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  1. He has worked hard on his all-round game, asserts himself more and has found ways of using his physique without dropping the skills level and as such deserves a chance at stepping up. My hope is that Anton has been looking for a player who has real potential, will be relatively unknown down south and will still be relatively cheap in this marketplace and that is why he has gone for Ethan. He is trying to build his reputation by unearthing a diamond from the dross and will maybe struggle to find a taker at this stage. a forlorn hope, I know. EE will likely be away soon.
  2. As a young woman, she was Perfect. but she certainly wasnt when she got older.
  3. No. just get back in and come out when you are clean
  4. Amazing performance from a 76 year old music legend in Paisley last night. With the masively talented buddie Jim Keilt on lead guitar and an otherwise quite young band Davey had the crowd in the palm of hs hand from the off. An awesome set of pipes that are still in fine fettle rattling through a set of standards and self-composed songs. Trust me, if you get the chance go and see this amazing band when they hit the road. No-one will be disappointed.
  5. A good wee chanter who once complained that she didn't get enough money for singing the Fame movie theme song, though I think the TV series and subsequent re-release gave her a bigger share.
  6. You are just jealous because the water is cold by the time it gets to you
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63728503 Guitarist, imaginary air-machine gunner, executioner and genuine one-off
  8. Frank McDougall standing on a snow-covered Love St Terrace. Younger fans probably have no idea how evocative this photo is to us older fans. just looking at that picture brings a back a sense of excitement that I rarely get going to a game these days. Those really were the days
  9. You rotten swine, you took away his licence for gratuitous and unjustified faux indignation.
  10. Wondering, and implying very strongly, are two diferent things. I wouldn't rush to say it is racism as face painting is part of African culture, especially for festivals and celebrations. English fans get away with painting ther faces white with a big red cross on it, the symbol of the crusaders and very offensive to Muslims, while visiting a Muslim country where the red crescent is used in place of the red cross symbol. If you want to get excited about that, fair enough. As someone with a skin pigmentation problem that gives me very white patches on my face, therefore probably "whiter" than you, I have to say i don't give a toss. Nip outside and see if there is a black man wearing a bowler hat and get offended by that if you want.
  11. If the bench rules that Holyrood has the power to hold a referrendum then I hope that the first stop on the line after that will be discussions on a federalised UK rather than the current selective devolved arrangement or full independence. If there is a vote this year then I see this resulting in a substantial YES rather than a landslide and I think Westminster would panic in advance of that.
  12. That is being VERY selective. In any case, we are issuing a great many comps to people who can't afford it anyway and I wonder of very many fans would be upset that the odd ticket goes to someone who has given time and effort to the club without anything offered upfront when they volunteered.
  13. Being photgraphed next to a couple of McLaren's is not proof of ownership.
  14. Ryan Strain is number 9 on the most valuable players (in match contribution, not monetary value) list in the same paper.
  15. Lo and behold. from the mail (who felt the need to tell their readers that Jeremy Hunt is best known for being chancellor) eremy Hunt, the chancellor, has signalled that Rishi Sunak's administration intends to break from the approach adopted by Mr Johnson and remove the vast majority of trade barriers with the bloc. In private, senior government sources have suggested that pursuing frictionless trade requires moving towards a Swiss-style relationship, the paper reported. 'I think having unfettered trade with our neighbours and countries all over the world is very beneficial to growth,' he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. 'I have great confidence that over the years ahead we will find outside the single market, we are able to remove the vast majority of the trade barriers that exist between us and the EU. It will take time.'
  16. Yours tops it. But i never fish for controversy, a little radical maybe or maybe not if we are really a partially fan-owned community club with a development fund. if you think a group sitting on a large amount of money getting some advice on spreading a little around is controversial then fine.
  17. I thought they did everything Why aren't SMISA recruiting out of work or retired tradesmen to carry out this type of work and helping people on fixed or low incomes earn some much-needed Christmas cash? Or maybe even some complimentary tickets for people who would otherwise not be able to attend home games. I hope the current volunteers get something to recognise their work.
  18. You will find very few people who have any sympathy for the 55yo if the know him, that includes me. I was highlighting the fact that well laid plans for many people have been either left in tatters or severely amended in a matter of weeks. I was also highlighting what has happened to the markets where most pensions are invested. Myself, i have been severely disrupted at work for the last 4-5 years and as well as recovering physically, i have used it as a kind of semi-hiatus to extend my working life and will happily work on until my aged semi-corpse requires the attention of the sanitary department. I have just about hit my personal goals and am now thinking of what i can leave behind for children and grandchildren and that is a big motivator to work on. for me. Not everyone is in the same good place and simply don't currently have the same options to secure their own future What i do see that upsets me is a lot of people rueing the decision to opt out of working and taking their WELL-EARNED retirement at the age it was promised. Imagine trying to get by on a fixed income that you planned even last year and feeling good about the future. Not everyone is physically or mentally fit enough to work well into their 60s and I see several examples now of people limping out the door to a very uncertain future-maybe 10 years before living standards get back to present levels-which are still below those of 5-6 years ago. Even that is in doubt because of the harm of Brexit-6 years on and not a decent new trade deal in sight. The UK might be left trying to get by largely only trading with itself There are two things that would immediately alleviate the situation we are in, either the UK admits it's massive mistake and re-joins the single market and customs union or Scotland goes it's own way and goes back in to those arrangements on their own. They wouldn't repair the harm of the last 12 years but would save us from the spiral we are currently in. My own preferrence is for a more federalised UK rejoining the EU institutions where Scotland has far more autonomy than devolution provided, but i would happily take the next best thing.
  19. I am seeing people pivoting on their retirement plans, even those in final salary pensions. One guy I know who was looking at a massive cash transfer from his FSPP is now rerigned to taking the 75% of salary offer which severely limits what he will leave behind when he dies. He would backtrack and work on if he could but instead has to leave and try to find alternative employment to restore his income T at age 55. others have withdrawn their notice (where they can) and are working on as they are on a defined benefit scheme and the funds got minced by Truss. Even more around my age ( 64) are, like me, opting to work on for another 3-4 years to see if the return on funds improves or if things generally improve (they won't) but at least we can continue to take in the tax relief on pension contributions.
  20. Given the injuries it probably helps us but I was really looking forward to this one as my son will be home. Most likely he will be offshore again on 15th January
  21. Ian McNabb solo gig in Feb or March at the [email protected] green hotel venue in Kinross. Let's hope there is no repeat of what happened the last time one of your heroes was booked for a solo gig there
  22. Apparently all sold out or very nearly- a great welcome home for DP
  23. Looks brilliant. You would trust a Chinese scaffolder?
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