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  1. Erwin was also targeted by the fakes Dundee Dundee Utd Hamilton and Livingston. He signed for the club who payed him the biggest wage. Uncle Roy’s big wallet far exceeds more than just what we can afford.
  2. Hylton was available to our ex chief scout two years ago, but he declined the offer. I wonder if said scout will continue to make a rip roaring c**t of his new job at Partick Thistle.
  3. https://t.co/iPiFylI9l7?ssr=true I prefer this version with the crowd noise and reaction at the end.
  4. I can clear some of the untrue rumours circulating on this thread. I have friends who are involved within the game, one of whom plays for Inverness, and I can tell you they don’t pay any of their players what we are currently paying in wages or bonus money. Liam Polworth is currently subject to a bid from St Johnstone and if they don’t up their initial offer then he won’t be signing for them.
  5. I think you’ll find it’s only a complete waster like Stubbs who would sign a player that he’s never seen in action.
  6. The old firm pandering Scottish media and the relevant governing body of Scottish football, will once again pander to the dead club because they don’t have the balls to stand up to them.
  7. That makes it ok to respond like a ned and potentially costing our club cash or points? The point that I was making for the hard of thinking, is that it’s fine to have 3000 sectarian bigots belting out offensive bile for 90 mins. But let’s side with the old firm pandering Scottish media who highlight the coin throwing incident with Morelos but no mention of the objects thrown at Danny Mullen. I repeat myself once again the person who hit Morelos should be banned from the ground. But why not condemn the Rangers fans who threw coins or other objects at Mullen.
  8. I didn’t condone the coin throwing incident in any way. I expect the Police will view the cctv footage and arrest the culprit. As for you calling me stupid, that’s really big and hard of you hiding behind a keyboard. Wanker.
  9. What about the 3000 sectarian bigots singing f**k the pope ?
  10. You forgot to mention where you got the info from.
  11. Pity about McGugan as he is a very talented player. Hammill would be a teriffic signing.
  12. No question that Lewis McGugan has the talent to shine for us, hence the reason he’s been given the full two weeks to get fit enough. Hammill McGugan Jackson and Ferdinand will make a huge difference to our chances of surviving this season.
  13. Yes a winger with good experience in England with some big clubs.
  14. Fair enough, a decent response. You are one of the fair minded posters on here. I’m a fan of Gus having met the man on a good few ocassions, I’ve always found him to be a gent. I do however understand that his appointment split the fans to a degree, but for me he deserves his chance to prove that he can deliver in his new role.
  15. As expected you were using the opportunity to have a go at Gus. I’ve got no axe to grind with David Longwell who did a fabulous job. People change in football just like in any other business, Why not get behind Gus and give him the support he deserves in order to improve many aspects of recruitment process at the club, including pro youth.
  16. I’ve got no idea, but I’m sure you’ll blame Gus.
  17. The then head of youth produced no strikers in his time at the club, if you want to be selective about criticism.
  18. International experience and he’s played in the English championship and scored the winning goal in the championship play off final a few years ago. As with all free agents his level of fitness will probably dictate where he is in terms of match fitness.
  19. Do you know the person from W7 who posted on twitter that GLS was a weapon pass it on. Some of these young guys need to grow up, or just f**k off. Posting personal abuse while hiding behind a keyboard is just pathetic. If he’s got a grievance then grow a pair and contact GLS personally and then enter into some dialogue like any sensible fan would do. All this negative publicity does neither the fans or the club any good.
  20. You do realise that Gus never actually used the cinema comment in relation to our supporters, he was quoting what Bobby Williamson said to the Killie fans while he was manager there.
  21. He failed at what with us ? League championship title Bells cup win, semi finals of the Scottish cup league cup final and kept the club in the top flight, and this after years in the wilderness of doing sweet f**k all. But you carry on with your agenda against the man if it makes you happy.
  22. On what basis do you make this assumption given that the man hasn’t actually started in his new role at the club. It appears that you’ve already made your mind up about him failing before he’s even taken on the task.
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