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  1. Latest carbrini release, could be a similar design for one of our kits http://www.footballshirtculture.com/15/16-Kits/tranmere-rovers-2015-2016-carbrini-home-football-shirt.html
  2. Awful home and away kits. You just know we'll have a brilliant season in them and we'll constantly have to be reminded of them
  3. There's no 3rd kit this season, is there?
  4. Will there be a 3rd kit that doesn't look like it's been designed by people who hate St.Mirren?
  5. A wee bit gutted but that's mainly down to the fact that he's gone to a rival! Not too fussed to be honest and still trust TC to build a good squad!
  6. Basically whoever offers him the best deal. He wanted to go down south last season and he never really his that but due to a number if reasons (mainly the court case) he stayed put. It's all past now and his contract is up, both parties agreed it would be better to try something else and his ambition to head south hasn't changed.
  7. As a Student at GSA studying the Mackintosh, today has been heartbreaking. From total destruction to the building, 90% of the structure has been saved and 70% of the contents has also been saved. Sadly it looks as if the Mackintosh lecture theatre, the hen run and the library is gone. Feel for all those who have worked so hard on their degree show for this to happen. Everyone got out quickly with no one hurt so that's the main thing. I'm hoping that it will be in a state of repair that students can get back in come september.
  8. All players out with those who told they wouldn't be returning today/yesterday have been offered new contracts.
  9. Completely untrue. He's in Ibiza with most of the squad for a holiday post season. All over twitter and Instagram
  10. White shorts which are very smart, the detailing on them are great...... But black home socks?! Look awful!
  11. It's in the Sun, doesn't make it gospel truth! Seems like lazy journalism in all honesty. Can't see him leaving, 2 days to find a new club/contact etc doesn't leave him much at all. I think he'll hang fire until the summer.
  12. This would be ideal. Any sort of "brand" such as puma/nike/Adidas would sell more, due to the general better quality of the kit and more recognisable brand. They would last hell of a lot longer with no sticky on shite as well
  13. Absolute shambles from JD sports regarding the technical wear and kits. Any kit supplier would be better! Aberdeen, utd, hibs, hearts and Motherwell all have standard kits from a better supplier. While they may not be bespoke, at least it's all there to buy all year round instead of running out after a month. It's the way the club has to go!
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