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  1. Nope, not in any pub I'm likely to visit, and definitely not on Fri/Sat afternoons/nights. It's a certain type of pub that puts on karaoke, and it's a good way to tell it's a pub to be avoided.
  2. Don't know who owns it now, but it was Maclay Inns until they went into administration in 2015 (also owned The Abbey Inn/Todholm). Not a fan of pubs promoting the OF, but it stands to reason they if they don't take enough cash, there won't be a pub any more. Would the OP prefer to see them go out of business?
  3. This post might help explain the business model: https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/the-music-industry-is-leaving-billions-on-the-table-because-we-frustrate-fans/
  4. Football fans parroting a couple of phrases they hear used by thick TV commentators: A "stonewall" penalty A "cynical" foul Next time you fancy using one of these (such as in today's matchday thread) look up the meaning of the word first. They make absolutely no sense in the football context.
  5. Echoing some earlier comments, but like loads of folk in this area, I live in a block of flats, so when will we see a system for home-charging. Also, I don't drive a lot, but when I do, it tends to be long distances, often in remote areas. How realistic is it to expect charging stations in the middle of nowhere. A few folk have commented that e-vehicles are coming, sooner rather than later, but we still seem to be so far away from catering for huge swathes of the population, that I can't see the reported timescales for ceasing production of petrol engines being met.
  6. How much for a cup of tea to share, and half a scone?
  7. This seems unlikely. Average attendance this season is 2,100 after 13 games, according to fitbastats.com. A 15% year-on-year reduction since 2005 would mean they were averaging nearly 15k back in '05. The fitbastats website shows their average attendance for 04/05 was actually just under 2,700. Perhaps you meant that their attendance this season is down 15% on the 05 season? If so, why pick that season as a benchmark? You could compare with 12/13 when they also played in this division, and their average attendance was...2,100, same as it is now.
  8. Grant Adam Sander Puri Jon Robertson Thomas Reilly Paul McQuade Jake Caprice Djemba-Djemba Stephane Bahoken Adam Campbell Josh Magennis Alan Gow Isaac Osbouren Keiran Sadlier Emmanuelle Sonupe Scott Agnew Cameron Howieson Pal Fjelde Paddy Cregg Nick Hegarty Dougie Imrie
  9. To the folk saying Ross should turn down the job, get promoted with us, then put himself in the shop window for a bigger club than Barnsley - it didn't work out that way for Macpherson or Hendrie, so why would Ross want to take that risk? A manager with any sense would grab an opportunity like this, as it's only like to come along when he's on a high with his current club. I see little realistic prospect of a better offer coming along after you've been floating about in the bottom half of the Premier League for a year or two. By the same token, I don't understand why Barnsley are apparently so keen on Ross. Up to this point he hasn't achieved anything that the likes of Macpherson, Hendrie didn't achieve. In fact, a manager wins the Scottish Championship every season - do they all get poached by bigger clubs from down south?
  10. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1dRKZPXnbEzJB?q=st+mirrwen Somebody relaying it from their telly
  11. The Hibs fan doing the Periscope stream from his living room: "bet we still beat them 2-1" !
  12. the periscope feed about 1 min behind the updates on here!
  13. How is this trolling? People seem to be unaware that this club are under investigation for financial shenanigans. If you, as a fan, are happy to overlook that, then that's your choice. Personally I find the amount of money sloshing about in English football obscene, and I get particularly aggrieved when club boards flaunt the rules, in their pursuit of even greater riches.
  14. I believe they've spent nearly £40 this season alone, and similar last season (haven't looked up the exact figures.) I accept that other teams have spent much more, which certainly makes it amusing when they are being outperformed by Leicester. However, lets not pretend this is a 'fairytale', akin to Gala Fairydean winning the Scottish Premier. The ratio of £40m spend to a spend of £200-£300m is similar in relative terms to the ratio between Aberdeen and Celtic. Unfortunately Aberdeen have fallen by the wayside once again, otherwise we'd have a similar story up here as the one going on down in England. The fact is that Leicester are spending the sort of money that could buy a club like ours many times over, and the suggestion is that they may have financially doped to get themselves into that position. For these reasons, I hope they blow it.
  15. How is it made up? In 2014 Leicester did a deal resulting in an £11m increase in commerical income over the previous season, which offset some of their losses, enabling them to comply with Financial Fair Play criteria. As a comparison, their local rivals Derby, managed a commercial deal for £700k. Typical shirt sponsorship in that league is £250-£500k. So how did Leicester manager to achieve £11m ? Later the same year, the rights for the main sponsorships were sold to the club's owners, who funnily enough were already sponsoring the shirts and stadium prior to the fantastic deal that reduced the debts by £11m. The company who bought and then sold the commercial rights was newly formed by family members of someone reported to have close links to the club's owners. This company that performs multi-million pound deals shares an address with another company run by the one of the family members, on a trading estate in Sheffield. There is no signage for the sports rights company at the premises, they don't have a phone number, nor a website. The implication is that this company was set up with the sole purpose of doing a deal to buy at an inflated price, and then sell back, commercial rights to enable the club to circumvent Financial Fair Play rules, thus allowing them to spend more on players than their rival who adhered to the rules. This is unproven, and the matter is still under investigation.
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