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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if he goes there. Livi have just lost their goalie that's on loan from Norwich. Been diagnosed with testicular cancer
  2. watching Saints Tv but getting at least 3 commentaries all out of sync
  3. Anyone else getting about 3 commentaries all out of sync ??
  4. No, just t-shirts. Had previously returned 2 strips, wasn't risking it again
  5. Order placed Thursday morning, delivered Friday morning. Drunken order placed Thursday night just been delivered. Great service, although it's helped Royal Mail have been on the ball for a change. T-shirts and shorts all of a very good quality
  6. Are all relevant parties going to be at that one?
  7. How he managed to say that we're now acting like top 6 club off the pitch, keeping a straight face, is laughable. No season tickets yet, nae away fans when full houses elsewhere, kiosks still closed, shocking quality jerseys when eventually available, no online shop all summer, shoddy communication to the fans. Aye ,Tony, definitely top 6
  8. Just had a voicemail from Alan at Provan Sports. They're expecting a new delivery of jerseys in a few days. Unfortunately, it's more of the Skyview with stuck on logo ones. Would take too long to get a complete new batch made and the number that would have to be ordered made this a non-starter
  9. Email [email protected] sying your going to return it stating the logo's "crap" .They might send you an email with a prepaid postage label to print off
  10. Received my refund for the faulty jerseys today and as luck would have it my size is out of stock. I have asked if/when a new lot will be available and if it will have a "screen Printed " Skyview type logo or suck on plastic . Will update when i receive a reply
  11. Must admit when I saw someone was posting on this topic again my heart sank. Was Marcus injured?Had another club came in for him? Had he asked to leave? Thankfully none of these and to read the story has made my day and it's not even 9am. well done Marcus and thanks for sharing your story Mainstand Sweary Mob
  12. Well I gave mine a wipe with a damp cloth and "hey presto", the marks were still there !!!
  13. Who did you contact? I emailed the address from the order email = [email protected] and I have received nothing. I'd like to get a replacement maybe in the size down as this one is huge next to my son. That's the email I used, yesterday
  14. Received this reply from Provan sports this morning. Pity I'd already been to the Post Office!!!! "Please accept our apologies. We will send these back to the printer for investigation. I have also attached a returns label. If you print out and attach to the package. You can drop off at any post office and you won’t be charged. In addition, I will send you a discount code for your next purchase by way of apology and for your time wasted."
  15. And kept them for more than 1 season before changing them
  16. I appreciate that we don't want the club to lose money but I wouldn't have taken this top instore so why should I accept it through the post? Should never have passed any form of quality control. 2 received today and both like this
  17. Sad thing is, this is the best kit for a few years, and had it been the intended Skyview logo I'd have been more than happy. The quality of the ones I received is very good apart fae the Digby Brown logo obviously
  18. I ordered two of different sizes to make sure I got one that fit. Always planning on returning 1 and taking the hit on postage. I will be returning both as they're both like this. I reckon those bought in store were decent quality since this issue only seems to be arising today as ones get delivered in the post. Probably hoped that people would just accept this shite effort
  19. Question for those that bought the shirt instore. Did the Digby Brown logo have grey marks on it making it look about 6months old rather than brand new? Just received mine in the post and the standard is crap so it's going back. Just wondered if they've sent the inferior ones in the post hoping some don't get returned
  20. Shull, f**k off No need for all these posts. Stop trying to big up your ego with loads of posts
  21. It'll be available on sites like hesgoals.com, apparently!
  22. Another off P&B. Seems to be a Dutchman living in Dundee who appears to know his stuff I love how they always come up with the good Dutch development and the fact that we have B-teams, as if they have had some major effect. We have had B-teams for about 10 years in The Netherlands and since then the Dutch national team only had one decent tournament: a 3rd place at the 2014 World Cup. But we had a lot of luck with that draw, squeezing through against Mexico after a dodgy penalty awarded to Robben and beaten Costa Rica on penalties while beating Brazil in the 3rd place play-off who were completely deflated after getting humiliated 7-1 by Germany. Other than that, we got knocked out of Euro 2012 after 3 defeats, didn't qualify for Euro 2016 & WC 2018 and had an uninspiring last 16 exit against Czech Republic at Euro 2020. For a country with more than triple Scotland's population, that shouldn't exactly be something to aspire to. There have obviously been some excellent generations and world-class talent coming through before the last decade. Think of the great teams of 1974, 1988 and 1998, plus great club sides like Ajax 1995 and some world class players in the 2000's. All of that has been achieved without any colt teams. Meanwhile, they ignore that all 34 Dutch full-time teams have been given the chance of having colts in the league system. Out of those, 22 never bothered, 6 had one at some point but concluded they didn't have the desired effect and only 6 remain that are still in there (4 in the 2nd tier, 2 in the 3rd tier). Even Feyenoord, arguably the club with the best youth system after Ajax, never bothered with it. They claim it's not that advantageous and prefer a system of loans. Obviously Ajax disagree and do support the colt system, but it's not this "undisputed" success if the 2 largest academies in the country don't even agree with each other on the issue...
  23. Pinched off P&B And Celtic’s first contribution to this brave new world is to sign a lad from Watford who is eligible for the Republic of Ireland. They have a cheek to dress it up as good for Scottish football when it isn’t about that at all. The irony of denying a lad coming through the system a place in the Colts team will be lost on them
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