3 - 0 to super saints
  5. What a great result and outcome. Scotland now playing in the elite of the Nation's league. Seedings greatly improved for tournaments and freedom of knowing that we have a play off slot for Euros may relax us in group qualifications. Good night for the tartan army.
  6. A bit f**king late I done it in 3 at 8 am!
  7. Well deserved I think he has been outstanding now he's settled. He was brilliant on Sunday.
  8. Lovely day in my opinion god bless the queen and long live the king.
  9. Just a pity that there is an international break. I'm going 2-1 saints.
  10. Where did they get the stats from. We did not only have 20% possession and allow them 18 shots.
  11. Crowd of 6.7k was also not far off what we had last year when they had two stands. Financial impact won't be as bad as stated. This will encourage saints fans to get to games.
  12. Where do BBC get their stats from no way did we only have 20% possession.
  13. Yes he was great. Not a bad performance by any player. Hoping that there are two Australian call ups for our saints players and I might be interested in this world cup as a soceroo!
  14. Jings we have 8/9 players away on international duty. What a job your doing Robo.
  15. Honestly I have never been so proud of our team. All outstanding played for the badge today and credit to SR he had a game plan the team were well drilled in and they played for each other. I couldn't pick a player of the match today as everyone done the shirt proud. Today is a proud day to be a saints fan.
  16. They are f**king scum. Nothing else to describe that disrespect. Ban them no stands for them. Definitely also a number of the scum in the main Stand.
  17. No backing in transfer window and losing some of the best players they have relegation written all over them. Shame for the fans.
  18. Would like to see Partick promoted as it's a great away day with minimum effort to travel !
  19. Going to be a tough one obviously. Think we will lose by 3 goals unfortunately.
  20. Can't quite believe this. Wonderful woman who contributed to the country. I'm feeling sad.
  21. Strong bench too. Squad looks in great shape. I'm thinking that SR was correct when he said judge hom on his own squad last year. Interesting he doesn't pick Joe in defence, I think he seems to pick on who will get a result.
  22. My school was basically a caldron of Rangers fans with a very few saints fans scattered in with the Catholic School a 5 minute walk away being a caldron of Celtic. Nothing better than being a bud and loving your home town and team.
  23. When I was a kid they regularly handed out free tickets at old love street. My mate who I go to the football now his family are all blue noses. He's a proud buddy. The days we used to go definitely pushed him from the dark side. Great for parents taking kids that may be put off taking them to an old firm shit show full of sectarian bile that a family ticket is a great way to enjoy football as a family.
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