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  1. Wasn't at the game either, but reading reports etc, they all talk about him being the last man, on the halfway line! There is no such thing as 'Last man rule'. It is denying a goal scoring chance. Surely if it was a clear cut scoring chance, from the half way line the rest of our team need to chuck it now! Booking for the foul;, but unless it was violent conduct or similar, no way a red should be given in these circumstances. Surely we have to appeal!
  2. Sorry. Had a look and not got that one to spare.
  3. McLear has always been used in midfield for the top team until Saturday there. Plays up front for the 20s and gets the goals. If played up front he could develop into a decent player.
  4. Will have a look tomorrow night. Got quite a few 'doubles' from that era.
  5. Conlan isn't injured. Playing for the 20's and currently away with Northern Ireland U-21s
  6. Decent game tonight. First Motherwell goal, defence caught trying to play short passes inside their own 6 yard box. Equaliser was a sweet shot from the edge of the box from Lewis McLear. Just before half time Luke Conlan (playing centre half - not lost out at left back!!) picked up the ball midway between our box and half way! He picked out one of the sweetest passes I have seen from a Saints player in a while, straight between the Well CH and RB for Jordan Stewart to run onto and calmly slot it behind the keeper! 2-1 Saints at HT Into the second half and one of the most bizarre goals I have seen! Assist 100% lies with the referee. Dan Wilks is penalised for holding onto the ball too long - ref awards a free kick and books Wilks. All good so far. He than wrestles the ball out of Danns hands and places it at the foot of a Motherwell player who touches it to another well player who shoots, Wilks blocks the shot but the rebound is slotted home for 2-2! By the time the ball hits the net, half the players are still around halfway, making their way to the Saints box for the free kick!! No waiting for the refs whistle, no waiting till everyone is 10 yards back, just the ref placing the ball and Well scoring!!! Bizarre. Thankfully Saints managed to find the winner when Morgan made one of many fast breaks and Mclear was on hand to tap in after the keeper parried Morgan's shot. If Lewis Morgan could add finishing to his game, he would be some player. three times tonight he broke free from inside our half and got one on one with the keeper, each time he shot straight at him, luckily the third one rebounded out to McLear. Good performances from most Saints tonight. Impressed with McLear in a forward role rather than midfield. Cuddihy did well in the middle rather than RB. Conlan solid at CH, not LB. Morgan fast and tricky on the left wing,not the right! Everyone else got pass marks except McGrath! Shows signs of being a decent player but too quick to get into 'discussion' with the referee and as for the petulant kicks at people...fully deserved to get sent off! He looked as if he was losing the plot a few minutes before the second yellow but thankfully going down to 10 men did not cost us.
  7. THat was the first Saints strip I ever had. Got both home and away ones. Sadly I have no idea where the away one is now. Still have the home one! Doesn't fit me anymore for some reason!!!
  8. Both home and away tops from Umbro, changed the collar style for 1979-80 to a simple V neck. http://www.stmirren.info/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/strips/home1977-79.jpg Became http://www.stmirren.info/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/strips/1979-81home.jpg
  9. Trialist was a former Hamilton CH, Jack Harrison
  10. Back row (l to r): Henry Mowbray, Alistair Lafferty, Graham Hart, Jim Herriot, Scott McKay, Tony Fitzpatrick, Paul Stewart Middle row (l to r): Johnny Fulton, John Dickson, Sandy Cleland, Brian Third, Jason Walker, Richard McLachlan, Wilson Lamb, John Jamieson, David Millar Front row (l to r): Willie Cunningham (manager), Bobby McKean, Gus McLeod, Willie Johnston, Jim Taylor, Dave Robertson, Dunky McGill (trainer)
  11. Agree with the changing later in the game, but would never move Morgan right. Completely lost on the right anytime I've seen him there. Much better on the left.
  12. Beat me to this by a few seconds!! But thoroughly agree!
  13. Serious question...is he actually a left back? I thought in the Dumbarton game and again at times last night, he tends to drift inside towards the centre half area quite a bit. In the Dumbarton game he actually had a few good clearances from the centre half position....just a thought!
  14. Is it a senior citizen ticket? They have one of the rear off bits taken by the ticket office to differentiate between them and full price. Same with child tickets. To stop adults buying cheaper tickets.
  15. Sorry! If you read the small print anyone called Bluto has only got till tomorrow to visit! There you go. Pressure back on!
  16. No need to panic. Exhibition has been extended till start of November.
  17. AFAIK to be eligible for a development fee the club has to offer a contract equal to or better than the one the player already had.
  18. No I haven't got a season ticket for Ipox. To take it further I have only ever seen one game at ibrox in my life and that was over 20 years ago. Wouldn't give them my money. But I have moved on. Not once in any of my posts have I said what they did was right or that they did not go bust. My point is that the powers that be have allowed them to return claiming the full history of the original club. Nothing we do or say will ever change that. This is a saints forum. We should be able to discuss things including Rangers Without ever second post whining about Sevco, newco, never played them before etc!
  19. As a business entity you are correct. My post was purely about the football side of things. Much as we may not like it, they have taken on the history of Rangers and are Rangers. No amount of newco, sevco, new rangers talk will change this and it does make people sound bitter with massive chips on their shoulders.
  20. Why are some people so determined to call Rangers a new club? We all know that the powers that be have basically allowed them to go bust, wipe their debt and come back as the exact same entity. People are starting to sound very bitter and twisted continually talking about Sevco, the NEW Rangers, THE Rangers etc etc Get over it. They are Rangers. They have won the Scottish League many times. The Scottish Cup many times. And in direct reply to the original poster.....when did Greenock move ? Last time I went there it was only around 15 miles away? Yes Rangers are closer, but they will never be our 'derby'. They do have history and real 'derby' partners after all!!!
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