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  1. Yeah Kerr was around the fringes of the 1st team at that time and was touted as being capable of making it but disappeared. I wasn't aware that he had to quit. Hillcoat of course returned a few years later.
  2. A young John Hillcoat and ?Eddie Kerr.
  3. A young John Hillcoat and ?Eddie Kerr.
  4. The other one is possibly for beating Nottingham Forest in the Anglo-Scottish Cup Winners challenge. Don't know if there was a trophy for that or not. But win it around the same time.
  5. As a player I think he spent too much time believing he was destined to be something in the modelling world. Didn't really put full effort into his football. But fair play to him. He had found his calling. Shows how slow and backward the Scottish authorities are that they didn't recognise the potential and keep him in his homeland.
  6. Jamal Crawford. 20 year old. Looks a good direct type of players. Win the free kicks for king to score!
  7. BIlly Thomson went through a period of wearing a Norway top! Think he had swapped it in an U21 match. http://www.stmirren.info/id328.html
  8. Adam Campbell, Adam Drury, Emanuelle Sonupe and Jake Caprice all came 'highly rated' Hopefully of confirmed he will make more of an impact than they did.
  9. Definitely O'Keefe. Good to see him back. Hope if he gets a short term deal he takes his chance. Has the potential to make it.
  10. 2006 Chris Birchall played all three of Trinidads fixtures. In 2002 E-D-D was in the Cameroon squad but never played.
  11. Surprised no-one has mentioned our new pals in Borgonya!! http://www.borgonya.cat/generica/cdborgony.html
  12. There was a great turnout today. Really nice eulogy. Fitting farewell to Kenny. I hope Karin and family take heart in the turnout and appreciate how well liked Kenny was. He will be sadly missed.
  13. Met him in the club shop before the game yesterday and he was buying a top. I joked about him having to buy his own strip these days and he replied, I'm just trying to give something back to the club. Great example to all young players. He must know how good a player he is but still has his feet on the ground and comes across as a top man. Hope his career continues to develop and he plays at the top level he can. As said above he will definitely be welcome back to the club and leave with the full support of everyone.
  14. Signed up for next season AFAIK are - Jack Baird Adam Eckersley Ryan Flynn Myles Hippolyte Jordan Kirkpatrick Kyle Magennis Ian McShane Danny Mullen Craig Samson Cammy Smith Ross Stewart Ross Stewart And there is an option on Harry Davis
  15. Was limping quite heavily at the end. Hopefully not too bad.
  16. To divert blame from me, that is direct from the SWFL website. Still not updated!! Weirdly they have the most recent results right next to that out of date table!!
  17. FFS, Aur Utd, +20 GD after 3 games - and they lost one of those. That table is actually not accurate. Ayr have played four games, with a GD of +24!! Beat the Saints 6-0 United Glasgow 4-0 and QoS 15-0. Lost 2-1 to pollok
  18. Despite the fact that Hinchy only ever got 5 home games in a row!
  19. The three guys have now scored 50 goals between them in all competitions this season. All three have been brilliant.
  20. That's my take on O'Keefe as well. Scored a couple of goals at Annan. Hopefully come back with a bit of confidence.
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    Header, Left foot , right foot. The perfect treble.
  22. Did you go to the Raith game in January 2016? Postponed at about 2:55.
  23. Is it just me or does the commentator keep calling the United keeper Harry Davis?
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