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  1. Spent December at Stranraer on loan. scored twice in 7 matches
  2. But if you're looking for a team. This is it A choice of two decent keepers. Young and Beckett at full back. Copland Reid Dunlop Fulton and McCormack all capable in the central defence slots. Midfield......... Spoilt for choice. Fitzy Aber Lexy Stark Scanlon Speirs Up front a combination we can only dream of today. Somner McDougall McAvennie with Supersub for the 2nd half!
  3. And just to complete the set 77-78 Hyslop Kinnear Copland Hunter McAveety Jackson Neville Johnston Stark Young Borthwick Beckett Thomson Sharp Fulton Leonard McGettrick Mowat Reid McFarlane McGarvey McClure Richardson Stevenson Fitzpatrick Dunlop Docherty McMenemy Abercromby McDonald
  4. 71 team Fulton Lafferty Murray Cowan McLaughlin Connaghan McQueen Stevenson McLeod Millar Hart Borland McKean Prentice Osborne Blair Knox Munro Lauder Hemmings Smith
  5. 73-74 team Mowbray, Lafferty, Hart, Heriott, McKay, Fitzpatrick, Stewart. Fulton, Dickson, Cleland, Third, Walker, McLachlan, Lamb, Jamieson, Millar. Cunningham, McKean, McLeod, Johnston, Taylor, Robertson, McGill.
  6. Hopefully Hardie Will have his best game for Saints today and rattles in a few goals. Raith may just be his 'fit'. Like Imrie at Hamilton.
  7. Pretty much sums up everything down Greenhill Road way at present. Hopefully 2017 brings some positivity.
  8. There were a few who made the switch. From the 1917 Scottish Cup winning team Durward, Hart, Leitch and McQuade all played for the senior team later in their careers. Most successful was cup final scorer William Dorward who scored 4 times in 23 appearances in the senior team during 1917/18.
  9. http://www.stmirren.info/juniors/
  10. Twice, both times at the Falkirk stadium!
  11. Did his reputation no harm at all last night. The pass through to shanks for the opening goal and then his first goal in the top team show just what qualities he has to offer.
  12. All of the above plus the likes of Cammy Murray....most consecutive appearances. Dunky Walker .... Most goals in a season. Willie Telfer, Alex Linwood, Jimmy Knox!
  13. As long as it's not the RMS Titanic we're ok!!
  14. Poor second half. Too many players heads went down after dundee equalised. Easy win for them in the end.
  15. Think this is the line up Willison MacPherson Stewart Hutton McKendry McDonald O'Keefe McLear Shankland Orsi Flannagan
  16. During our previous 'worst start to a season' campaign in 1920-21, we lost to Armadale at Love Street in the opening round!! History about to repeat itself?
  17. Starting X1 Willison, MacPherson, Stewart, Fawkes, McKendry, McDonald, Gallagher, McLear, Orsi, O'Keefe, Flannagan. Good young team. Outwith Gallagher, no first team regulars involved.
  18. Me too. Pity they don't do scorers at least.
  19. Any idea on team lines and scorers?
  20. Fair play for this initiative, however most people involved with the military will be involved with Armistice parades at lunchtime on Sunday!
  21. Amazed at the amount of people wanting to keep Wilks and make him first choice keeper! Sums up what they know about the club!
  22. Johnstone Burgh U-20s would fancy their chances at present!
  23. No it's not. It's a picture taken at the end of the season featuring every player who played a part in the season.
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