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  1. Commentary there but sound levels all over the place. Amateur hour yet again
  2. Yes, got pictures and sound but no commentary
  3. What a difference a week makes. This time last week I was fearing getting battered by Hibs, now I'm thinking that we really have a chance of getting something against Aberdeen
  4. Greg tweeted today that he's "fit and raring to go". When questioned about this , he said he'd had the op in June. Seems strange that it took so long to release him.
  5. McGarvey as well. He was signed from Kilsyth Rangers. Imagine the meltdown if we signed a player from The Juniors nowadays
  6. As per usual. Showing half time interviews with stadium music /announcements drowning them out
  7. Sound levels are crap. A good kick of the ball and its sounds like a gun shot
  8. There's very feint commentary. Just need to adjust the volume levels. Very amateurish
  9. Mines working, using Betternet Vpn, think I'm in France. Sound but no commentary
  10. Fitzy tried to sign Tommy Coyne and Keith Wright from Dundee
  11. When it started they had ex-players and current(injured) players as co-commentators. I think Tommy Turner did it a couple of times
  12. Seems it works on every browser apart from Chrome
  13. I'm sure last season there was a picture of the ground permanently with login/sign up options. It said media offline in the top corner during the week
  14. Has anyone managed to subscribe for the upcoming season? I just get a black screen when I go to the website
  15. I think I remember reading an article saying Hamilton were releasing/not resigning a lot of senior players and were going to rely heavily on youth this season
  16. That's not a problem, we'll just get OK back and he can sort it out in January again [emoji16]
  17. https://t.co/Yv6MJDMmMM Appears how VAR is used is up to whichever Association is in charge of a specific tournament
  18. Think Flybe are treating this like a cup final and increased their fares as soon as this fixture was announced. Twice as much to fly from Southampton to Belfast as it is to fly to Glasgow!!!!! Over £300!!!! I'd love to go but can't justify spending that much just to get there, so I'll use the money to get to two home games instead
  19. The Gosport St Mirren Supporters Club (Me)will be in The Bridgemary Manor for today's game. Any Buddie in the area feel free to join us, I mean me
  20. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/st-mirren-boss-oran-kearney-15754063?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  21. When he went off injured I said as much to the wife. Thankfully lightning didn't strike twice
  22. Was Brian Rice actually watching the game. Said it was even at 11v11!!!!! We were all over them then lost our way a bit after the red card .Regrouped at half time ,then only going to be one winner
  23. Oran should've taken the team of the park when the firework was thrown
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