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  1. 🤨you can't separate the two. Winning games takes you up the table and away from the bottom, they are not conflicting priorities.
  2. https://inews.co.uk/news/covid-vaccine-consent-form-every-claim-in-the-hoax-nhs-checklist-emailed-to-schools-fact-checked-1222066 Kids have been showing up to get vaccinated carrying a copy of this fake consent form which tries to undermine faith in the vaccines. i really hope they get the creep behind this one.
  3. The downside is you’re in St. Louis
  4. If you believe that then you will believe anything. Several dedicated buddies found they were sidelined by cliques who banded together to control the committee
  5. Well, as Donna Summer sang, she works hard for the money
  6. Nah! Too sweaty, according to his medical history.
  7. A Maroon nightmare, and that plastic owl has fooled me more than once.
  8. In the root-cause analysis terminology, these are systemic failures where both the causes and the remedies lie with club management. All I'm seeing is blame-shifting and outright denial of the issues failures. The cumulative effect of all of these failures points to a broken management structure and system. Objective analysis of just one or two of the problems would probably expose common threads that run thorough just about everything that is wrong, so where are the leaders at the club when it comes to explaining and acting?
  9. the late release of tickets means that I cant attend one of the few games that sit within travelling distance for me. Not allowed to venture as far as Paisley for health reasons and the club waiting to Tuesday to open the sale precluded delivery by post before Friday
  10. The OP mentioned a split, which could guarantee additional old firm games
  11. Hardly parasites, core jobs outsourced from the insurance companies so not nice but hardly an evil and some poor folks are very grateful for the likes of DB, i get correspondence from them from time to time and at least they serve their customers better than many ambulance chasers
  12. just saying i'd rather have a competent paid employee than a dozen free trainees with no-one to lead them
  13. the club is in quite a state just now, it's a really long time since i was this concerned about the future. I get disappointed when we get relegated from time to time, but figure we are just big enough to weather those storms and eventually bounce back, so it doesn't make me actually worried about what is happening both on and off the pitch. How times have changed! The club is moving at speed along an adverse trajectory.
  14. Gravy trains don't run on light railways
  15. That's the same as swallowing your own words
  16. Coming shows that look good, both on Prime The Rig, shot in Scotland and with loads of Scottish talent in it The Wheel of Time. a serialisation of the Robert Jordan books looks big budget and really cool
  17. Whit, Xenophobia now. Get a grip. Xenophobia my arse, you get a grip. i am delighted with the players who do well. Goodwin is, or seems to be, someone who prefers his own signings over players who were at the club before he took over and he seems to be focused on Irish players over home-grown talent from our own academy.
  18. Gus regressed as a manager as time went on, preferring to sign a host of central midfielders and playing them in multiple roles because he didn’t have specialists for key roles it became almost unbearable to watch in the end
  19. In what way exactly. We will never improve without better players than Cammy, he really isn't that good and the loan makes perfect sense given he won't play against us (surely a huge positive for everyone who thinks he's suddenly about to morph into the next meatball) Couldn’t agree less good performers don’t become bad for no reason the coaching and tactics play a big part maybe Cammy would have found more favour if he was Irish or a Goodwin signing
  20. Why on earth would people carp about signing a rated player they don't really know about? Different if we signed a known dud from the SPFL, but this is not the case. let give him a chance and then decide how pish, or unpish, he really is
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