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  1. Fraser was guilty of holding back a little-had he been even a little more committed in the tackle then he would indeed have got his touch and avoided the penalty. I guess this highlights that players need to learn how to play the VAR game, especially defenders who until now have been shit-scared of tackling in the box because of the increase in diving in recent years.
  2. we need to re-compose ourselves. The game is littered with mistakes and fluffs at the moment
  3. I’m hoping that the big game will bring out the best in Ayunga but if he is out of sorts then Brophy or Grieve should be an early change
  4. https://www.whatsonrenfrewshire.co.uk/event/110873-davey-pattison-blues-band/ Tickets bought for the Davey Pattison Blues Band on 25/11 at the Bungalow. DP is an amazing vocalist with an incredible track record and I hope he will be doing a few of the songs he did with Gamma alongside his blues set Good value at a tenner a ticket compared to some ofthe other prices charged.
  5. Untimely end for a great singer 76 and died from COPD
  6. Let's wait until we see how many world cup wins that all translates into before congratulating the manager
  7. In the context of us getting relentlessly gubbed away from home then i'd suggest that selectivity is defined by portraying a bad losing run as something else
  8. I really think we have hit the limit of SR's knowledge & ability. Other sides have worked out our tactics & formation and we slavishly adhere to the same tactics every week. There is only one place that kind of management ends.
  9. I feel for the man, thoroughly decent human being who has probably done as good a job as could be at Clyde.
  10. He might well be a better boss for a small national team than he is for a small SPL team. I think his record is very hit and miss in the league and the split seems to be 50-50. if he stays we can probaby look forward to some exceptional but occassional big wins and a good few disappointments. I would accept the argument that there are worse places to be, I just happen to think the large investment made in his vision is not being fully realised at present with little sign of it being realised in the longer term
  11. Possibly, none of the players are contracted as office workers though. I'd say that we were porly organised, ould put a good delivery into the box and looked slow compared to Hibs. MoTM was presumably awarded on the basis of how easy it was to bully the saints midfield and attack. Nobody got stuck in
  12. My first game in person this season and often a good fixture for us. A narrow win for us and Porthole to be sent off
  13. Another great one is the machine that uses inflatable bags to massage your leg after surgery to prevent DVT. I've had 2 knee replacements and a couple of hours after waking up from the first, realised the wheezing sound wasn't me but the machine. The nurse said "so you've got some feeling back below the waist, thats good. I'll just check you haven't pissed the bed" I hadn't.
  14. That is my Wife's uncle, or was. I never met him (it happened early in our marriage). It was a classic Scottish chip pan fire after a night in the pub
  15. Ground probing radr is has been a major tool in protecting workers. It is still both under-used and mis-used but can do so much to prevent humans getting zapped by 33 KV or more or disrupting gas supplies. You can't do anything about the humans though, I once investigated an incident where a worker identified with GPR a 33Kv supply cable , (unusually coloured grey rather than red) carefully excavated it but decided to "tap" it with a 2m long spike to see if it could have been a water pipe. The "gentle tap" was enough to breach the casing and the result was a blast that disintegrated the spike, took 200 houses of the grid and projected shrapnel that pierced the door of his van 50m away where his mate was having lunch.
  16. I wonder if this guy was related to the Edgar family that lived in Colonsay Rd in Glenburn, or my Mother-in-Law's family who hailed from Ferguslie
  17. I was worried that other sides would soon work out the best way to counter our "system" but there were signs yesterday that we are developing a better offering. We might avoid a mid-season slump that would leave us battling to stay in the league, I'd say we can probably take another 2 wins and 2-3 draws in this period. The thing that goes against us the stretched squad, Main is more effective when putting himself about but is blown by the 70th minute if he starts. I also think we might lose a couple of players in the window such as Erhahon and Baccus. We tended, in recent seasons, not to strengthen as much as some other sides in the winter window and I think we should be looking at better quality for the second part rather than just filling gaps when players depart. Maybe some of the players out on loan will come back fit for thr premiership, we will certainly need one or two.
  18. Both Morgan and Ryan Gauld seem frozen out of the national team and both are in North America, is there some issue in getting players released for international duty from that league or does the manager simply not fancy either?
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