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  1. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricardo_Pini Cant be bothered checking if anyone else has posted this. I might suggest using a translating software unless you are fluent in Spanish.
  2. 3 penalty decisions = 3 wrong decisions. Well at least he's consistent.
  3. Got a vine on the Facebook Sports Bible page. https://www.facebook.com/SPORTbible?fref=nf
  4. Checked out the highlights on YouTube and although the camera does not zoom in on the incident it does look like he's hit Sutton in the back with his elbow.
  5. Any left back should be capable of performing on the opposite side of the defense.
  6. Quick isn't exactly the word I would use to describe Reilly
  7. 1 Season as a striker and he got 15 goals with 11 coming in the league in 42 appearance so I would suggest your "fact" is more than disputable its wrong. Teale as a winger hasn't scored in the league for us (even though he has 80 appearances which is more than Marwood made as a winger for Gateshead considering he made 110 appearances overall with 42 of them coming last season) and just like Teale, Marwood hasn't scored for Gateshead while playing as a winger. Also Gary Teale played as a second striker quite a few times for us in his first season.
  8. Only became a striker last season and scored 15 goals so your argument is pointless and irrelevant.
  9. We've signed plenty of "proven players" in the past who haven't lived up to the billing so I don't see why you have such an obsession with them also i would still like to hear of these proven footballers you want us to sign instead of our current signing. Also on the idea you "get what you pay for" how much were we paying Mo Camara again because unless he was getting 10 pence a week i would say he wasn't worth the wage and we did not get what we paid for.
  10. That avatar is one of my favorites
  11. Since you need evidence and I have to be right http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/spl/grahams-deal-fight-after-cup-carey-on-119063n.20553635
  12. Carey stated in one of the newspapers a few weeks after the cup final win that he wanted a new deal with the club but had yet to be offered one.
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