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  1. Except you’re guaranteed at least £200,000.00 more in prize money and potentially higher home crowd revenue from the post-split games…..other than that he-haw I suppose.
  2. I’m in Dallas and only getting commentary for some reason🤷‍♂️
  3. No Stevie May for St Johnstone tonight….that’s got to be a bonus for us on his current form.
  4. I’d definitely see her again too…glad you enjoyed your night 👍
  5. She's a laugh right enough 😅
  6. I saw her at the Tiree Music Festival in the summer.....she was brilliant.
  7. So by extension HSS should anyone who, in their work life, works for an employer who has a contract with any club be disbarred from officiating any of that clubs’ matches. Taking that further what about referees who have close family known to be supporters of certain clubs (Craig Thompson springs to mind), should they not be allowed to referee certain clubs. I understand the issues but Scotland doesn’t have a big enough pool of officials to go down this road imo….
  8. I'm not so sure Lucy.......I'm pretty confident that there will be more than a few kids on Academy's books, at any senior school, that any referee could be teaching at (Collum for example). Should we ban any referee who works in a Secondary School just in-case some of the kids in their class are signed with some club's Academy?
  9. I'm aware that he's a PE Teacher at Boclair Academy, a school that around 30 Rangers Youth Academy players attend........is he any more connected to Rangers or their Academy than that? I genuinely don't know the answer 🤷‍♂️
  10. I believe SR told him at the start of the summer, once Carson was confirmed, that he would be third choice..........no real point in his hanging around as 3rd choice at this stage of his career I'd guess.
  11. WeeBud

    Paisley Pubs

    This isn't a bad one either 🍺 🍺
  12. I personally think that "clapping", in this instance, is horrific (I'll caveat that by saying if all SPFL games are doing the same then fair enough). I'm no royalist but would be happy enough to hold respectful silence for one minute for someone that has died whether I have a connection to them or not, I've done it times aplenty at other grounds etc
  13. I know it's not "all" either way.....I have my own individual experience and knowledge of that, I'm not accusing anyone of anything.
  14. 13 hours ago, stlucifer said: Sorry but I don't believe you. I have NEVER met a @rsechheek fan who didn't believe we needed them and who didn't think they were more deserving than the rest of of the clubs in Scotland. If you don't think your mates say this then my only conclusion is that they are dumb in the vocal sense or you are deaf. Quote in bold, he is calling out the truth, or lack of, in Wooden Saints post.......I'll leave you to the semantics and pedantics (you seem to revel in that area), enjoy the rest of your day old boy.
  15. He never said they all do, " He basically called Wooden Saint a liar for claiming that "he" had met people who didn't, so a wee bit more than " he said he'd never met one who didn't." Now, go look out the window and tell us if it's raining and leave this to the grownups. 😉
  16. "most of them don't", so some do? I never, at any point, suggested that "some" don't......I was only challenging Lucy's assertion that they "all" do.
  17. Is it possible others fly in better circles than yourself, I have friends from both sides and most of them don't portray those thoughts.
  18. Why can’t you be a pro-Unionist, Royalist Celtic fan……I have two friends who are exactly that and they are two of the most sane people I know??
  19. Sources🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️…..are we talking about Animal here??
  20. Any chance of giving this shite a rest 🤷‍♂️
  21. That’s an utter disgrace…..we’re at home and should be wearing the stripes, I hate this modern marketing shite FFS. Oh, it’s 1980!!
  22. Is it possible that the “sweetener” was the 30% sell on clause, ie we’d get £125k anyway but the 30% sell on allows you to get him sooner 🤷‍♂️
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