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    My wife and wains with St Mirren coming a close second.
  1. Absolutely pathetic St Mirren. Is this going to be another poor season with the paisley express promoting positivity out of nothing?
  2. I,m sitting in a wee shed in Afghanistan eatin pieces in Nutella and drinkin a brew and a feel like the king of the world. SMTID.
  3. Ive just watched the news conference and they seem to be establishing more solid facts which I think is badly needed as there has been a lot of rumour control going about. I honestly cant even hazard a guess as to what I think has happened but I really do feel for the relatives.
  4. I like your style. This is a tactic that I will now employ. Cheers.
  5. I like taking a drive down tae PortenCross near Fairlie and sitting listening to the sea and then going hame via Nardinis in Largs for a cone. Two very simple pleasures but they make me feel great.
  6. I agree with every word of this. I did it years ago and there was no enjoyment in it whatsoever as the overall feeling was one of lets get to the end. I would love to do it using accommodation along the route with good weather and a hip flask as my walking companions.
  7. That story gives me the boak just reading it. That clown should be shot in the face and rolled into a ditch.
  8. When I first seen this thread i thought it was pointless but it has turned into one of the most interesting threads ive come across on the forum. Lots of well thought out and well presented points of view.
  9. 2 auld men and a single mother wae 3 wains raised hell. The Polis said it was a blatant disregard of law and order.
  10. Are you trying to suck him in to making another post?
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