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  1. Jings you shat me up. Every time I see a thread like this restart I fear the worse.
  2. To be honest I do not care. The club is best it has ever been run and we look at top 6 each season as opposed to survival from even the championship and going out of business. One of the top run clubs in Europe and lots to look forward to so I don't see relevance.
  3. That's my ticket ordered. Can't wait. Hope it's a warm day and there is an improvement in the pies.
  4. That's all very true we need to look forward to welcoming the next star next season who can use us to develop. it's a win win for both parties at the end of the day.
  5. Now here's where I would gamble on the income from McGinn and difference in top 6 income. Get him back to Paisley on a long term deal knowing grass isn't greener else where.
  6. Hence why they can push for big bucks now.
  7. Wee trip to Turkey for his summer holidays I think.
  8. Thanks for the explanation that's not too shabby! If he moves I hope we use the money on wisely to ride out this recession and not have any ticket price increases next year.
  9. He's also at an age where clubs will want him on a 4 year contract and at 27 is heading into his peak years . How do we get money though if he went to his first.
  10. Good to see. Also after hearing Lasley on the radio can't help but feel we are only going to kick on. JG will always be a legend , however it feels like a fresh start at the right time with both a new COO and manager.
  11. So far what we are seeing suggests that SR is building an entertaining attack minded team with pace and enthusiasm. Entertaining football at home where we aren't second lowest scorers and near bottom of the form chart at home we will bring in the 300 extra fans a week we need to cover the OF.
  12. Spoke very well. Says that 3 or 4 more players still to come in. Good to es ahead I think.
  13. Impressive goal difference 👍
  14. Correct. We need to stop letting our talent go so cheap.
  15. Hope the team get the chance to show the trophy at the Arbroath game. Good to showcase the other teams that make up the club.
  16. Comparing transfer business of SR and JG I think SR is doing better in reshaping our squad. Unfortunately I can't see JG lasting beyond Christmas at Aberdeen and I do wonder how much of the money for Ramsey will be invested in the playing side.
  17. Sounds like we are being very ambitious and SR is determined to bring in a squad that will have a different identity to JG sides. I like what I see so far.
  18. Now confirmed so not speculation any more! Looks a good prospect for us and I think shows that SR is planning on playing with pace up front with 3 up there. Exciting times.
  19. Is he a family stand holder? If so it's likely as the season ticket didn't include OF games
  20. Motherwell at home will take that. Not sure what a home game against Aberdeen on Christmas Eve is all about though. Not great for the Aberdeen fans.
  21. I might be wrong but if the floodlights go out don't we need some to sort it no just point out they didn't work. Surely the club have an electrical contractor who does maintenance and should also support match days. What happens if the fan doesn't turn up is the game postponed? At least a contractor would be contractually obliged to provide cover.
  22. It was a joke in the summer the canaries transcend into little England.
  23. My point being the war in Ukraine is 3300 km from the UK whilst Lanzarote is 4400 km from the UK. We have a war closer with atrocities happening closer to home than places folk will be off on holiday too. With the waffle that comes out your keyboard I don't see how that warents me being labeled bizzare 🤷
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